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How Long to Spend in Thailand: Itinerary for 10 Days, 2, 3 Weeks

By CindyUpdated Jan. 30, 2024

With tropical beaches, opulent royal palaces, ancient ruins, ornate temples, and world-class cuisine, Thailand is one of the best places in Southeast Asia to visit. The variety there is astounding, and you won't believe the range of activities you can do.

But how many days do you need in Thailand? To be honest, the more days the better! A minimum of 1 week in Thailand is ideal, but visiting for up to 2 or even 3 weeks will allow you to see more of this beautiful country or extend to Vietnam and Cambodia on the same trip.

On this page, we will give you a comprehensive overview of Thailand's itinerary planning options for various durations: 5 days, 7 days, 10 days, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, and more.

Where to Go in Thailand and How Long Shoud You Spend?

Thailand is a diverse and vibrant destination with a lot to offer for first-time visitors. Here are some popular places to consider:

top places to go in thailand
  • Bangkok: Thailand's capital city is the first choice for city sightseeing and first-timers. The main activities include temple tours and local market visits.
  • Chiang Mai: Known as the "Rose of the North," Chiang Mai is a historic city with a rich cultural heritage. It's a great place to experience traditional Thai food, explore Buddhist temples, and encounter elephants.
  • Phuket: Thailand's biggest island is most first-timers' beach holiday choice; it's most family-friendly.
  • Koh Samui: Representing Thailand's east coast, this island is preferred by couples for its beach holidays with a quieter, romantic vibe.
  • Khao Sok National Park captivates with its stunning Cheow Lan Lake, surrounded by towering limestone cliffs, offering unique experiences like jungle trekking, wildlife watching, and the chance to stay in treehouse accommodations amidst lush rainforest, creating an unforgettable nature escape in southern Thailand.

How long should you spend for your first trip to Thailand? 

If time is limited, a 5 to 7-day trip offers a glimpse into Thailand's incredible culture and landscapes, whether exploring southern islands or northern provinces.

With around 10 days, you can immerse yourself in the essence of Thailand, visiting the top three destinations: Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and either Phuket or Koh Samui. Our 10-Day Best of Thailand Tour is a perfect option for this.

For a more comprehensive experience, consider planning around 12-14 days. This allows you to explore additional diverse destinations such as Chiang Rai in the north, national parks like Khao Yai or Khao Sok, or cultural sites like Kanchanaburi and Ayutthaya in the central region.

Thailand in 5-7 Days

Between 5 days and a week is ideal for exploring one region of Thailand, such as the beautiful southern coast, central, or northern Thailand. For a taste of Thailand, you can select one or two places among the most popular destinations below:

A popular 7-day tour in Thailand usually includes a city and an island visit. Bangkok and Phuket or Koh Samui are the most preferred combination for first-timers.

Alternatively, stick to one region to explore it at a leisurely pace. A 7-Day Central Thailand Exploration can take you to discover central Thailand in-depth, and 6-Day Bangkok and Chiang Mai Highlights Tour will take you to visit enchanting northern Thailand.

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Thailand in 10 Days

With 10 days in Thailand, you can explore the highlights of Thailand. The classic triad of Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and an island like Phuket or Koh Samui is certainly doable and an excellent choice for first-timers.

Our 10-Day Classic Thailand Tour is a perfect option for this. 

thailand map
  • Days 1–3: Bangkok city sightseeing and a side trip to Kanchanaburi
  • Days 4–6: Chiang Mai sightseeing and special experiences, including a day program at an elephant sanctuary and a cooking class
  • Days 7–10: Leisure time on Phuket Island 

In the first three days, immerse yourself in Bangkok's rich cultural tapestry as you explore iconic landmarks like the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew, complemented by an intriguing day trip to Kanchanaburi.

Transition to Chiang Mai for the next leg of your adventure, where cultural immersion awaits with visits to the sacred Doi Suthep Temple and a memorable day program at an elephant sanctuary. Indulge your taste buds in a Thai cooking class and meander through the enchanting streets of the Old City.

The journey culminates in leisurely bliss on the picturesque Phuket Island, where you can unwind on pristine beaches, partake in thrilling water activities, and savor the vibrant nightlife.

