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Japan Weather in June 2024: Coolest Summer Month, Travel Tips for First Visit

By RitaUpdated Mar. 25, 2024

June sees the arrival of summer (June to August) and also the rainy season (June to mid-July) in Japan. In June, the average daily maximum temperature is about 79°F (26°C ) and there are about 10 rainy days.

June is the best time to go if you would like a summer trip to Japan, especially with your teenage kids. You could avoid the domestic tourist crowds who travel during Japan's school vacations (July and August) and enjoy reasonable prices on flights and hotels.

Find out about average temperatures, rainfall, and tips on where to go and what to wear in Japan in June below.

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Weather of Japan's Major Cities in June

Japan weather in June

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Tokyo in Central Japan: Warm with Occasional Rain

The most popular cities of Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, located in central Japan, share similar weather.

  • The rainy season begins in June with a moderate/high 6 to 7 in (150-180 mm) of rain and an average of 12 rainy days.
  • You could expect warm weather with average high temperatures of 81°F (27°C) in the afternoon.

It doesn't rain every day, and even then it usually just showers (heavily sometimes), so you would still have plenty of dry time to explore central Japan's attractive sights.

Furthermore, Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka offer abundant indoor activities that are perfect for a rainy-day escape, such as sushi-making, a ninja experience, or a tea ceremony.

You could take advantage of quieter travel with a family trip in June, as it's before the local summer vacation (usually after mid-July).

Our Japan travel expert would tailor-made a private tour for you based on your preferences and requirements.

Hokkaido in Northern Japan: A Dry Getaway

Different from the wet areas further south, you could expect dry and pleasant weather in June in Hokkaido. The average high temperature is 72°F (22°C), accompanied by a very low 2 in (50 mm) of rainfall.

With plenty of sunshine, you could fully enjoy outdoor activities, such as hiking, cycling, and admiring flowers.

Festival: Hokkaido Shrine Festival (June 14–16, 2024) in Sapporo has over a century's history. You could see a huge colorful parade of people wearing Japanese Heian clothes, dating back to the period of 794–1185.

Okinawa in Southern Japan: More Sun in Late June

Okinawa suffers from very high rainfall averaging 11 in (280 mm) in June. You are likely to encounter rain on 2 in 5 days, but it eases to moderate levels at the end of June.

The daily high temperature averages 86°F (30°C), which is ideal for water activities in late June, such as snorkeling and diving.

Our Japan travel advisor would like to create a wonderful trip based on your needs and interests, whatever the weather.

4 Best Places to Visit in Japan in June

It's an excellent choice to visit major cities in Japan in June, as you could enjoy weather that is neither hot nor humid.

For families with teenagers, June is a better time to visit Japan as it's less crowded than in July and August (Japanese summer vacation months).

Best Places to Visit in Japan in June

1. Tokyo: Full of Diverse Choices

Tokyo in June is comparatively dry among the most popular cities in Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka), with a moderate average rainfall of 6 in (150 mm). Rain rarely lasts for a full day — usually, it's just prolonged light rain.

Being the capital, Tokyo is always top of travelers' bucket lists. See its history-filled attractions, marvel at its modern skylines, and experience Japanese cooking classes.

If you would be traveling with teenage kids, they might love Tokyo's anime and theme parks. The Pokémon Center, the anime hub of Akihabara, and the unique Tokyo DisneySea would never disappoint you.

Festival: Sanno Matsuri (June 7–17, 2024) is one of the three most famous festivals in Tokyo. Immerse yourself in a culture-rich parade filled with locals wearing traditional Japanese attire.

Here are some popular travel lengths in Japan for your inspiration: 7 days, 10 days, 12 days, and 14 days.

If you have other requirements, contact us and our Japan travel expert can make it happen.

2. Kyoto: Rich in Cultural Experiences

Kyoto is warm and humid in June. You should expect 13 rainy days in the month with a high rainfall total of 7 in (180 mm) and daily highs reaching about 81°F (27°C).

Rain rarely lasts for a whole day and mostly comes as afternoon showers in June. If you're looking for a somewhat drier and cooler experience, visit Kyoto in early June.

You would still have enough dry time to explore the highlights in Kyoto:

  • Admire its Zen-like temples with their lush June greenery, such as Fushimi Inari Shrine, and feed friendly deer in Nara.
  • Or engage in some authentic indoor cultural activities when it rains, such as a tea ceremony, ninja experiences, and pottery-making.

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3. Hakone: a Cooler Place to Go

Hakone is a cooler destination to visit, thanks to its higher altitude and mild weather in June. This makes it an ideal spot for outdoor sightseeing. Take a cable car ride to admire the mountains surrounded by full-blooming hydrangeas, or explore this serene town at your own pace.

If you're looking for a traditional travel experience, ryokans (traditional inns) with onsens (hot spring baths) are not to be missed. Compared to the city of Kyoto, Hakone's ryokans often have a more rustic feel, allowing you to fully relax in the idyllic countryside.

4. Kanazawa: Ancient Town with Hands-On Craft Experiences

Kanazawa is a lesser-known gem in Japan due to its relatively remote location. But it offers a chance for you to immerse yourself in a more ancient Japan, creating lasting memories that most travelers do not encounter.

In June, the average daily temperature range in Kanazawa is 64–75°F (18–24°C), with around 6 in (150 mm) of rainfall. The rain increases as the month goes on, especially at the end of June.

There, you could discover one of the three most beautiful gardens in Japan — Kenroku-en Garden.

For fans of handicraft art, Kanazawa is a paradise. You could browse exquisite arts and crafts displaying traditional Japanese techniques, and make your own souvenirs for your family and friends. These could include:

  • Golden leaf crafts
  • Fabric dyeing
  • Decorative cord-tying

Is It Expensive to Visit Japan in June?

cost of Japan

You could take advantage of better prices on flights and hotels in June compared to other summer vacation months (July–August). In July and August, flights and hotel prices may be about 10% more expensive.

Travel costs in Japan in June are about US$350–400 per person per day for a private tour with 4-star hotels, based on a family of 3–5 people. This includes a private guide, private car, full-day itinerary, tickets for attractions, all intercity transport within Japan, and handpicked 4-star hotels.

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What Should I Wear in June?

Rain gear and waterproof clothing are good to take since most of Japan experiences its rainy season in June.

You're advised to take some breathable and quick-drying clothing for humid days. Layers of clothing are good for the cooler evenings in northern Japan. It is suitable to wear both long-sleeved and short-sleeved clothing to cater to the varying weather conditions.

Don't forget to take some insect repellent if you're going to hike on mountains or in national parks. UV levels would be high, so pack plenty of sunscreen, a sunhat, and good sunglasses.

Monthly Weather and Travel Information for Japan

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