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Japan Weather in June 2024: Coolest Summer Month, Travel Tips

Japan Weather in June 2024: Coolest Summer Month, Travel Tips

By RitaUpdated Nov. 3, 2023

June sees the arrival of summer (June to August) and also the rainy season (June to mid-July) in Japan. In June, the average daily temperature is around 25°C (77°F).

June is the best time to go if you're planning a summer trip to Japan, especially with your family. You could perfectly avoid the domestic tourist crowds, who travel during Japan's school holidays (July and August), and enjoy reasonable prices on flights and hotels. Besides, you could enjoy the coolest weather in the summer months.

Find out about average temperatures, rainfall, and tips on where to go and what to wear in Japan in June below...

Japan Weather in June: Averages

Japan Weather in June
  • Temperature range: 19–26°C (66–79°F)
  • Rainfall: 178 mm (7 inches)
  • Rainy days: 10
  • Sunny days: 20

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Weather of Japan's Major Cities in June

Japan City Min. Temp Max. Temp Rainfall
Sapporo 13°C (56°F) 22°C (71°F) 60 mm (2 in)
Tokyo 19°C (67°F) 26°C (79°F) 168 mm (7 in)
Kyoto 19°C (67°F) 28°C (83°F) 200 mm (8 in)
Osaka 20°C (68°F) 28°C (83°F) 185 mm (7 in)
Hakone 18°C (64°F) 24°C (76°F) 160 mm (6 in)
Nara 20°C (68°F) 28°C (83°F) 183 mm (7 in)
Hiroshima 20°C (68°F) 27°C (81°F) 227 mm (9 in)
Okinawa 25°C (77°F) 30°C (86°F) 284 mm (11 in)

Tokyo and Central Japan: Quieter Places to Go

Central Japan sees its rainy season begin in June with a moderate 168–200 mm (7–8 inches) of rain. You can expect warm weather with average high temperatures of around 27°C (81°F) at noon.

Although you may encounter tropical cloudbursts or showers, you'll still have plenty of dry time to explore the beautiful sights. Furthermore, Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and Hiroshima offer ample indoor activities that are perfect for a rainy day escape. Additionally, you can take advantage of your summer trip before the local summer holiday (usually after mid-July).

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Hokkaido and Northern Japan: The Perfect Dry Getaway

Different from the wet areas further south, you could expect mild and pleasant weather in June on Hokkaido. The average high temperature is around 22°C (71°F). With plenty of sunshine, you could fully enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking or cycling.

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Okinawa and Southern Japan: More Sun in Late June

Okinawa suffers high rainfall, which eases to moderate levels at the end of June. The high temperature averages 30°C (86°F), which is ideal for water activities in late June, like snorkeling and diving.

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5 Best Places to Visit in Japan in June

Tokyo and Kyoto are must-sees on any trip to Japan, no matter the season. With fewer crowds in June, their abundant indoor activities also offer great downpour escapes during rainy days.

Sunny Hokkaido is ideal for outdoor activities and seeing flowers. Ryokan stays in Hakone (near Mt. Fuji) and hands-on crafts experiences in Kanazawa (near Tokyo) are great for getting kids engaged.

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Best Places to Visit in Japan in June

1. Hokkaido: Paradise for Outdoor Lovers

In June, Hokkaido is a paradise for outdoor lovers with cool and sunny weather.

You could walk through the boundless flower fields to have some romantic moments. If you like hiking, don't miss its national parks.

If you love beer, Sapporo Beer Museum is a fun stop. Learn about the oldest and most popular beers in Japan, and taste them! A beer garden is a relaxing way to end a day of touring.

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2. Tokyo: Full of Diverse Choices

Night View of Tokyo Tower Night View of Tokyo Tower

Tokyo in June is comparatively dry among the most popular cities in Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka).

Being the capital, it always tops travelers' bucket lists. You should see its modern skylines, experience its new high-tech, and explore its theme parks (for example, the unique DisneySea).

If you would be travelling with kids, they might love Tokyo's anime and manga. Its anime museums (Ghibli Museum) and Pokemon center never disappoint fans.

June is also a good time to take a firefly night tour, which would allow your kids to get closer to nature. Fireflies light up the night sky, which creates a magical atmosphere.

3. Kyoto: Rich in Cultural Experiences

Kyoto is warm and humid in June. You can expect 13 rainy days with a rainfall of 200 mm (8 in). Rain almost never lasts for a whole day and mostly comes as afternoon showers. From an insider's tip, if you're looking for a somewhat drier and cooler experience, visit Kyoto in early June.

You would still have enough dry time to appreciate its zen-like temples with their lush June greenery, like Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine. Or seek out some indoor cultural experiences when it rains, such as tea ceremonies, samurai classes, and kimono try-ons...

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4. Hakone: A Cooler Place to Go

Hidden Shrine in Hakone Hidden Shrine in Hakone

Hakone is a cooler destination to visit, thanks to its higher altitude and mild weather in June. This makes it an ideal spot for outdoor activities. You could hike in the mountains surrounded by full-blooming hydrangeas or take in a breathtaking view of Mt. Fuji.

If you're looking for a traditional travel experience, ryokans are not to be missed. Compared to Kyoto, Hakone's Ryokans often have a more rustic feel, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the local culture and way of life.

5. Kanazawa: Ancient Town with Hands-on Crafts Experiences

With similar weather to Tokyo, you can reach Kanazawa in 2½ hours by train from Tokyo.

There, you could discover one of the three most beautiful gardens in Japan — Kenroku-en Garden.

For fans of handicraft art, Kanazawa is a paradise. There, you can browse exquisite arts and crafts displaying traditional Japanese techniques, such as golden leaf crafts, fabric dying, and decorative cord tying. If you like, you could receive instructions to make your own souvenirs for your family and friends.

Costs and Crowding

Compared with its peak season (March to May), most of Japan becomes quieter in June because of the rain. Just before the Japanese summer holidays, you could take advantage of better prices on flights and hotels, and sightseeing without large crowds.

Things are different in Hokkaido and Okinawa (mainly from late June), where you can expect more travelers and higher costs.

What to Pack in June

Rain gear and waterproof clothing are good to take, since most of Japan experiences its rainy season in June.

You're suggested to take some breathable and quick-drying clothing for humid days. Layers of clothing are good for the cooler evenings in northern Japan. It is suitable to wear both long-sleeved and short-sleeved clothing to cater to the varying weather conditions.

Don't forget the insect repellent if you're going to hike in mountains or national parks. UV levels will be high, so pack plenty of sun cream, a sunhat, and good sunglasses.

Monthly Weather and Travel Information for Japan

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