Take this Myanmar tour to discover its beautiful landscape: rolling mountains, rustic villages, countless temples and calm water. It is also about the people: they chitchat in Scott Market in Yangon, give alms to monks in Mandalay and take you among floating gardens in Inle Lake. So hard to resist Myanmar’s charm when it throws you back to pure innocence.


  • Get a glimpse at the house where Aung San Suu Kyi was put under house arrest
  • Best sunsets of a lifetime: over the U Bein Bridge, over Bagan temples and on the Mandalay Hill
  • Approach to monks during their daily rituals in some monasteries
  • Take a boat trip in Inle Lake through the floating gardens and villages

What's Included

  • Approval Letter for Myanmar e-Visa
  • Private transfers and English-speaking tour guides in every destination
  • All guided sightseeing as detailed in the itinerary
  • Hotel accommodation mentioned in the itinerary
  • Internal flights including taxes and fuel as specified in the itinerary
  • Breakfasts at hotels, lunches for every guided day
  • Governmental taxes

Price per Person in US Dollars

Nov.1 - Mar.31 Handpicked Comfort Luxury
2-5 People $2,388 $2,998
6-9 People $2,198 $2,778
Apr.1 - Oct.31

2-5 People $2,258 $2,598
6-9 People $2,088 $2,388

Note: We will grant you get the price as showed above except that there will be a price fluctuation in festival seasons (such as National Day, Myanmar New Year and etc).

Suggested Itinerary

Day 1Yangon Arrival

Being isolated for so many years, Myanmar remains a land of less-touched highlights. Today you will arrive in Yangon Mingaladon Airport and be greeted by your private tour guide and driver. Transfer to hotel for rest.

- Connection & Extension:

1. Connection: There are international flights between Yangon and these cities: Beijing, Guangzhou, Kunming, Hong Kong, Hanoi, Singapore, Bangkok, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur and Mumbai. Beyond Asia, Bangkok is an all-time-good transit if you are flying from other continents. Note that flights from Bangkok to Yangon mostly take off from BKK and in the afternoon, so it's better to arrive in Bangkok early in the morning if you are not planning a night in Bangkok.
2. Extension: Myanmar is just a part of your globale travel plan? Yangon can be connected to China, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, South Korea and Vietnam directly; for other countries, take Bangkok as a transit. How about an extension to Angkor Wat? Roll down to the bottom of this page and you will find our special deal for a 5-day trip in Siem Reap.

- Approval Letter for Myanmar e-Visa:

People of all nationalities, except those from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), are required to obtain visa for Myanmar. Our Myanmar tours include the fee for Approval Letter (ranging from USD30 to 50 depending on nationality), which shall be applied and issued at least one month before your travel time, and your travel advisor will send it along with the tour confirmation. Approval Letter will be used for eVisa application for air entry. Take your passport and 1 passport-size photo to get your passport stamped at one of the airports of Yangon, Mandalay or Nap Pyi Taw, with no extra cost at the airport.

- Speak your language:

Although the country is now partly open, more and more people are encouraged to learn and use foreign languages. Besides English, we also have some Spanish, French, German, Italian and Russian-speaking tour guides.

- Food to your taste:

Just like other Asian countries, Myanmar cuisines is a bit heavy in taste and spices and with a menu based in rice, fish, chicken, beef and vegetables. All restaurants in the itinerary are simple, local but hygienic restaurants with tableware sterilized every day and setting well-kept. However, we can arrarnge Halal, Kosher and vegetarian meals upon your special request.

- Accommodations in Myanmar:

Most hotels for foreign tourists in Myanmar were built in the late 1990's without A/C and limited choices. It is until recent years that A/C rooms and family rooms have become a standard for hotels when more and more foreign-funded hotels are being built. Hotels of Asia Highlights' selection are all with A/C and rooms of at least 30㎡. To ensure a cozy stay, Asia Highlights would suggest you choose hotels at a higher ranking.


2 nights at Sedona Hotel Yangon (Handpicked Comfort) / Novotel Yangon Max (Luxury)

Day 2Yangon

Start your first day in Yangon with a Yangon Circular Train Ride.
Yangon Circular Train Route is totally 45km and encloses the city and its outskirt within 3 hours. The train goes very slow and the doors aren't always shut so as the passengers who don't have enough time to get on from the platform and just hop right onboard. Inside the cabins, you will see local people sitting in various positions; vendors making their ways through piles of mango plucking tools and boxes of eggs; as the train passes through some local markets, baskets of fruits and vegetables are just 10 centimetres beneath the train cabin.
Today you will take a 2-hour ride from the Main Station to the Insein Station, where you will saunter through a local market. Pick up by private transfer and get to downtown of Yangon and have lunch at a local restaurant.
Stay away from the midday sun, we will take a visit to the National Museum of Myanmar. The museum holds a rich collection including historic relics and household items, providing an outline of the country. Later, take a walk around Aung San Suu Kyi's House while your tour guide tells you all about her life and contribution she's made for the country.
Sunset is always the best time to visit Yangon's landmark: Shwedagon Pagoda. As the light dims out, the pagoda starts to sparkle as it is all covered in gold. You will see a lot of local people doing their sunset prayers on the ground of the pagoda.

