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Japan is a unique country where tradition marries modernity in a perfect match. Kyoto, the old imperial capital, is typical, with many monuments and heritage sites preserved within a lively modern city. From ancient temples and majestic shrines, to luscious gardens and lively city streets, the land of the rising sun has everything a traveler could wish to see.

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Why visit Japan and Where is Japan

Why visit Japan

Japan has been a popular tourist destination for many decades. One reason it is able to draw so many people together from different backgrounds is that it has a rare quality created from a magical mixture of nature, history, and modernity.

Wherever one looks, one sees a stimulating fusion of East and West. The liveliest districts are lined with trendy boutiques, fashionable department stores, and a jumble of sloping streets with neon signs; while Shinto rituals and Buddhist traditions are widely practiced, with worshipers pulling on a bell rope and clapping, or burning incense, then standing in silent prayer. More

Where is Japan

Lying to the east of mainland Asia, in the northwest of the Pacific Ocean, Japan is an archipelago comprised of four main islands �C Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu �Cand several thousand smaller ones.More

Top Travel Destinations in Japan

Choosing the best destinations from a never-ending list can be a daunting task. In recognition of this, we've decided to help by suggesting some of our favorites: Tokyo offers unlimited options for entertainment, shopping and culture; Kyoto is home to countless historical heritages and monuments; Osaka is known for modern architecture and scrumptious food; Hakone is spectacular for its natural beauty and the Japanese onsen experience; Kanazawa, shielded from outside, focuses on culture and retaining its heritage; Takayama��s Edo-period (1603�C1868) streets have survived unspoiled.

Top Sights Guide for Japan

Japanese culture has developed over many centuries, and is so strong and peculiar that everyone is familiar with some of its features, such as Japanese gardens, Shinto shrines, Zen Buddhism, and youth districts. Of course, however, the culture of a country is not limited to a few easily recognizable elements and sights, but goes much deeper.

Cultural Experiences in Japan

Japan has such a rich and compelling culture that the number of unforgettable experiences you can have there is off the charts. To help you decide which experiences are best for you, here is a list of our favorite Japanese experiences, which not only teach travelers cultural knowledge but also give them unforgettable memories.

sushi making
Sushi Making Lesson

At this class you will learn, alongside Tokyo locals, how to make sushi favorites, including maki sushi (rolled sushi), gunkanmaki and nigiri sushi

Afternoon Tea with a Geisha

Lead by a geisha expert, you will enjoy a private walk through the geisha districts and have your guide teach you about every secret of this fascinating world

Uji Tea Experience

You can learn from local Uji residents about the kneading and drying of the tea leaves. Afterwards, stroll through the picturesque town sampling tea

Edo Crafts Experience

The spirit of Edo culture and craftsmanship is still alive today. Today you will learn and take part in making these traditional Japanese handicrafts

Connect with Japan

As we all appreciate, the best type of traveling is not just seeing incredible destinations, but also having memorable experiences along the way. While traveling through the incredibly modern and historical cities of Japan is exciting and mesmerizing, it is also important to dig deeper and experience the fascinating culture around you.

Sample Itineraries for Japan

The following itineraries have been designed to cover most highlights of Japan��s unique culture, while keeping long-distance travel to a minimum. The best duration for a first tour of Japan is 9-11 days, allowing sufficient time to appreciate the country��s most illustrious cities, Tokyo and Kyoto, along with suggestions for day-trips to nearby historic towns such as Kamakura and Nara, or nature reserves such as Mt. Takao and Hakone National Park. Sign up for your favorite tours or simply treat these as inspiration, allowing each trip to be crafted specially for you.

Maiko ladies in Kyoto

9 Days Japan Highlights Tour

Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto

This 9-day classic itinerary has been designed to cover most highlights of Japan��s unique culture. We explore the country��s most illustrious cities

Miyajima Island

11 Days Traditional Japan Tour

Osaka, Hiroshima, Kyoto, Tokyo

This 11-day tour of traditional Japan is ideal for first-time visitors who truly want to understand Japan from its backstreets and landmarks

Shirakawago at night

11 Days Classic Japan Tour

Tokyo, Takayama, Shirakawa-go, Kanazawa, Kyoto

This 11-day classic tour will take you into the country��s picturesque mountain area, where tradition is maintained in streets and gardens

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