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The Ultimate Guide to the Trip to Thailand Cost in 2024

By Chris QuanUpdated Jan. 29, 2024

When considering a Thailand trip, you may want to know how much it would cost. Is it expensive? Thailand is not an expensive destination. It is a cost-effective country to travel around. For a lot of things, Thailand is very affordable. Moreover, Thailand can suit all kinds of budgets, from economical to luxury.

Here is a breakdown of how much it costs for flights, hotels, transportation, sightseeing, food, and activities.

The Cost of International Flights to Thailand

Flying to Thailand from the U.S. now requires at least one layover, most of which are in Singapore, Seoul, Doha, Paris, London, Munich, and other European/Asian flight hubs.

The cost of airfares varies a lot depending on when you fly and which airline you use, from around 700 to 1,300 USD for a one-way economy trip.

A transfer in an Asian country, like Singapore, is cheaper. August, September, and October are Thailand's low season because of the rainy season. Air tickets drop by around 40% during this period.

Europe has direct flights to Bangkok - from London, Paris, Zurich... A one-way air ticket is around 600 to 1,000 GBP flying economy.

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The Cost of Accommodation in Thailand

Peace Resort Samui Peace Resort Samui

Prices of hotels vary widely from city to city and from season to season.

The busiest (and most expensive) period is from November to January/February. To find good accommodation during this period, we recommend you plan and book well in advance (at least 3 months before departure).

The low season runs from July to October. Prices are lower, and there are fewer tourists.

Here is a table to show you the approximate cost for a standard 2-person room around Thailand for reference only:

Location Star Rating Low Season High Season
Bangkok 3-star US$30–50 US$55–70
4-star US$60–80 US$80–100
5-star US$100–150 US$120–170
Phuket 3-star US$25–50 US$45–60
4-star US$55–70 US$65–85
5-star US$90–130 US$100–145
Koh Samui 3-star US$50–60 US$75–85
4-star US$80–110 US$110–135
5-star US$130–200 US$170–250
Chiang Mai 3-star US$20–30 US$30–40
4-star US$60–80 US$70–90
5-star US$90–110 US$100–120

Hotels are included in our itineraries and we can generally secure favorable prices. We recommend suitable hotels based on your preferred location, room specification (e.g. no-smoking room, family room for Parents and 2 -3 kids), and other requirements. Feel free to contact us.

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The Cost of Eating and Drinking in Thailand

Thai food

Thailand has a variety of delicacies and is not expensive. Many unique Thai foods, like pad Thai (Thai fried noodles) and som tam (spicy papaya salad), can be bought from roadside stalls for 1–2 USD.

A decent restaurant costs about 10–15 USD per person. Luxury restaurants cost 50–60 USD per person and upwards.

Fresh fruit juice can be found easily on the roadside for 0.5–1 USD. As for alcohol, the best deals are in convenience stores, like 7-11s. A bottle of beer costs about $2. Drinks in bars and restaurants are more expensive, costing 3–4 USD a bottle. Drinks at luxury restaurants start at 15 USD.

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The Cost of Transportation in Thailand

Flying is the fastest and most popular way to travel between cities. Airfares range from 30 to 100 USD for economy seats.

There are many airlines in Thailand with different prices and services. See our article: The 8 Best Domestic Airlines in Thailand for Tourists.

Ferry or speedboat is the main way to travel between most islands, such as Phuket to the Phi Phi Islands. See How to Get from Phuket to the Phi Phi Islands.

Traveling between cities also can be done for 8 to 72 USD on trains or 6 to 20 USD on buses.

Thailand's public transportation within cities is very affordable. Taking Bangkok as an example, for 0.50–1.00 USD you can take a bus or the MRT/BTS. Taxis charge 1 USD minimum and make sure they use their meters to avoid price disagreements. Tuk-tuks charge ½–1 USD for a 10-minute walking distance - 800 m (½ a mile). The rental car is approximately 1,000-1,500 Thai Baht ($30-$45) per day for a basic car.

Transportation on the islands is higher in cost than in the cities. Renting a motorbike is a popular way to enjoy the scenery around the islands.

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The Cost of Attractions/Activities in Thailand

Wat Chedi Luang Wat Chedi Luang

Tickets for most tourist spots in Thailand range from 1 to 15 USD, i.e. they're very affordable. The most famous Thailand attraction, the Grand Palace in Bangkok, costs 500 THB (14 USD).

Some temples and museums are free of charge, like Wat Chedi Luang in Chiang Mai.

Some beach activities or entertainments like snorkeling, night shows, etc. cost about 15–50 USD a time.

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How much does it cost for a private tour in Thailand?

A private tour is an affordable luxury in Thailand! Private service is value for money there. Here are the prices for a private tour based on a group of 2 people during the peak season, for your reference:

  • On a medium budget, touring Thailand typically costs around US$150–200 per day per person (including 4-star hotels, airfares within Thailand, attractions, guides, and transfers).
  • For a higher budget of US$200–250 per day per person, more comfort can be enjoyed (including 5-star hotels, airfares within Thailand, attractions, guides, and transfers).
  • For a family trip (2 adults plus 2–3 children) for 2 weeks in Thailand or in Southeast Asia, it normally costs US$10,000–15,000 per family excluding international flights from/to America or Europe.

Her are some Thailand tours along with costs for your reference. The prices below are per person, based on a great-quality 2-person experience (4/5-star hotels, private transfers, guide service, etc.).

Check out some private Thailand tours and private Southeast tours to get a general idea of the cost. We can tailor-make an itinerary based on your budget. Contact us to get a quote for your trip.

Tips to Make Your Experience More Cost-effective

Before delving into the details of planning your trip to Thailand, let's explore some essential tips to make your experience more enjoyable and cost-effective:

  • Timing Matters: Thailand experiences different seasons, and your travel dates can significantly impact your expenses. The peak tourist season, from November to February, is the most expensive. Consider visiting during the shoulder seasons, like March to May or September to October, to save on accommodation and activities. The trip cost may drop by 20%–40%.
  • Explore Beyond Popular Destinations: While famous destinations like Bangkok, Phuket, and Chiang Mai are popular, consider exploring lesser-known gems. Places like Pai, Koh Tao, or Sukhothai offer unique experiences with a more affordable price tag.
  • Accommodation Choices: Opt for a mix of accommodation options. While luxury resorts can be tempting, Thailand offers a plethora of budget-friendly guesthouses and hostels. Explore local stays for an authentic experience without breaking the bank.
  • Transportation: Thailand has an extensive and affordable transportation network. Choose budget airlines when traveling around Thailand, such as Lion Air. It may save 20%–30%.
  • Street Food Adventure: Embrace the local street food scene for delicious and budget-friendly meals. Thai street food is not only flavorful but also a significant part of the cultural experience. Venture beyond restaurants to savor the true taste of Thailand.
  • Island Hopping on a Budget: Instead of opting for expensive island tours, consider organizing your island-hopping adventure. Public ferries and boats are available at more affordable rates, allowing you to explore Thailand's stunning islands at your own pace.

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