- Travel time:

Myanmar has been seeing more and more international faces in recent years. Travel time is always a big factor to consider when you are planning a trip to Myanmar. Weather-wisely, the best time is during October to next March for it's sunny, not much rain and not too hot. Meanwhile, traveling during April to September, when it comes rain and wind, can be also beneficial for there is less people and you can enjoy good service at a lower price. Nevertheless, it is smart to avoid festival seasons (when price can go double and roads jammed with celebrating locals), such as Myanmar New Year in the middle of April, Bo Tree Watering Festival in May, Festival of Lights in October and Nat Festivals in December.

- Yangon Circular Train Ride:

1.To ensure you have an authentic experience, we will arrange the local train for you with wooden cabins and seats and no A/C. All windows and doors are open so the air circulation will not be a problem and it is not too hot if traveling in the morning. However, we can still shift it to a modern train with A/C upon your request. The modern train is similar to a subway cargo.
2.There will be local vendors selling snacks on the train. We will suggest you only try out fresh fruits and those things you can tell what's made of.
3.Your private tour guide will accompany you the whole ride.

- Entering the temple:

Travelers should not wear sleeveless tops or short pants while visiting a religious site. Leggings and short skirts are not allowed, either. Take off shoes at the entrance. This applies to all cities in Myanmar.

Shwedagon Pagoda is the landmark of Yangon

Day 3Yangon - Mandalay (35min by air)

Take a morning flight to Mandalay. Check in hotel and have some time to rest. Our sightseeing tour starts in the afternoon, after a lunch on at a rooftop restaurant.
Mandalay is a city breathing the air of Buddhism and our first stop will be Shwenandaw Monastery. This exquisite monastery used to be a part of the royal palace and a textbook example of royal teak wood architecture.
Saunter in the ground of Kuthodaw Pagoda and the World's Largest Book and your tour guide will explain some scripture carved in the tablets of the "book". As the sun slowly dims out, you will get onto the top of the Mandalay Hill and enjoy a sunset view of the city.

- Top of the Mandalay Hill:

Instead of climbing, you will take the elevator up and down the hill. You will need to take off your shoes and stocks before entering the elevator and your tour guide will prepare some wipers to clean your feet after the visit.


2 nights at Sedona Hotel Mandalay (Handpicked Comfort) / Rupar Mandalar Resort Hotel (Luxury)

Three novices in Mandalay

Day 4Mandalay

Hope you had a good sleep last night. Today we will start early at 4 o' clock in the morning to watch the "Face-Washing Ceremony" at Mahamuni Pagoda. Every morning before the sun even rises, local believers will offer fresh towels, food and other items brought from their homes to the deity. The presiding monk will firstly wash the face of the Buddha image, followed by one sequence of brushing its teeth and apply some sandalwood paste on the Buddha's face before cleaning again with scented water. The devotee who brings the towel gets to take it back to his own home shrine after the ritual is over.
After the ritual, you will return to your hotel for breakfast. Afterwards, we will set out on the road to Amarapura. On the way, you will see monks getting around the villages to collect alms, which contributes their daily austerities and food.
Amarapura is one-hour drive away from Mandalay City and when you arrive, it's just in time to visit Mahagandayon Monastery when thousands of monks waiting in line for their lunch. Most tourists come at 10:30am and the place gets really crowded. We will pick a later hour to visit to avoid the crowd. What's more, you will have a chance to offer alms to those young noivices at the back of the line, who rarely get any alms when the big crowd clears away before noon.
Go and have lunch at a riverfront restaurant before we take a small boat across the river to Inwa Ancient City.
Ava, or Inwa, was the imperial city of Burma from the 14th to 19th centuries. Take a horse cart to get around the ancient city with many royal remains and religous sites, including Ava Palace, Maha Aungmye Bonzan Monastery and Yadana Hsimi Pagodas.
Getting back to Amarapura, you will take a boat trip under the U Bein Bridge for a breath-taking sunset view.
Transfer back to Mandalay by car after today's tour.

- Face-Washing Ritual at Mahamuni Pagoda:

Instead of getting inside, female visitors are required to wait in the antechamber of the pagoda, where there is a life video of the ritual.

