Phuket vs Koh Samui: Which Is a Better Vacation Destination?

Phuket vs Koh Samui: Which Is a Better Vacation Destination?

By Chris QuanUpdated Oct. 19, 2021

Phuket and Koh Samui have both long been known as the most popular islands for tourists and are on the radar for most travelers, whether from social media or by word of mouth. Phuket and Koh Samui cater to everyone from discreet billionaires to backpackers on the Southeast Asian 'hippie trail'.

Many travelers have been through the dilemma of trying to decide which one suits them better. While both destinations cater to thousands of satisfied tourists in every category and demographic range, there are several notable differences that should be taken into account when choosing to travel to just one of the two islands.

Depending on your nature of travel, the following considerations can help you decide whether to spend your vacation in Phuket or Koh Samui.

The biggest factor to keep in mind when making travel plans in Thailand is the country's rainy season. Overall, it rains the most between July and October, and remains mostly dry between November and February. The average monthly temperature in Thailand is 26.8°C or 80.2°F.

Phuket is More Developed Whereas Koh Samui is Comparably Pristine

As Thailand's biggest island, Phuket has been attracting visitors for a considerably longer time than Koh Samui. Its advanced development is evident from the tall buildings lining its coasts. In contrast, buildings in Koh Samui are not allowed to be taller than a coconut tree, helping to retain the charm of a natural island.

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The Rainy Season and When Not to Go: September to October for Phuket and October to December for Koh Samui

Many travelers seeking good weather determine their choice depending on the time of year they travel. Phuket experiences its peak rainy season during September and October while it pours down in Koh Samui from late October through mid-December.

Which Is Better for Families?

Those traveling with young kids should keep in mind the ease of travel to either destination. Both islands have airports with similar flight times from the capital city of Bangkok, with an estimated flight time of just over 1½ hours for both journeys.

Families who are seeking plenty of beach and sandcastle-building time will be pleased to know that both islands have plenty of beautiful, scenic beaches. However, being much larger, Phuket has many more beaches and more variety — from shores that are tightly lined with shops and restaurants to almost-empty idyllic strips.

Koh Samui Suits Families Seeking More Natural Charm

Koh Samui's airport is significantly more expensive to fly into due to it being privately owned and operated by Bangkok Airways. Alternatively, you can choose the more scenic route by flying to Surat Thani International Airport on the mainland, and then taking a bus and boat to Koh Samui.

This adds several hours to the journey due to the addition of a bus and boat journey in order to reach Koh Samui. It can also involve a lot of waiting around and switching modes of transport, which can be stressful when traveling with young children.

On the other hand, the whole experience of traveling on a boat is one that kids will love. The picturesque uninhabited islands and crystal clear waters along the way will have you and your kids in awe of what is arguably one of the top 20 most beautiful places in the world.

A significant difference between the two islands is that there are many more beachside hotels in Koh Samui compared to Phuket. As a result, families seeking a quieter environment would be better off in Koh Samui, which enjoys crystal clear waters that are perfect for snorkeling (although not during the monsoon season).

Koh Samui's waters are also protected by land, being in the Gulf of Thailand, making it safer and less prone to strong currents and undercurrents that can limit visibility.

If you are traveling with older kids, you may opt for the incredible diving adventures that give Koh Samui's waters – the Gulf of Thailand – a worldwide reputation, particularly at sites such as Sail Rock where whale sharks can be frequently spotted. If surfing is favored over diving, Phuket may be the better choice.

Keep in mind that Koh Samui is a popular stop for backpackers heading to the notorious Full Moon Party on the nearby Koh Phangan, and so may not be suitable for families seeking a quiet vacation around that time of the month.

Phuket Provides a Variety of Activities to Suit All Ages

Phuket has a bridge connecting to the mainland so you can easily get a bus there but taking a flight is far quicker and more convenient. Phuket's airport also caters to international flights from 49 cities around the world, making access all the much easier for large groups.

Phuket has many more family-friendly entertainment activities to choose from compared to Koh Samui, including theme parks, famous cultural shows (such as Siam Niramit and Phuket FantaSea) shopping malls, temples, and more. This makes it better suited to families planning to stay for more than a few days.

The island also enjoys the presence of big-name hotel groups who do a brilliant job of catering to families through amenities such as huge swimming pools and kids' clubs. While Phuket is known for its notorious nightlife, it is usually concentrated in one area (Patong), leaving swathes of this large island quiet from party revelers, covered instead in quiet accommodation options.

Marine adventures, such as boat rides, are a great option to spend some quality family time together. Phuket is surrounded by many smaller islands making for a wider range of island boat tours to choose from when compared to Koh Samui. These are a great way to fill up an entire day.