If you are looking for a more tranquil island, this 10-Day Best of Thailand with Koh Samui Island is right for you. 

Or get more sample itineraries: Top 5 Thailand Itineraries for 10 Days .

Thailand in 12 Days

For 12 days, you have the opportunity to traverse the entire expanse of Thailand, discovering both renowned landmarks and hidden treasures. Additionally, you can extend your exploration beyond borders, venturing into Cambodia or Myanmar for a truly enriching and diverse travel experience.

Here is our 12-Day Thailand Wonders Tour for your reference, and it can be tailor-made according to your interests. 

thailand map
  • Days 1–2: Bangkok city sightseeing
  • Days 3-4:  Khao Yai National Park: Hike in the Jungle and Spot Wild Animals
  • Day 5: Market Tour in Bangkok
  • Days 6–8: Chiang Mai
  • Days 9-11: Krabi beach leisure 
  • Day 12: Departure

Over 12 days, you'll walk through Bangkok's unique markets, getting a feel for how locals live. Explore the amazing nature of Khao Yai National Park, trekking through the jungle, and trying to spot wild elephants. In Chiang Mai, take a fun rickshaw ride to discover the local street food scene. Finally, relax on a beautiful beach by the Andaman Sea.

If you travel with kids, our 12-Day Thailand Family Holiday is just for you. This itinerary is a good combination of culture, local life, exciting activities, great food, and stunning scenery. 

In 12 days, you can enhance your journey by taking an extended trip to nearby Cambodia, providing you with an even more diverse and enriching experience. Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring temples of Angkor Wat, a UNESCO World Heritage site, where you can marvel at the intricate architecture and delve into the rich history of the Khmer Empire. This extension to Cambodia promises to add a fascinating layer to your 12-day tour. 

Check the Best 3 Thailand Itineraries for 12 Days

Thailand in 2 Weeks

A two-week Thailand tour allows for a comprehensive exploration of the country's diverse offerings. Here's a sample itinerary:

  • Days 1–3: Bangkok
  • Day 4: Bangkok to Chiang Rai, The Golden Triangle and Hill Tribe Villages
  • Day 5: Chiang Rai to Chiang Mai
  • Day 6-7: Chiang Mai 
  • Day 8: Chiang Mai to Sukhothai
  • Day 9: Sukhothai
  • Day 10: Sukhothai to Bangkok
  • Days 11–14: Leisure time on Koh Samui

Begin in the bustling metropolis of Bangkok, exploring historic landmarks and vibrant street life. Venture north to Chiang Rai for unique temples and the allure of the Golden Triangle. Traverse to the cultural haven of Chiang Mai, engaging with elephants, savoring local cuisine, and navigating its charming streets. And visit the impressive historical ruins in Sukhothai. Conclude your adventure on the pristine shores of Phuket or Koh Samui, indulging in island bliss with activities like snorkeling and relaxation on white sandy beaches.

For an even more expansive and enriching experience, consider combining your Thailand trip with the cultural treasures of Vietnam or Cambodia.

Extend your journey into Vietnam to explore the bustling streets of Hanoi, cruise through the stunning limestone karsts of Ha Long Bay, and immerse yourself in the historical Hoi An. Alternatively, venture into Cambodia to marvel at the awe-inspiring Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, wander through the vibrant markets, and soak in the profound history and culture. A multi-country itinerary allows you to seamlessly blend the unique flavors, landscapes, and histories of these Southeast Asian gems, creating a truly unforgettable adventure that captures the essence of the entire region.

2 weeks is also enough for a tour combining Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

Thailand in 3 Weeks or More

3 weeks in Thailand can be enriched by visiting more cultural towns and spending time on more islands based on the above 2-week Thailand itinerary. An easy way is to stay one week in northern, central, and southern Thailand respectively if you have no particular interests.

Here are some inspirational ideas:

Or you can check the sample itineraries of Thailand for 21 days >>>

If you have more days, you can dig deeply into particular destinations or regions, or explore some places that are off the beaten path. For instance, you could take a northern adventure filled with waterfalls, temples, and coffee farms, and explore archipelagoes like Trang, Chumphon, or Trat.

You can find yet more Thailand travel itineraries on our Most Popular Thailand Tours and Southeast Asia Tours pages.

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