- About Mahadangayon Monastery:

For time being, this monastery has gained enough controversial reviews.Some believe it is just distrubing and not respectful to the monks as some tourists like to stick cameras to their faces. Nevertheless, it is still worthy a visit as the monastery is under good maintance and there are some volunteers helping out the monks both in the dining area and courtyard. Food and other forms of donations are appreciated, however, it is never mandatory.

Local women walking on U Bein Bridge

Day 5 Mandalay - Bagan (30min by air)

Take an early flight to Nyaung U Airport and transfer to your hotel in Bagan.
This afternoon, we will stretch out to Minanthu Village, a peaceful village about 7km southeast of Bagan. It sees fewer travelers and remains a quiet village where people make a living by tradition handcrafts such as lacquer ware and weaving. You will also see some Chin women who tattoo their faces as a way to distinguish their group, social and marital status and possibly age. Later, visit Kyat Khayon Cave Monastery. This underground monastery is located outside the old Bagan and was built to isolate the monks and novices from the outside world for better training.

- Nyaung U, Old Bagan, New Bagan and what's the difference?

The three districts of Bagan, Nyaung U (also spelt as Nyaung Oo), Old Bagan and New Bagan, have their shares of fans:
1. Nyaung U, about 30 minutes of driving to the archaeological zone, is where the airport is and there are a lot of budget-friendly hotels to choose, the colonial atmosphere of the town makes a great walk-around, all buses and boats arrive at Nyaung U, too;
2. Old Bagan boasts for the perfect accessibility to the archaeological zone and hotels range from mid-range to luxury can be found here;
3. in 1990, the government relocated the villagers from Old Bagan down to the furthest south point that is today's New Bagan, 20 minutes away from Old Bagan by car, this is the place you can find budget and mid-range hotels and restaurants.
Asia Highlights chooses great value hotels in Old Bagan for your easy get-around and enjoyable stay.


2 nights at Hotel Aye Yar River View Resort (Handpicked Comfort) / Aureum Palace Hotel & Resort Bagan (Luxury)

Day 6Bagan

Listed as a World Heritage Site, Bagan Archaeological Zone is simply astonishing with its over 2,200 ruins scattering on the vast plain of Bagan. There used to be more than 10,000 in its day of prime and most are of 10 centuries old. Some are large and tall while others are hidden among the grass and hard to spot out.
Today you will visit Ananda Pagoda, Dhammayangyi Pagoda, Maha Bodhi Pagoda and possibility to get around by bike. At dusk, you will get up to one of the pagodas to view amazing sunset over the plain.

- Panoramic view of Bagan:

The best sunset viewing points, allowing a panoramic view of the archaeological zone would be Shwesandaw Pagoda and Pyathatgyi Pagoda. Shwesandaw is very popular among tourists while Pyathatgyi offers you a chance to get inside the pagoda.

- Hot air balloon flight (Optional):

Flying up in the sky, overlooking all the temples at sunrise, a 1-hour hot air balloon ride can be something special to tell your friends back home. It is available for booking during October to next March, morning time schedule every day and sunset flight upon request.

Pagodas in Bagan, Myanmar

Day 7Bagan - Inle Lake (40min by air)

After some free time in the morning, you will be taken to Nyaung U Airport for onward flight to Heho Airport, 40 minutes away to Inle Lake. Transfer to your hotel and free at leisure. In the afternoon, we will take a boat trip in Inle Lake to observe local life.
Boat is the premier means of transportation in Inle Lake. Although most boats are installed with noisy diesel motors, the local fishermen still prefer an old-school rowing technique. They stand at the stern of the flat-bottomed boat and wrap one leg around the oar to direct the boat, while the other leg is to control the hull of the boat. In this way, not only can they see across the water to avoid twining weeds and gardening beds, but also easier to spot the telltable bubbles of fish.
Have some cool drinks while boating around. A beautiful sunset on the lake surface will accompany us on the way back to town.

- Accommodations in Inle Lake:

Heho, Nyaungshwe and Inle Lake are the three major settlements around Inle Lake area.
1. Heho, 1 hour away by car from Inle Lake, has an airport and a railway station, also the termnial of some long-haul buses. Travelers who plan to spend at least 5 days in Inle Lake favorite this place for budget-friendly accommodations and easy transfer.
2. Nyaungshwe, the main town of Inle Lake area, is 45 minutes by car to both the airport in Heho and to the lake itself. It offers a big share of mid-range hotels, great value resorts, nice restaurants and the lively main town atmosphere is just good for people-watching.
3. Inle Lake, particularly around the lakeshore, is where the finest resorts are located. Featuring with nice lake view and mostly garden-setting, these hotels are made for great stay more than just 1 night, which makes up the limited choice of getting around in these laid-back villages.
Asia Highlights chooses hotels that are within half-hour driving to the lake with nice rooms and great services in Nyaungshwe.