For example, James Bond Island and sea gypsy villages are some of the most popular boat tours. Then you have day trips to Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lanta, which are both close by. You can also head in the other direction to the Similan Islands for day trips or book a liveaboard adventure for 2 to 5 days that includes snorkeling, diving, and excellent seafood cuisine.

In general, Phuket is the go-to destination for family vacations and is particularly popular for multi-generational groups given the larger variety of private accommodation rentals and activities to suit all ages. However, for the family seeking a quieter and more natural charm that strays further from normal daily life, Koh Samui should not be overlooked.

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Which Is Better for Young Couples: Koh Samui Wins for Sure!

Both islands offer a range of accommodation options to suit any budget, although Phuket is globally a favored destination because of its large range of private villas for couples looking to splurge, while Koh Samui arguably boasts the more romantic hotels and villas in comparison due to its location.

With its quiet charm, towering palm trees, and intimate beaches, Koh Samui has been considered a romantic destination for a long time.

The unspoiled, tropical setting of this "coconut island" makes for a great backdrop for couples looking to create long-lasting memories and, in fact, it's not a rare sight to come across a beachside wedding. While Phuket does have more beaches and hotels to choose from, the most popular ones are often packed out with vacationers, particularly during peak season, making it a lot less tranquil for the couple seeking seclusion.

Being a popular honeymoon destination, many hotels in Koh Samui cater to couples with romantic inclusions, such as private beaches, candlelit dining, and Jacuzzis.

Couples can rent a scooter and explore the island of Koh Samui in just 2–4 hours, finding hidden coves to explore, waterfalls to swim in, and stunning viewpoints to watch the sun slowly dip behind Angthong National Marine Park every evening. This is something that takes a lot more effort in

Phuket where there are many hills and windy roads, and it is not generally the safest place to hire mopeds or scooters for exploring.

It is also worth noting that Koh Samui attracts a lot of younger travelers compared with the older demographics in Phuket, arguably so for its hippie-ish vibe and the nearby Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan.

Conversely, Phuket is the largest and busiest island in Thailand. While there is a larger range of activities and establishments to choose from, couples looking to spend quality time alone with each other are more drawn to Koh Samui's smaller size, less traffic, and more romantic feel.

For those couples looking to party, it must be said that both islands enjoy a thriving nightlife scene offering everything from trendy bars with inspiring views to roadside wagons selling cheap cocktails in plastic buckets. Some may note that Phuket is well-known for its infamous red-light district, which is something that is not found in Koh Samui.

Either way, couples looking to meet people and party on either Koh Samui or Phuket will have no difficulty finding parties, although there will be much smaller parties on Koh Samui that mainly cater to younger crowds.

Which Is Better for Luxury Travelers?

In Thailand’s ever-growing large and very competitive travel market, the luxury travel industry is willing to go over the top to create experiences that stand out for those to which money is not an issue.

Accommodation: Both Have Luxury Hotels Although Phuket Has More Options

Thailand's reputation as a budget destination has slowly been overshadowed by Phuket's rapidly increasing development in the high-end tourism market. Furthermore, Koh Samui has also followed suit with its fair share of high-end hotels and luxury private house rentals.

On both islands, high-end travelers with big budgets will be spoiled for choice with all the top amenities ranging from giant 10-bedroom luxury villas complete with infinity pools, Jacuzzis, and private butlers to elegant eco-conscious glamping hideaways deep in the jungle.

However, when you compare the two, Phuket has far more options simply because the island is much bigger and high-end property companies have snapped up all the prime locations on the island for either the affluent locals or to offer high-end accommodation to high-end travelers. As a result, luxury accommodation options in Phuket are almost unparalleled compared to anywhere else in Southeast Asia.

While Koh Samui also has its fair share of extravagant villas and hotels to choose from, you'll find many of the celebrities vacationing in Thailand are posing for pictures with the Andaman Sea surrounding Phuket as their backdrop.

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Luxury Activities: Phuket Wins Over Koh Samui by Miles

Both islands provide options to rent out private catamarans and yachts to explore and relax on the waters. Phuket's proximity to many other popular islands, including Koh Phi Phi, Krabi, and Koh Lanta, gives sailors many more options to find a tranquil spot compared to Koh Samui, which is limited to Koh Phangan and possibly Koh Tao on a good day.

Phuket is also globally renowned as a luxury yachting destination, with superyacht owners and boat enthusiasts descending there throughout the year for exciting yachting events. There are tons of islands to stop off at with coconut stalls and water activities — there are even a few restaurants on uninhabited islands as well as on rocks that you would never have guessed would be suitable for them to operate on considering their location.

Eating Out: Both Are Spectacular

Both islands provide a large range of gourmet dining options in cuisines from all around the world, with both having notably recognizable restaurants. Of course, Phuket has many more options given its larger size, including a plethora of high-end buffets that include free-flowing wine and large beachside restaurants.

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