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Thailand is renowned for rich historical heritage and abundant natural resources. Bangkok, the vibrant capital, is a metropolis hosting traditional markets, modern shops and magnificent wats. The long southern coastline is renowned for fine beaches and offshore islands, and provides many ideal spots for a beach holiday.

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    Myanmar is perfect for visiting with Thailand

Why visit Thailand and Where is Thailand

Why visit Thailand

Thailand’s most impressive natural resource has to be its coastline. Each year, millions of visitors flock to its many idyllic beaches to relax at resorts and enjoy a variety of water activities like snorkeling and canoeing.

Trekking and wildlife-watching are more interesting for the beautiful flora and fauna that abound in the national parks. Visitors can sign up to participate in elephant-keeper programs, walking with elephants through jungle terrain and feeding them with fruit.

The central plains are the historic heartland, hosting ruined cities of the Sukhothai and Ayutthaya kingdoms. Northern Thailand, home of the Lanna kingdom, offers more rustic charm, with ancient monuments, and local markets selling distinctive handicrafts. More

Where is Thailand

Thailand is a country at the heart of Southeast Asia, between the Andaman Sea and the South China Sea, covering about 513,000 square kilometers. It is surrounded by Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia, and has a population of 68 million. More

Top Travel Destinations in Thailand

Here we have selected the top 6 destinations in Thailand, including its main cities — Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Chiang Rai; and its pristine beaches and islands — Phuket, Ko Samui and Krabi. Most visitors enter Thailand via Bangkok, continuing their trip to the old Lanna capitals of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, and ending their trip on the east coast at Ko Samui.

Top Sights Guide of Thailand

Thailand has many wonderful sights worth visiting, from stunning tropical beaches, various national parks, striking Buddhist wats, and magnificent ancient ruins, to the exuberant capital city. The following articles set the sights in their cultural contexts, providing expert recommendations to facilitate exploration of the area.

Connect with Thailand

Traveling to Thailand is not simply about seeing the sights and lying on the beaches, as only doing so often makes visitors feel like they haven’t experienced the true essence of the country and its people. To help you get closer to your surroundings and feel more connected with locals, we recommend learning some Thai words, trying the street food and using the local transportation—tuk tuks.

How to Connect with Thailand

Visiting a wet market can get you a glimpse of the local culture. Pick a market where locals buy their groceries or daily produce

Fun Phrases to Learn Before Visiting Thailand

We give you the phrases that are most useful for travelers and some things that are tricky about learning Thai

Thai Street Food

Walking through the streets of any major Thai city, you will see plenty of carts selling deliciously smelling treats and meals

All You Need to Know about Tuk-Tuks in Thailand

One of the unofficial national symbols of Thailand, the tuk-tuk, has grown in popularity amongst both, Thai nationals and tourists

Sample Itineraries for Thailand

The following itineraries have been designed to cover most highlights for experiencing the many pleasures of Thailand. They cover routes of both cultural interest and natural beauty. Sign up for your favorite tours or simply seek inspiration. We can craft a trip around you and help you realize your own holiday dreams.

10 Days Best of Thailand

Make your way to capital Bangkok, ancient capital Chiang Mai and beach in Koh Samui.

13 Days Essence of Thailand Tour

Explore Thailand beyond temples. This tour is ideal for families and travelers with a heart for real exploration.

14 Days Myanmar and Thailand Essence Tour

Travel to Myanmar before big crowds flush in and enjoy Thailand"s essences.

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