2 nights at Inle Resort & Spa (Handpicked Comfort) / Aureum Inle Resort and Spa (Luxury)

Take a boat trip in Inle Lake A farmer is tendering his floating garden in Inle Lake

Day 8Inle Lake

Get a touch of the vibrant lifestyle of Inle Lake, today your tour guide will take you to a local market in a village of the lake.
Take a boat trip to Indien Pagoda Complex. On the way you will visit Nga Phe Kuang, a monastery built above the water. This monastery used to be famous for the jumping cats but now cats are not trained with this kind of prowess, instead, they will be just laying around and meow to greet you. Burmese believe building new pagodas and monasteries are part of their life merit, but not so in preserving the old ones, which is the reason why this ancient monastery is important as a preservation for ancient Buddha images and the wooden monastery itself holds a lot of history. Followed by a stop at Phaungdaw Oo Pagoda, the most worshipped shrine of the lake.
We will have some simple lunch at a floating restaurant overlooking the busy lake traffic. And then, paddle into the narrow riverbanks where you will reach the Indien Pagoda Complex. The biggest highlight of the peaceful village Indien of Tuangyi. There are countless ancient pagodas springing out of the water. It is so easy to get soaked up in the timeless atmosphere as your boat weaves through the creeks. If you are coming on a market day, you will see Shan, Pa-O and Danu people coming down from their hill tribes to trade goods.

- 5-day Market in Inle Lake:

Villages around Inle Lake take a 5-day market day rotation. The hosting sites are Nyaung Shwe, Heho, Taunggyi, Mine Thauk, Shwe Nyaung, where people from over the lake area will gather by boats and trade their goods including home-produced vegatables, handicrafts and daily suppliers. If you are interested, your travel advisor will try to match your travel with one market day if possible.
Also, the 8-km boat trip is only possible during the rainy season and winter, which is May to next February. The water is too shallow for boating during other time of the year.

Pagodas of Indien Pagoda Complex in Inle Lake

Day 9Inle Lake - Yangon (1h10m by air) - Yangon Departure

Say goodbye to the peaceful lake and you will be taken to Heho Airport. Fly back to Yangon and connect with your international flight.

- Departure flight:

The earliest flight from Heho to Yangon lands at 11am in Yangon. You may need to stay in Yangon for one more night if your international flight departs before 11am.

- Shopping in Bangkok:

Make Bangkok your exit and you will have a blast in this wonderful city for a couple of days. Let us know if you need further arrangement.

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Map of Myanmar Highlights Tour

Angkor Wat Wonder Awaits You!

Extend your adventure to the wonderness of Angkor Wat in Siem Reap by taking Bangkok as a transit.

5-Day Siem Reap Tour at Depth5 nights handpicked comfort | from USD 838/person

- A local Khmer scholar sharing insights of Angkor Wat
- Sparkling diamonds of the Angkor -- Bantey Srei and Beng Meala
- Meet those who live above water in a floating village
- No time wasted - Airport Fast Track Services only for VIPs
- Helping while traveling - give back to the local community

Tour Map

Map of Myanmar Highlights Tour

Asia Highlights Handpicked Hotels

Asia Highlights chooses hotels with a balanced mixture of traditional style and modern comfort, easy access to everything yet quiet enough for a good night's sleep.

Yangon - Sedona Hotel Yangon

- Ranked 13/147 of hotels in Yangon.
- Located by the Inya Lake, offering good view of the lake and the city.
- Spacious rooms, free Wifi, swimming pool and family room available.

Mandalay - Sedona Hotel Mandalay

- Ranked 8/106 hotels in Mandalay.
- Close to the Royal Palace and great location to anywhere.
- Swimming pool, big room with view, soft bed and nice breakfast.

Bagan - Aye Yar River View Resort

- Winner of Certificate of Excellence on TripAdvisor.
- By the Ayeyarwaddy River, wide-open surroundings and setting.
- Swimming pool, spa center, spacious rooms with balcony and soft bed.

Inle Lake - Inle Resort & Spa

- Winner of Certificate of Excellence on TripAdvisor.
- Wood-constructed villas located in a quiet village, 20 minutes of driving to Inle Lake.
- Rooms of 100sqm, nice natural views, swimming pool and gym for leisure.

Note: Your comfort counts! It's totally possible to change hotels based on your interests and budget. From guesthouses to high-end luxury resorts, just let us know your preferences and we will help you choose.

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