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2024 Yi Peng Lantern Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand: Nov. 15-16

By CindyUpdated Apr. 26, 2024

The Yi Peng Festival, also known as the Sky Lantern Festival or the Festival of Lights, is a radiant spectacle deeply rooted in Thai culture and tradition. This captivating event, marked by the release of thousands of lanterns into the night sky, holds profound significance for both locals and visitors alike.

If you are planning a trip to Thailand in 2024, do not miss the festival in Chiang Mai. 

What is the Yi Peng Festival?

The Yi Peng Festival, also known as the Festival of Lights, is a cherished cultural event primarily celebrated in northern Thailand, with the largest and most elaborate festivities taking place in Chiang Mai.

Yi Peng is deeply rooted in religious significance, serving as a tribute to the Buddha and marking the transition from the monsoon season to the cooler months.

Central to the Yi Peng Festival is the captivating tradition of releasing khom loi, or floating lanterns, into the night sky. These lanterns, meticulously crafted from delicate paper and bamboo, are adorned with wishes, prayers, and aspirations written by participants.

As night falls, the lanterns are illuminated, symbolizing the release of worries and the embrace of new beginnings. The mesmerizing sight of thousands of lanterns ascending gracefully into the heavens creates a breathtaking spectacle.

In addition to the lantern releases, local people adorn their homes with various types of lanterns and gather at temples to listen to monks' prayers.

Nowadays, the Yi Peng Festival isn't just a local event anymore; it's renowned worldwide, drawing in more and more people who eagerly add it to their bucket lists.

yi peng festival

When Is the Yi Peng Lantern Festival 2024?

In 2024, the Chiang Mai Yi Peng Lantern Festival will be held for two days on November 15th and 16th, 2024. The date of the Yi Peng Festival is based on the Lanna Lunar Calendar and changes every year.

The name Yi Peng indicates the time when the festival is celebrated.  Yi means 'two' in Thai, and Peng means 'full moon day'. Therefore, Yi Peng refers to the full moon in the second month of the Lanna lunar calendar, which is usually in November. Additionally, the festival typically lasts for two days.

The festival often coincides with the Loi Krathong Festival, another revered Thai celebration focused on floating illuminated krathongs (decorative baskets) on waterways.

loy krathong and yi peng

Yi Peng Festival Lantern Release Venues in 2024

One important thing to note is that witnessing the spectacle of thousands of sky lanterns soaring into the night sky typically requires attending a private event, for which tickets are available at prices ranging from USD 80 to 300.

In 2024, in addition to the renowned Chiang Mai CAD Khomloy Sky Lanterns Festival (referred to as CAD) and Yee Peng Lanna International 2024 (also known as Mae Jo), four additional venues have been announced (as of April). These venues offer similar schedules, providing attendees with more options to choose from.

If you're eager to experience this mesmerizing event, you can secure your tickets now. We are an authorized agent for booking tickets for two of the venues. Click here for more details and to reserve your ticket.

Chiang Mai CAD New Year CountdownChiang Mai CAD Yi Peng Festival

Free Activities in Downtown Chiang Mai 

If you don't want to attend a private event, you can still experience a lot of festive activities in downtown Chiang Mai. 

 The activities are similar each year. For reference, here is the schedule for 2023 for reference: 

Events in the city Time Date Venue
1. The Ceremony of Worshiping the Spirit House and the White Pagoda 08:00 a.m. Nov. 26, 2023 Chiang Mai Municipality Office, White pagoda
2. The Ping River Apology Ceremony 09:00 a.m. Nov. 26, 2023 Pier at Sri Khong Temple
3. Yeepeng Lanna Lanterns Contest (Big Hanging Lanterns) 04:00 p.m. Nov. 26, 2023 Tha Pae Gate
4. Opening Ceremony Yeepeng Festival 2023 in Chiang Mai " 06:00 p.m. Nov. 26, 2023 Tha Pae Gate
5. The Yeepeng Festival Queen and King Pageant in Chiang Mai 07:00 p.m. Nov. 26-27, 2023 Tha Pae Gate
6. The Forest Gate Ceremony Yeepeng Lanna Chiang Mai For the duration of the event Nov. 26-28, 2023 Community and temple in municipal area
7. Ping River Krathong Release Ceremony 6:00 p.m. Nov. 26-28, 2023 Ping River Bank at Municipality Office
8. Lanna Arts and Culture Performance 6:00-9:00 p.m. Nov. 26-28, 2023 Tha Pae Gate
9. The Happiness of the River: Yeepeng Festival in Chiang Mai 6:00-9:00 p.m. Nov. 26-28, 2023 The Ping River, Mae Kha Canal
10. Light, sound, and multimedia show 8:00 p.m. Nov. 26-28, 2023 The Stage at Wat Sri Khong Pier
11. Royal Celebration Fireworks Display 8:30 p.m. Nov. 26-28, 2023 Wat Sri Khong Pier
12. Phra Mahachat Sermon Ceremony 5:00 a.m-9:00 p.m. Nov. 27, 2023 Sri Don Chai Temple
13. Handmade Lotus Leaf and Fresh Flower Krathong Contest 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Nov. 27, 2023 Municipality office
14. The Chiang Mai Yeepeng Little Miss and Mister Contest 6:00 p.m. Nov. 27, 2023 Municipality office
15. Lanna Yeepeng Lantern Boat Procession Contest 7:00 p.m. Nov. 27, 2023 Tha Phae Gate – Municipality office
16. Luk Thung Singing Contest with Tail Dancers, Preserving Thai Culture 4:30 p.m. Nov. 28, 2023 Municipality Office
17. The Toyal Procession of Large Floating Krathong Competition 7:00 p.m. Nov. 28, 2023 Tha Phae Gate-Municipality office
18. Award Ceremony of The Royal Procession of Large Floating Krathong Competition 10:00 p.m. Nov. 28, 2023 Municipality office
Loi-Krathong-FestivalRelease Water Lanterns

Yi Peng Festival Dates: 2024, 2025...

The official date of Yi Peng is announced the year before. So we don't know exactly when the festival will take place in future years, but we know it will likely happen on the night of the full moon or one day before or after. Here are the upcoming full moons (and tentative Yi Peng Lantern Festival dates).

  Day 1 in Chiang Mai Day 2 in Chiang Mai
Year Yi Peng Lantern Festival (the 1st mass event); Loi Krathong (small krathong) Yi Peng Lantern Festival (the 2nd mass event); Loy Krathong Parade in the city/big krathong
2020 Oct. 31 Nov. 1
2021 Nov. 19 Nov. 20
2022 Nov. 8 Nov. 9
2023 Nov. 27 Nov. 28
2024 Nov. 15 Nov. 16
2025 Nov. 5 Nov. 6
2026 Nov. 24 Nov. 25
2027 Nov. 13 Nov. 14
2028 Nov. 1 Nov. 2
2029 Nov. 20 Nov. 21
2030 Nov. 9 Nov. 10
2031 Nov. 17 Nov. 18

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