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Top Things to Do at Night in Siem Reap

Top Things to Do at Night in Siem Reap

By Wendy Updated Sep. 30, 2022

Siem Reap is a city famous for many things; breathtaking temples, historical ruins, green lush jungles and nature, and rich cultural art and architecture. One more thing to add to the list, is Siem Reap's lively nightlife!

When most people think about nightlife in Siem Reap, the first thing that comes to mind, is its bars, particularly in Pub Street. However, there are a variety of fun and exciting things to do after hours, for fun, relaxation, adventure, and excitement.

After finishing your day-time tours in Angkor Wat, check out some of these popular things that tourists love to do in Siem Reap at night!

nightlife in siem reap

Night Market

The first spot that is recommended to check out on your night tour, is Siem Reap's night markets. There are several locations where you can find them, but the most popular are; Siem Reap Night Market, Angkor Night market, and Noon Night Market. Particularly the last one, is popular for tourists who want to finish their night-shopping journey in a small bar or a relaxing massage.

In these night markets, typical to most night markets in Asia, you will find everything from delicious street food, funny t-shirt shops, chic tropical-island clothing stores, and countless souvenir shops offering everything from small magnets, to traditional handmade wood artifacts, and jewelry.

These are the places to visit so that you can cross off your vacation shopping list of things to bring back home to friends and family, or to decorate your home.

Like in the rest of Asia, night markets in Siem Reap require you to bargain when buying things. The first price you are given is almost always marked way up, so try buying a couple of things for a bigger discount, and make sure to haggle in a polite and friendly manner, as to not offend vendors.

siem reap nightlife

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Pub Street & Bars

Perhaps the most popular choice for tourists in Siem Reap and Southeast Asia in general, is to enjoy the nightlife in a few out of the dozens of bars scattered along the famous bar districts. Siem Reap's own such district, is simply called Pub Street, and it offers everything from classy quiet cocktail bars, to loud tourist-packed party ones, and every variation in between.

Walk along the Pub Street, and simply pick out the best bar that fits your style, and enjoy some cheap local bars, or fresh tropical cocktails. Most bars will also offer food for some midnight snacking.

On weekends, some bars will remain open until the very early hours of the morning, so that you can keep on partying to your heart's content.

Check out our top 10 bars in Siem Reap!

Spas and Massages

Asia is renowned for its quality massages. Locals and tourists alike just can't help but give in to a relaxing hour or two of foot or back rubs, to help relax after a long day of work or sightseeing.

Massage parlors are as common on major streets as convenience shops, and they also remain open until very late hours of the night, giving busy tourists a chance to kick back and enjoy a relaxing evening of massage treatments, instead of the more common bar-hopping.

Spas and massages would normally offer various treatments and massages, including oil therapy, aroma therapy, foot/back/head/full body massages, and some other health and beauty treatments.

One popular treatment that is unique to Cambodia, is the fish foot massage, where you dip your feet in a small pool of water, with small fish that eat away at your feet's dead skin.

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Live Dance Shows

One of the most popular Cambodian art forms, is the Khmer Apsara dance show. This traditional folk-dance show, usually is performed like a play with a story, and is often offered in a setting that offers a full evening stay, with food (usually Khmer-style buffet), drinks, and of course; the show.

The performance is very lively and engaging, and is a great way to learn about Cambodian culture. These shows can be found in many hotels and restaurants, daily.

Tickets for the show, or the full dinner package, can be purchased in advance, but smaller venues will normally offer tickets for sale on location before the show starts as well.

Camp Experience

Camping is a very popular activity in Siem Reap, as the tropical jungles and absence of excessive urban development allow travelers to enjoy nature in a safe and convenient way. Camping is almost always done through tours, so it is best to find agencies or providers that offer tour packages or plans. Camping solo can be done, but poses many risks.

One somewhat new trend sweeping across Siem Reap, and Cambodia in general, is glamping; camping with a luxury twist. Glamping allows travelers to feel the thrill of camping, combined with the comfort of a hotel, the best of both worlds.

Large tents (and sometimes bungalows) out in nature, without all the services or facilities of a hotel, but with just enough features to allow you to have a comfortable and safe night's sleep.

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If you have already done all of the above, and are just looking to spend a relaxing night with friends or family, in a less crowded setting, check out some of Siem Reap's late-evening cafes. These venues can be found all over, particularly near spots popular with tourists, such as Pub Street, or Angkor Night Market.

Have a fresh cup of locally grown coffee and enjoy some local desserts and Khmer cuisine, before you head back to the hotel for the night!

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