How to Get to Bangkok

How to Get to Bangkok

By Chris QuanUpdated Nov. 17, 2021

Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK) will be the most chosen and convenient destination to enter Thailand from your home country. Thai Airways offer flights to many European countries, various other airlines cover other destinations around the globe.

Because of the long traveling time, you may want to choose your flight not only based on the best price, but also on the departure and arrival times, the number and places of stops, the seat quality and flight entertainment.

If you choose a stop-over in Hong Kong, Beijing or Shanghai, you may consider to pay a visit to those cities and their stunning tourist attractions too.

Quick Facts

  • Check if you are required to get a visa to travel to Thailand.
  • Choose your flight carefully, considering stop-overs, duration, convenience and price.
  • When transferring from BKK to DMK, allow at least 4 hours between the flights.
  • Check before traveling, how you can reach your accommodation from the airport.
  • Refer to a web portal such as, or to find your best flight options.
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Flying into Bangkok

Flight prices vary throughout the year, therefore we can only give a rough estimation of these. Depending on the season, how early you make your booking, and even what day of the week you choose, prices may fluctuate remarkably. Indirect flights from Europe are often lower in price than direct flights, but of course, you should pay attention that the traveling time will not increase too much.

To get into the city center of Bangkok from the airport, the Airport Rail Link is a good choice, besides taxi or bus lines. Please also refer to our article how to get around in Bangkok for further information.

Flying from US to Bangkok

Currently there are no non-stop flights from the USA to Bangkok. Travelers from US will have to transfer in China, Hong Kong, Korea or Tokyo. Traveling time will be from about 22 to 28 hours, depending on whether you depart from the west or the east coast.

When starting from a smaller, domestic airport within the US, you may have to consider a total of 2 or 3 stop-overs. The first one may for instance be Los Angeles, and this will bring your total flight time over 30 hours, because you are literally traveling to the other side of the globe.

Air fares will start at approximately USD 1000 and depend on distance and season. Preferable airlines are American Airlines, Delta, China Southern, or Qatar Airlines with transfer in Qatar instead of Asia.

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Flying from Canada

If flying from Canada, you will have to transfer in Hong Kong or Shanghai with China Eastern.

Toronto 23hrs USD650
Vancouver 18hrs USD500

Flying from Europe to Bangkok

Non-stop flights are being offered mainly by Thai Airways and some domestic airlines from about half of the European countries. From many eastern European countries you may have to transfer in Moscow. Please refer to our listing for more specific information on your home country.

Flight times will be around twelve hours and prices EUR 700 - 1100, depending on the distance. Of course, prices are subject to season and how early you are able to book. An extra stop-over may give you a better price. We especially recommend the above mentioned web portals to find your ideal flight connections.

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Flying from Australia to Bangkok

Thai Airways and Qantas offer non-stop flights from Melbourne and Brisbane, starting at around USD 1000, taking about 10 hours. Emirates and Qantas fly from Sydney at slightly cheaper rates.

Thai Airways is also serving Perth with a flying time of approximately 7 hours. Visitors from Adelaide will have to transfer in Sidney. Alternatively, you may choose Singapore for transfer, offering remarkably lower air rates but increasing travel time significantly.

Thai Airways is also offering a direct service from and to Auckland NZ, at around USD 1100 and 12 hours flying time.

The two airports in Bangkok

Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK) is located about 30 km east of the city of Bangkok. Transfer by taxi to downtown will take at least 1 hour or more, depending on traffic. The airport link leaves from below the airport and can take you there in about 30 minutes if you choose the Airport Link Express (100 baht). The Airport Link City Line will have a few more stops but offers a slightly better price.

Please note, the Airport Link is only operating from 6.00 a.m. till midnight. Six bus lines provide a shuttle service into the city of Bangkok, three others into other provinces, including the popular town of Pattaya.

Don Muang Airport (DMK) is the second airport in Bangkok, serving mainly domestic flights. Airlines such as Nok Air, Air Asia and Tiger Air take you to destinations like Cambodia, Malaysia or Burma. A shuttle bus between the two airports is free of charge if you hold a valid flight ticket, and transfer will take about one hour.

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