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Vietnam Weather in July: Too Hot & Rainy? Best Places to Go and Travel Tips

Vietnam Weather in July: Too Hot & Rainy? Best Places to Go and Travel Tips

By RitaUpdated Oct. 31, 2023

This article covers weather and travel tips for July in Vietnam, including average temperatures, rainfall, and tips on travel costs, what to wear, and best places to visit.

Vietnam Weather in July: Overview

July climate data tells a similar story to June's with high precipitation and temperatures — summer and the rainy season reach their peak for most of Vietnam. Rainfall continues high in northern and southern Vietnam. But dry, sunny days are still the norm in Central Vietnam.

Hot temperatures prevail in most of Vietnam, except for some summer retreats. The average temperature keeps above 31°C (88°F) in the daytime.

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Vietnam's Regional Weather

From the table, you can see the best weather in July is in central Vietnam (Danang, Hoi An, and Nha Trang), where sunny days and blue skies are perfect for a beach vacation. You're suggested to use sun protection, as the average temperature is above 32°C/90°F. Light showers in the afternoon may reduce the heat temporarily.

In northern Vietnam (Hanoi, Halong Bay, Sapa), and southern Vietnam (Da Lat, Ho Chi Minh City, Phu Quoc), your travel schedule will be highly affected by rainfall. Flight delays, difficulties on roads, and poor visibility might occur. When traveling to those areas, you're suggested to take rain gear, choose more indoor activities, and always have a "tour plan B" for each day.

These tables sow temperature and rainfall data for the most popular tourist areas:

July Averages in… Min. Temp Max. Temp
Hanoi 26°C/79°F 33°C/92°F
Sapa 18°C/64°F 24°C/75°F
Halong 25°C/77°F 31°C/88°F
Hoi An 26°C/79°F 35°C/95°F
Danang 20°C/68°F 28°C/82°F
Nha Trang 25°C/77°F 32°C/90°F
Da Lat 18°C/65°F 24°C/75°F
Ho Chi Minh City 25°C/77°F 32°C/90°F
Phu Quoc 24°C/75°F 32°C /90°F
July Averages in… Rainfall (mm) Rainy days
Hanoi 210 19
Sapa 480 28
Halong 201 15
Hoi An 21 11
Danang 30 8
Nha Trang 50 8
Da Lat 229 23
Ho Chi Minh City 290 26
Phu Quoc 290 19

The Best Places to Visit in Vietnam in July

Best Places to Go in Vietnam in July

Considering the rainfall and temperatures, central Vietnam and two summer retreats are recommended for July in Vietnam:

  • Central Vietnam: Hue, Hoi An, Nha Trang,
  • Summer retreats: Sapa, Da Lat

1. Da Nang or Nha Trang

Located in central Vietnam, Da Nang and Nha Trang are the two best places to visit in July if you are a beach-lover. Feel the sea breezes at sunset, step on the soft, white, sandy beaches in bare feet, and choose some water sports for fun in the sun...

You could enjoy sunny and blue skies, but expect high temperatures around 35°C (95°F) and crowds. Early booking is recommended. Our 14-Day Vietnam and Cambodia Family Tour is specially designed for a family summer vacation.

2. Hue

In July, Hue is at the height of its summer. Because of the tropical climate, Hue is still dry and hot in July. You might experience some light showers in the afternoon, which rarely affect a trip.

Prosperous in Vietnam's history, this ancient city can tell us the stories hidden behind the relics. History lovers will put it in their bucket lists due to its huge complex of royal tombs, pagodas, and ruins.

Spend a day following the steps of the king of Vietnam inside Hue Citadel, and enjoy its exquisite architecture. Pay a visit to the atmospheric royal tombs and the iconic pagodas.

3. Hoi An

Influenced by the tropical climate, Hoi An in July is even hotter than in June with an average maximum temperature of 35°C (95°F) in the daytime. So early morning and late afternoon are more advisable for activities.

Famous for its cultural relics and historic buildings, Hoi An can bring you back to the ancient times of Vietnam. The Full Moon Lantern Festival is always attractive, which is usually held on the full moon days each month.

Despite its history, tailoring a suit or ao dai ('long dress') is one of the top reasons to visit Hoi An. The ao dai is the national costume of Vietnam for women. Making an ao dai usually takes 1–2 days. Contact us for reputable shops and tailors if you'd like them to make you an ao dai or ao gam (the male version).

4. Sapa

Situated in the mountainous north, Sapa is usually 5–8°C (9–12°F) cooler than Hanoi. This summer retreat is perfect for escaping the heat of July (the hottest month), with colorful architecture, stunning rice terraces, and diverse minority culture.

Due to Sapa's persistent, heavy rainfall, hiking is not recommended. But you can visit a village, Sapa Market, chat with locals, and get a glimpse of rural life.

You can also have a cup of drink at Cafe in the Clouds and enjoy the mist winding around the valley.

5. Da Lat

Reputed as a summer retreat, Da Lat attracts travelers with its pleasant weather. Its average temperature is around 18°C (65°F), which is much cooler than most areas of Vietnam.

It features fresh air, beautiful waterfalls and lakes, and blooming flower gardens. This adorable city is the first choice for most Vietnamese couples to spend their honeymoons.

Less Crowding and Cost

July is the off-season in most of Vietnam, when discounted hotels and flights are offered. Most attractions are less frequented.

However, July is Vietnamese students' summer holiday. Most families will flock to beaches. So don't expect any bargains in hotels or restaurants there. Due to the high demand, you're suggested to book your hotels one or two months in advance.

Recommended tours:

What to Wear in July in Vietnam

  • Sun protection: sunscreen, hat, sunglasses
  • When it rains: waterproof rain jacket, umbrella, rubber boots
  • Loose, breathable clothing that covers your knees and shoulders for cultural sensitivity and sun protection
  • Light, quick-drying clothes for humid days
  • Swim shorts, bathing suit, and flip flops for a beach vacation
  • A warm layer or two of clothing for the cooler evenings in Northern Vietnam
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Insect repellent as mosquitoes are at their peak in the rainy summer.

Monthly Weather and Travel Information for Vietnam

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