Best Time to Visit Bangkok

Best Time to Visit Bangkok

By Chris QuanUpdated Nov. 17, 2021

Bangkok has a tropical monsoon climate and generally remains hot and humid throughout the year. This makes Bangkok ayear-round destination, and therefore an ideal vacation spot. Every season has a distinct charm and the city is enchanting every month of the year.

The peak season is between November and March when the number of tourists is particularly high, while the months of March, April and May are the hottest.Keep reading and you will find each season's weather and recommended activities.

Quick Facts

  • Bangkok has its own charm in every season.
  • The most touristy month is December, when the weather is cooler.
  • Travel to Bangkok between June and September and you will find big discounts on everything.
  • Bangkok has three seasons; hot, rainy and cool. You will need to bring different equipment and clothing for each season.Inthis article you will find the travel essentials for each season.
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Bangkok Weather

The best time to visit Bangkok is from November to March. This season has the most ideal weather condition, cool and dry;the humidity isalso at its lowest.Still, Thailand's tropical climate could easily bring temperatures up to 32oC(90oF)on any given day, regardless of the time of year.

To find deals for airfares and hotel rates, consider a trip between April and October, the hottest and rainiest time of the year. Not only are you more likely to find a deal during this time, but crowds will also likely be fewer in comparison to the peak season.

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Cool Season in Bangkok

November to March are the coolest and driest months, which makes this the high season for tourism in Bangkok. It's during this time that most tourists will plan their trip to the Thai capital because you can rely on weather that is fairly settled and consists of blue skies almost all the time.

In this season, the humidity levels are at their lowest and there's very little by way of rain. You also get some respite at night, as temperatures drop to the low 20℃,which makes sleeping and relaxing a little easier.

In terms of daytime temperatures in Bangkok, the average high during the cool season ranges from 31℃(89℉) in December (which is overall the coolest month) to 33℃ (92℉) in February.

Travel Essentials

It is recommended to bring enough clothing if you are visiting Bangkok during the coolseason. Jacket, vest or sweater is a must because itll be cold during the night. Sunscreen is also important because the temperature can reach up to 33℃ during the day. Also bring your camera if you love photography, because the sky will always be blue, with very little by way of rain.

Festivals and Events

Christmas: December is among the busiest months of Thailands peak tourist season, and with that comes plenty of opportunity to dress the capital up with familiar Christmas decorations. Bangkoks infamous high-end, sky-scraper shopping centers and luxury hotels exhibit Christmas trees and fairy lights that become an attraction of their own.

Chinese New Year: The holiday is celebrated all over Thailand, especially in those areas with large populations of Chinese, such as Bangkok.Its Chinatown area usually becomes a scene of a large block party.

Hot Season in Bangkok

During the hot season, from March to June, the weather in Bangkok is hot! Average high temperatures during this time range between 34℃ (93℉) and 35℃ (95℉). Another thing to bear in mind about the hot season is that it wont necessarily be dry. The weather is generally dry but if youre visiting during this season, be prepared for occasional summer storms.

There are some good reasons to visit Bangkok during the hot season. You can blend lounging around your hotel swimming pool with sightseeing and exploration, and if you visit in mid-April you can join in the fun and festivities of Songkran, the Thai New Year festival.

Travel Essentials

Water is the most important thing you need to bring everyday, other than that, it is advisable to use sunscreen, hat andsunglasses to cover your skin from direct sunlight. Cotton shirts, shorts and flip flops are the gear you will want to wear during this season.

Festivals and Events

Songkran Festival: Having fun is a big part of Thai culture, even at the time of scorching heat. The hottest month of the year, April, sees the entire country go crazy in friendly water fights and street parties that last for three days. This festival is held to celebrate the Thai New Year.

Royal Ploughing Ceremony: This highly ceremonial event marks an auspicious beginning to the new planting season every year. Presided over by HM the King or other members of the Royal Family, the ceremony follows a strict agenda whereby court Brahmins, dressed in ceremonial gowns, lead two sacred oxen in a ploughing ritual around the Royal Field as they sow rice seeds onto the ground.

The symbolic importance of this ceremony occurs when the sacred oxen are offered food ondifferent plates' rice, corn, green beans, sesame, freshly-cut grass, water and rice whisky, the outcome of which predicts whether or not the upcoming planting season will be bountiful.

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Rainy Season in Bangkok

It's difficult to say exactly when the rainy season in Bangkok begins, as it does vary according to the arrival of the southwest monsoon, but it's from about mid-May, and by the time June comes it's usually well and truly underway. August, September and October all have significantly high levels of rainfall, but September is by far the wettest month.

Despite the high level of rainfall, visiting Bangkok during its low tourist season can have a number of advantages.One of them isthe fact that it's less crowded with tourists, and thereforequieter.

You can find some great deals on almost everything.In terms of temperature, it's still plenty warm during the rainy season, with average high temperatures around 32℃ to 33℃ (around 91℉ to 92℉).

Travel Essentials

The top three things you should not forget if you are coming to Bangkok during rainy season are umbrella, raincoat and waterproof equipment. Check with your tour guide or with a local tourist information before going to a less crowded area, as the attraction might be closed during the low season.

Festivals and Events

Huge sales: If you want to do shopping in Bangkok, then there is no better time to go than between June and August, when the Amazing Thailand Grand Sale takes place. With shops offering fantastic discounts on clothes, jewelry and electrical goods, you can stock up on all your dream purchases at a fraction of the price.

From 15 June to 15 August, many shops will get involved in the Amazing Thailand Grand Sale, from Bangkok shopping malls to small local businesses.The discount rates will vary. You will also find plenty of offers on hotels, flights, activities and much more.

Moon Festival:Originating in China, where the legend of revolutionary heroes on a full moon night was born, the Moon Festival takes on a new meaning in Bangkok, usually held at Chinatown around September.

The eventshowsgreat cultural significance.It's an exciting time to waltz into a gourmet market or bakery and feel the spirit of the Moon Festival throughthe variety of culinary differences andthe colorful shelf display.

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