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Multi-Generational Family Travel to Southeast Asia 2024: Places to Go, Itinerary Ideas, Costs

Multi-Generational Family Travel to Southeast Asia 2024: Places to Go, Itinerary Ideas, Costs

By Chris QuanUpdated Dec. 13, 2023

Southeast Asia is an ideal destination for a muti-generational family trip, due to its sunny weather, relaxing vibe, high value for money, and a variety of family-friendly activities for kids, parents, and grandparents. The warm and cozy feel makes SE Asia a good setting for reunions of families from different countries.

In this article, we offer inspiration and advice for planning a multi-generational family trip to Southeast Asia, including places to go, itinerary suggestions, accommodation options, costs, etc.

How to Choose Destinations for Your Multi-Generational Family Trip

Here we will give you some suggestions based on different lengths of holiday. A two-week trip is most families' choice.

Around Two Weeks

Visiting three countries is the most-chosen option for a two-week family trip with a richer experience and comfortable pace.

The most popular combination is Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

Thailand offers more vibrant activities. Your whole family can visit an elephant sanctuary, take a Thai cooking class, experience floating houses in an off-the-beaten destination — Kanchanaburi, ...

Chiang Mai elephant park The elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai

At Thailand's renowned beaches, kids and parents can enjoy exciting and fun water spots. Grandparents can take a walk by the sea.

For active grandparents, a light hike in Khao Yai National Park is recommended. Kids can search for wild elephants and other exciting animals in the Park's jungles.

Vietnam features rustic scenery and slow-paced lifestyle. Grandparents could enjoy a relaxing Halong Bay cruise. Halong Bay also has optional activities for kids and parents, such as kayaking and swimming.

Halong Bay, Vietnam Halong Bay

Relics of the Vietnam War in Ho Chi Minh are popular attractions. You can bring your kids there to learn about that history.

Besides, all family members could have a walk together in the ancient town of Hoi An, take a local cyclo to explore the Old Quarter and watch a water puppet performance in Hanoi, explore local ethnic villages in Sapa...

Cambodia is interesting for grandparents and parents who like to explore exotic history and culture. Splendid Angkor Wat is Cambodia's biggest draw. The Land Mine Museum is also an interesting place where kids can learn something about the more-recent history of Cambodia.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia Angkor Wat

If you have plans to celebrate a birthday or anniversary etc., there are also some romantic moments that could be arranged to suit you, like a local wedding ceremony in Thailand. Or we could arrange a more-private Halong Bay cruise that would only accommodate you and your family.

But if you want to travel on a more-relaxed schedule, visiting two countries in two weeks may be more suitable, like Vietnam and Cambodia, featuring more on history and scenery, and a slower pace. Check out our 14-Day Vietnam and Cambodia Family Tour.

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If you are planning a summer trip for you and your family, you can get some inspirations from our Travel to Southeast Asia in This Summer: Places to Go, Costs, Weather

Around Three Weeks

If you have a holiday of about three weeks, you can consider exploring three or four countries.

A 2-week Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia tour may have some limitations. For example, if you want to spend more time in Vietnam — touring both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, you may not have enough time to enjoy the beaches in Thailand. But with a 3-week tour, you will have enough time to include all these destinations on the same trip. See our 19-Day Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam In-Depth Tour.

Laos could be an additional destination if you have more available time. Luang Prabang, a quaint old town, is its main travel destination. A tour of Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos usually takes about 22–24 days. As most attractions in Laos are similar to Thailand's, if you don't have that long of a vacation, you can skip Laos.

If you have other desired destinations, like Bali, Singapore, etc., just contact us. We would be happy to put together an itinerary for you.

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Around One Week

If you only have about a week, we recommend visiting one country that is most representative of Southeast Asia and rich in family activities. Thailand or Vietnam is the best choice.

Thailand is a more kid-oriented destination with a casual and entertaining atmosphere, while Vietnam is more grandparent-friendly, featuring historical sites, countryside life exploration, cruises, and more-relaxed-pace adventures.

We offer customized tours for multi-generational family trips. We would create a trip according to your family's needs and interests, your available holiday time, your family group's generational mix, etc.

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The Most-Chosen Itinerary: Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia

Here we outline the most popular features of a well-liked 15-day Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia itinerary, covering must-sees, kids, parents, and grandparents' interests, and some private family time.

Days 1–5: Thailand

The Grand Palace, Bangkok The Grand Palace

In Thailand, two cities' sightseeing fits well in 5 days — see Bangkok and Chiang Mai

In Bangkok, visit the famous Grand Palace and representative temples. A long-tail boat ride through the ancient canals could be a unique and fun experience for both adults and children.

Chiang Mai is a slow-paced city with a rural feel, which is often preferred by older family members. There are also some kid-oriented activities, like feeding and bathing the elephants at an elephant sanctuary.

  • Suggested itinerary: Thailand (2 days); Chiang Mai (3 days)

If you want to include a Thai island (for beach time), you could spend more 3 or 4 days in Phuket or Koh Samui. See our 19-Day Highlights of Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam

Days 6–11: Vietnam

War Remnants Museum, Vietnam War Remnants Museum

Vietnam's sightseeing could include Hanoi, Halong Bay, Ho Chi Minh City, and the Mekong Delta with 6 days.

In Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, visit their iconic buildings to learn about Vietnam's history, especially the Vietnam War. A water puppet performance would be a good traditional entertainment for both kids and adults.

