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Thailand offers a classic Southeast Asia travel experience: SE Asian nature, history and culture, tasty and colorful cuisine, and a land of smiles. For many travelers, a trip to Thailand is a great way to kick-off exploration of Southeast Asia and is the first step on a longer-term Southeast Asian journey.
The itineraries below should serve as a starting point for your trip to Thailand. Feel free to talk about your dream-trip ideas with our travel specialists, who will be happy to take care of any hassles that may occur, and help you enjoy the quintessence of the country. Plan your journey now!

Yi Peng Festival

2018 Chiang Mai Yi Peng Festival Ticket

Chiang Mai-Cowboy Riding Club

Yi Peng Festival in 2018 falls on 23rd Nov and we will make sure you be at the event on that day.

1 day from288
Little Novice at the temple in Thailand

Essence of Thailand Tour

Bangkok, Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, Phuket

Explore Thailand beyond temples. This tour is ideal for families and travelers with a heart for real exploration.

13 days from 2,698
Fisherman on inle lake

Myanmar and Thailand Essence Tour

Myanmar, Thailand

Travel to Myanmar before big crowds flush in and enjoy Thailand's essences.This journey is prone to make you smile.

14 days from 3,974
Couple walking on the beach

Myanmar, Thailand and Bali Honeymoon

Myanmar, Thailand, Bali

Create your memories together in exotic Thailand, Bali and Myanmar!

15 days from 4,668
Mongolian Girl

Family Adventure to Mongolia, China and Thailand

Mongolia, China, Thailand

Make a wonderful adventure with your kids to Mongolia, China and Thailand in summer.

15 days from 4,408
Little Monk in Mandalay

Grand Indochina Tour

Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand

Packed up the most mesmerizing wonders of Indochina, this trip is going to be rewarding.

28 days from 7,293

Regional Maps

New to Thailand? Use our guide maps to plan your trip! The following maps point out the transportation means and time for entry to Thailand.

Geography Map of Thailand
travel time within destinations in Thailand

Four Common Questions Travelers Asked Us

1.When is the best time to visit Thailand?

Thailand is a year-round destination, with climate varying slightly with season. The cool season, November to February is the high season for most travelers, but the best time to visit extends from November to early April.

In the south, where spectacular beaches are found, the climate differs between east (e.g. Koh Samui) and west (e.g. Phuket Island). The weather on the eastern coast is good for most of the year while the western coast is more comfortable between November and February, especially for diving and snorkeling.

2.How long and where to go for first-timers?

For first-timers, 11 to 13 days is long enough for tasting Thailand’s essence.

Take the modern capital Bangkok as the starting and end-point of your trip, spend 4 or 5 days in northern Thailand, to get closer to the elephants in Chiang Mai and walk around historical Chiang Rai. Save at least 4 days to unwind on the southern beaches.

For people planning to stay longer, side trips from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi and Ayutthaya are worthwhile. Or take a chance to visit Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos while you are in Thailand.

3.Is it necessary to use private travel services in Thailand?

Yes, yes, and yes, as long as you find a reliable travel agent who makes every effort to ensure you a hassle-free and unique vacation. While Thailand has countless day trips and all kinds of travel services, creating the perfect combination on the spot may add to your stress-levels.

A professional local guide in Thailand can not only assist you but can also suggest and arrange life-changing experiences, like babysitting a baby elephant.

And no one would decline a nice private car, protecting from the hot and humid weather; or quality accommodation, for good rests at night and improved energy-levels during the day.

4. Do I need a visa to visit Thailand?

Citizens of many countries do not require a visa to enter Thailand, if arriving by air and staying for less than 30 days. These include: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the USA.

You can extend your visa in Thailand at any immigration office for about 2,000 THB (US$ 63).

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