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Bhutan Weather in December

Bhutan Weather in December

By Mike HoUpdated Jan. 30, 2023

Are you planning a trip to Bhutan in December? Read on to learn more about December weather in Bhutan, clothes to wear for the weather, and best places to visit in Bhutan in December.

Bhutan Weather in December: Overview

Bhutan Weather in December
  • Average temperature range: -1–15°C (30–58°F)
  • Rainfall: 5–14 mm (0.2–0.6 inches)
  • Rainy days: 0–4
  • Sunny days: 10–20

The weather of Bhutan is cool and pleasant in December with daytime temperatures at around 15°C (58°F) and nighttime temperatures at around -1°C (30°F). Rainfall is rare in this month. December is the start of the low season for travel. You can expect few tourists during this month.

Bhutan’s Major Cities’ Weather in December

December is the first month of Winter in Bhutan. The weather in most places is dry and cool. In Paro, west of Thimphu, the temperature drops to -4°C (24°F) at night on average, while some eastern valleys can average up to 25°C (77°F) in the day. Here are the top destinations’ weather in Bhutan.

City Min. Temp. (ºC) Max. Temp. (ºC)  Rainfall (mm)
Thimphu -1 15 13
Paro -4 8 0.4
Punakha 5 17 7

Thimphu: It is cool/cold and dry in Thimphu in December. The temperature continues to drop through the month. The daytime high temperature averages a cool 15°C (85°F), and nighttime low temperatures drop to -1°C (30°F) on average. Rainfall is rare in December, with a precipitation of about 13 mm (0.5 in).

Paro: It is a cold/freezing in December in Paro. The daily low temperature in Paro in December averages -4°C (24°F). And the high temperature during the daytime reaches 8°C (46°F) on average. Paro has virtually no rain/snow December, with a precipitation of about 0.4 mm (0 in).

Punakha: The weather of Punakha in December is cool and dry. The temperature of Punakha in December average from 5°C (48°F) to 17°C (68°F). There are about 3–4 days of rain with a total precipitation of about 7 mm (0.3 in).

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The Best Places to Visit in Bhutan in December

With its clear and sunny sky, December is still a good time to visit Bhutan, despite the cold. As it is winter, there are fewer people visiting Bhutan in December, so tourist attractions are not as crowded in this month. Here are some of the best places to visit in December in Bhutan.

1. Visit the Biggest Buddha Statue in Thimphu

the Buddha Dordenma

Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan, is also the major entry city of Bhutan. If you are visiting Thimphu for the first time, then the Buddha Dordenma should be on your list. Located at the southern entrance to the valley of Thimphu, at 52 meters (169 feet) tall, the Buddha Statue and its setting combine to form an amazing artwork attracting many photographers from all over the world. You can have a panoramic view of Thimphu Valley from the top of the statue’s mountain. It is said that there are a total of 125,000 smaller Buddha statues inside the big statue. Buddha Dordenma was constructed to commemorate the anniversary of the fourth king of Bhutan. Now, it has become a top-visited attraction in Bhutan.

2. Climb Up to the Amazing Tiger’s Nest Monastery in Paro

Tiger’s Nest Monastery

December’s cool weather makes it a good time to climb up Bhutan’s most recognized cliff monastery: Tiger’s Nest Monastery. It is named Taktsang Palphung in Bhutanese. Located 3,120 meters (1,0240 feet) above sea level in Paro Valley, the unique location and beautiful architecture of the structure makes it a popular photography spot, which attracts lots of travelers from all over the world. You would be amazed by the buildings hanging on a cliff at your first sight of the monastery, while the lush green forested hills surrounding it would make your eyes feel relaxed and at ease. Remember to wear a good pair of shoes as your feet would have to step up many times to climb up to it.

3. Learn Some History and Culture in the National Museum

the National Museum

The Paro National Museum is a good place to spend your free time and to learn more about the history and culture of Bhutan one afternoon. Located above Paro Dzong in the Paro district, the National Museum is not only famous for its large numbers of collections, but also for its stunning views and its unique architecture. Collections in the National Museum include arms, ritual objects, clothes, jewelry, religious articles, scroll paintings, and much more. A half day there would help you to feel more in touch with the culture of Bhutan.

4. Explore the largest Dzong: Punakha Dzong

Punakha Dzong

There was a saying that no Bhutan trip is complete without visiting a dzong (a monastic/administrative fortified building). Punakha Dzong is among the top-visited dzongs. Located at the confluence of the Pho Chhu and Mo Chhu rivers in Punakha, Punakha Dzong is the second oldest and largest dzong in Bhutan. The impressive architecture was once where all of Bhutan’s kings have been crowned. Now, it is used as the governmental center of Punakha city. The complex and its majestic structure is a beautiful spot for photographers. From the top of the Dzong, you can get a bird’s-eye view of Punakha Valley.

5. Buy Local Products at Thimphu Weekend Market

Thimphu Weekend Market

If Thimphu is your final destination in Bhutan and the timings work out, then a local weekend market would be an ideal place to finish your visit. It is a good place to experience local life and buy local products to bring home as souvenirs. Located on the west bank of river Wang Chhu, the weekend market is the busiest place in Thimphu from Thursday night to Sunday evening. There, you can buy prayer wheels, traditional Bhutanese clothing, jewelry, many kinds of Bhutanese baskets, and more.

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Crowding and Costs in December

December is the beginning of the winter low travel season in Bhutan. There are fewer tourists visiting Bhutan in this month. It is a good time to get low-season prices for hotels and lodging, and in some cities, you can find a great deal on some of Bhutan's beautiful boutique and luxury hotels. Contact us — we can do all the research and booking for your ideal trip to Bhutan.

What to Bring/Wear in December

December is cool during the daytime, but a little bit cold at night. Pack some warm clothes — jeans, a warm coat, long trousers, sweaters, fleece jackets... Rainfall is very rare in December. There is no need to take a waterproof jacket, but a windproof one is recommended.

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