Take an overnight Halong Bay cruise to see Vietnam's extraordinary karst seascape. And visit the Mekong Delta to see the busy lives of local villagers with a fun boat ride experience.

  • Suggested itinerary: Hanoi (2 days); Halong Bay (2 days); Ho Chi Minh City (1 day); Mekong Delta (1 day)

Days 11–15: Cambodia

Floating villages, Tonle Sap Lake Floating villages, Tonle Sap Lake

Cambodia's final leg of the journey usually focuses on Siem Reap, where Angkor Wat is found. It takes a day to explore its main features, hear its story, and appreciate its charm, but there is so much more that can be discovered there and around Siem Reap...

Taking an ox cart ride down a country road that is way off the beaten track could be a special experience for your whole family.

By Tonle Sap Lake, you can enjoy quiet family time with a sunset cocktail or fresh local fruit juice.

  • Suggested stay in/around Siem Reap: 4 days

More Itinerary Ideas

For more detailed itinerary ideas, please see:

All our tours can be adjusted based on your interests and needs. Just send us your requirements.

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Accommodation Choices for Multi-Generational Families

In Southeast Asia, it is okay for parents and a child to share a room. However, if you want to share a room with two or more kids, it is not allowed in most hotels. So, make sure to check with the hotel before booking.

If you have two or more children, family-friendly hotels with interconnected rooms or family suites are the ideal choice, but they are limited. Booking early is recommended, especially in the peak season. You may need to book 3 to 6 months in advance.

Usually, you will find various hotel options in downtown areas. Staying downtown makes it easier to visit night markets and explore freely. However, most luxury resorts or private villas are situated away from the city centers, where you can usually enjoy a quieter environment, better scenery, and more space.

If you prefer quieter accommodation, then we recommend you book a private trip (rather than a group tour). Private transfers would be a much-more-convenient way for the whole family to head downtown or to other places.

We've winnowed down a selection of excellent Southeast-Asia hotels that we generally recommend, based on the experiences of our family clients.

We can also recommend suitable hotels according to your specific accommodation needs, including location requirements, hotel facilities, hotel environment, etc. Just contact us.

Best Times to Visit Southeast Asia for a Multi-generation Family Trip

For the vast majority of families, their available travel time is relatively fixed, mostly during the winter break or summer vacation, i.e. their children's holidays.

The Winter Break: Best Weather and Peak Season

If you choose to travel during the winter break, you would have the best weather in Southeast Asia — sunny, virtually rainless, and warm. This is great for any sightseeing or outdoor activities, such as snorkeling, biking, etc.

Winter is therefore the peak season in Southeast Asia, with highest traveler numbers in the Christmas and New Year holidays. You would need to prepare early, especially for hotels and flights. Hotel prices can increase by 2–3 times, especially in popular cities such as Bangkok and Phuket.

December 22 to January 3 is the most expensive time to go. If you want to save money, it's best to avoid this period.

If you are planning a Christmas or New Year family holiday in 2024 with a big family, to save money you may be interested in our 14-Day Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam Mini-Group Tour 2024/2025.

We have shared more tips on our The Ultimate Guide to Spending Christmas / New Year Holidays in Southeast Asia.

The Summer Vacation: Cost-Efficient and Less-Crowded

The summer vacation is usually from late June to late August. This coincides with the main rainy season in Southeast Asia, which falls between July and September.

During the wet season, it doesn't rain all day long, though. Usually, there are short afternoon downpours, but the rest of the day is otherwise sunny, and you can enjoy most of a day without much inconvenience.

The summer monsoon season is also the best period for cost-efficient travel, when you would find the biggest discounts and more promotions on accommodation, flights, and tours. The less-crowded attractions and beaches are also wet-season rewards.

With Asia Highlights, you could enjoy free tour cancellations (except your international flights from/to your country) up to 22 days before departure. Just contact us to make your summer/winter family holiday dreams come true.

Check out more on our Best Times to Visit Southeast Asia, Vietnam and Cambodia, and Thailand and Vietnam.

Costs for a Multi-Generation Family Trip

Southeast Asia offers good value for money. For the price of a mediocre restaurant in Western countries, you can enjoy a superb meal at a Michelin-starred establishment in Southeast Asia.

A private tour is an affordable luxury in Southeast Asia. Here are the typical prices for a private tour in Southeast Asia for a general idea:

  • $200–250 per person per day for adults and 30%–50% off for a kid younger than 10 years old, including 4- or 5-star hotels, a private guide, private transport, sightseeing fees, accommodation, and flights within Southeast Asia.

Our actual quotations would be based on your specific itinerary requirements: group size, hotel requirements, etc. Just contact us to find out costs for your SE Asia family trip.

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Our Private Tours Are Very Family-Friendly!

Our private tours are the hassle-free solution to making family trip arrangements. You would have a one-to-one travel consultant that you can always contact to communicate your tour ideas whenever it is convenient for you.

We would design your itinerary based on your family's interests, hotel preferences, dietary considerations, and other requirements.

We also provide convenient and worry-free transfers. Plus, anything you encounter during your trip would be dealt with by your guide or your travel advisor, who would only be a call away 24-7. They would solve any issues for you immediately.

The Most Popular Southeast Asia Tours

All our tours can be adjusted based on your needs. Just contact us.

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