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How to Get to Jaipur from Delhi

By RitaUpdated Oct. 28, 2022

Jaipur is about 280 kilometers (175 miles) southwest of Delhi. As two of the most popular cities in India, travel is quite well served between Delhi and Jaipur.

Private transfers are the fastest and most flexible choice. Flights are also quick and comfortable choices. Trains are a great way to meet locals. Public buses are not suggested as they're time-consuming and less comfortable.

In this article, we explore these most-commonly-used options in order to help you select the best way for you.

*The durations below include transfers from/to hotels and check-in etc. time in airports/stations.

Delhi to Jaipur by … Duration Prices, Pros and Cons
Private transfer From 4½ hours
  • From US$70 per person
  • Flexible, no waiting time
  • The fastest way
Direct flight *From 5 hours
  • From US$40 per person
  • Easy, quick, and comfortable
  • Possible delays
Train From 5½ hours
  • From US$6 per person
  • Comfortable with a/c class
  • More contact with locals
  • Complicated booking
  • Frequent delays
Bus From 6 hours
  • From US$5 per person (cheapest)
  • Time-consuming (slowest)
  • Least comfortable

Delhi to Jaipur by Private Transfer: The Fastest Way

Taking just 4½ hours, a private transfer offers the most flexibility. You can fully control your itinerary without the risk of network delays or cancellations. Since your driver can pick you up and drop you off wherever you wish, you can perfectly escape the hustle and hassle to/from and within airports or bus/train stations.

Taking in some offbeat experiences is also an add-on option for private transfers. Along the way from Delhi to Agra, you can stop for a tiger safari at Sariska Tiger Reserve, the elephant wildlife sanctuary at Elefantastic, or a local tea plantation.

If you choose to take a cab, negotiate the price with your driver first. If you use OLA (India Uber), you'd better choose the premium price option to select a good driver. For example, an inexperienced driver might get lost, leading to a longer drive and a stressful situation.

Or contact us for a safe and worry-free private transfer. Most of our clients prefer to include private transfers in their Golden Triangle trips (Delhi–Jaipur–Agra). Your local driver/guide can enrich your journey, sharing local culture and history with you, offering suggestions on food or shopping, and giving you the best local interaction (most other locals won't be able to use English so well).

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Delhi to Jaipur by Flight: Value for Money

The Palace of Wind, Jaipur The Palace of Wind

As per the flight schedule, you can reach Jaipur Airport (JAI) within an hour from Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL), one of the busiest airports in India.

It may seem that a flight is the quickest way to make the journey. But, if you consider the chaotic traffic in Delhi, airport check-in and arrival procedures, and the transfer to your hotel in Jaipur, this "1-hour journey" should in fact be around 5 hours, at best.

Though it takes about 5 hours, the flight is comfortable with good hygiene and service. Flying in India is more affordable than in many other countries as well. You might enjoy early-bird discounts if you search for deals well in advance. Or contact us, and check with your travel expert for advice and possible discounts.

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Delhi to Jaipur by Train: Great Contact with Locals

A train is an ideal way to enjoy the interesting scenes of India along the railway. Also, instead of just sitting, you can move around and talk with a number of locals. Express trains with A/C are cleaner and more comfortable than the non-air-conditioned ones.

Tickets are usually on sale 1 to 4 months prior to departure. Early booking is helpful to guarantee a ticket, especially for holiday times.

Booking a train ticket is quite complicated via the official website (IRCTC). Registration and payment are not friendly to foreign travelers. A travel agent is much more convenient and worry-free.

Head to the train station at least one hour before, especially on public holidays. Figuring out your train takes time as the signs, directions, and train information inside Delhi station are not easy to understand.

If you choose to take a train from Delhi to Jaipur, leave your itinerary flexible and lower your expectations regarding hygiene. For train journeys over 3 hours, many trains are not very punctual, resulting in further inconvenience, even changes in your itinerary. Trains are also not so clean after longer journeys.

If you'd like to experience a train journey in India, you are advised to choose a shorter train journey, like Delhi to Agra. These trains are likely to arrive as scheduled most of the time.

Delhi to Jaipur by Bus (Not Recommended)

Local people prefer buses for budget travel from Delhi to Jaipur. But if you look for an A/C seat/sleeper, you will get less comfort than on a train but pay a similar (or even higher) price.

A bus takes about 6 hours, depending on the traffic. Usually, a night bus is faster than a daytime bus. But you'd better avoid night buses for safety/security reasons. If possible, you should travel on a weekday, as the route to/from Jaipur is usually busier at weekends, when tickets are less available and traffic is worse.

Taking a bus is a really authentic way to get an insight into Indian life. But buses with Hindi signs only, drivers with heavy accents, and frequent delays make it a challenge if you're a first-timer in India. Unless you're an experienced traveler, taking a bus is not advised for this over-6-hour journey.

How to Get around Jaipur

For reasons of comfort and safety, a private transfer is highly recommended. You can book at a prepay taxi counter at Jaipur airport or contact us for a reliable drive!

Cheaper than private transfers, auto-rickshaws are better at nipping in and out of the heavy traffic. They usually stand waiting at busy streets, hotels, or attractions. You'd better be ready to negotiate the price with drivers as they rarely charge by meters.

Public buses are not so friendly to foreign travelers or first-timers. You won't find any English service, signage, or arrival announcements.

Safeguard of the Amber Fort in Jaipur Safeguard of the Amber Fort in Jaipur

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