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How to Plan a Romantic Trip to Asia

How to Plan a Romantic Trip to Asia

By CindyUpdated Apr. 21, 2022

Southeast Asia now reopens to travelers. Longing for an exotic vacation? We're ready to make it happen.

Whether you have been married for over 20 years, or have just tied the knot, it’s dollars to donuts you deserve a romantic getaway to keep the love fires burning.

Asia has been in the limelight for romantic destinations, owing to its indisputable charm: beautiful landscapes, exotic lifestyles, super-friendly people, and amazing value for money. Here are five easy steps for planning a great journey to Asia.

Step 1: Choose your destination - your budget determines how far you can go

Budgeting for a romantic getaway seems to be the opposite of romance. But you don’t want to quibble over bills, do you?

Whether a married couple or two people in a long-term relationship, a romantic trip together doesn’t need to be either extremely expensive or extraordinarily cheap. It is all about finding a balance between your preferred destination, your idea of leisure and your financial plans.

You may both have a bucket list of desirable destinations. It may, however, be unrealistic to hit them all in one trip (unless you have a month to spare). It might cost only hundreds to travel within your country; but it probably costs thousands to fly to Tokyo alone.

First start with how much you would like to spend on this trip. Set aside one third of the total budget for flights and ground transportation, one third for accommodation, and the rest for activities.

Daily expenses (food, shopping and personal expenses) may vary a lot and can be considered at the next stage.

When all the sums have been done, you can gain a clearer idea of how far you can go. Options may be reduced to one or just two countries and further planning is then in order.

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Step 2: Choose your hotels - where you stay actually matters a lot

Accommodation carries considerable weight in the overall experience of traveling. The fundamental goal is for you to have a good night’s sleep, yet a good hotel offers more than just a good sleep.

For example, a stylish boutique hotel allows you to absorb local culture and lifestyle, rejuvenating yourself physically and mentally; a strategically-located hotel allows your journey to be smoother and gives you a chance to explore interesting things; an all-inclusive hotel delivers all the comforts of home.

Although location has always been the guiding factor in choosing a good hotel, style and service are not to be overlooked. General information about accommodation at your desired destination can be found online, and filtering out the hotels you don’t fancy (and which are outside your price range) makes room for reality.

We recommend the following article on what factors to consider when choosing hotels.

A good rule of thumb for embellishing your journey is to aim for one or two upgrades from your usual room standards. This will help bolster your experience, especially at a beach destination or on the last leg of your trip. It can be either a room-category upgrade or choosing a better-standard hotel.

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Step 3: What to do - great activities bring more than just fun experiences

Traveling abroad can be so different from living under the same roof. You will have disagreements arising from different interests, yet the most important thing is your being there and dealing with things together, building even stronger bonds of relationship. Take some time to plan activities that you both enjoy.

Asia is like an extraordinary treasure trove, allowing you to put your romantic thoughts into action. How about creating a bucket list: a candle-lit dinner on a deserted beach at Phuket, a balloon flight over Bagan’s thousand temples, or staying at an onsen ryokan (a hotspring hotel) in Japan to watch the snow falling in a quiet garden?

Besides such special treats, ordinary sightseeing can also be galvanized by a slightly “unorthodox” touch: visiting Angkor Temple in the afternoon after the crowds have faded, having a sunset dinner on a private boat on the Mekong River near Luang Prabang, or seeing Yangon from a local slow train.

Step 04: Plan something special - a little surprise to say I love you

We all need a little surprise now and then. Being away from home is itself an unpredictable adventure, which inspires even the most unromantic fellow to itch for some sweet moments. Go diving for the first time in Koh Samui, recreate a first date in Hanoi, or make a photo album in Bali; why not?

Asia’s diversity excites your passion and provides you with a special way to say I love you. Such romantic gestures don’t always mean you have to pay a lot. They do, however, take some insider knowledge to accomplish.

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Step 05: Realize your trip - do research and get expert help

In the early stages of planning, your research may be mainly focused on comparison and inspiration; time to bring your brain waves to bear on the forthcoming adventure.

Keep in mind that a romantic getaway, like any other vacation, should be about relaxing without any trouble. Hence, hiring a destination-based tour provider to do your leg-work for you is clearly an attractive option.

What makes a competent tour provider has to do with the provider’s knowledge and effectiveness. You would want the company to be based in Asia, with resources across borders; you would want them to be quick on the uptake, responsive to calls or emails 24/7. Such features point to Asia Highlights.

When discussing possibilities with Asia Highlights, your initiatives and desires for this trip will not be diminished. On the contrary, they will be realized more smoothly with the help of our local knowledge and experience.

Here is a sample honeymoon package for Myanmar, Thailand and Bali, all of which are among the top romantic destinations in Asia. Alternatively, kick-start your planning by sending us an email now (contact us button).

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