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September Weather in Myanmar

Myanmar weather in September continues to improve and this could be a great time to visit Myanmar as the number of visitors is still low.

Monsoon rains begin to let up in September in Myanmar, with a corresponding fall in humidity and temperature. However, average temperature is still a high 29°C (84°F) and it rains most days, especially in the afternoon. Beach resorts remain closed and outdoor activities are not advisable.

September Weather in Myanmar Average Temperature Chart for Myanmar in September
September Rainfall in Myanmar Average Rainfall Data for Myanmar in September

Yangon – Humid and Hot

As it’s near the end of the rainy season, rainfall declines slightly. However, temperatures are still high, with average day and night temperatures of 34°C (94°F) and 28°C (82°F), respectively. Heavy rain usually hits in the afternoon. Try not to go out then.

Pay a visit to Bogyoke Market in the early morning. Here you can find various local food and souvenirs, from wooden handicrafts and jewelry to textiles and traditional dress. You can try different kinds of traditional food and buy something you like, for a souvenir. Find out more about Myanmar performing arts.

There are many antique shops on the ground floor and first floor of Bogyoke. You can find many items for sale there, including coins, banknotes and medals. We recommend you spend more time hanging out and identifying antiques, if you are really interested in them.

Clothing: Bring vest and shorts for the day. Also bring a raincoat and umbrella in case of rain; pants and long-sleeved shirt for the cool evenings.

Mandalay – Humid and Hot

You’ll have an opportunity to explore a bunch of pagodas and monasteries while climbing the hill. In the early evening, the beautiful view of the city plain or sunset attracts lots of visitors. By the way, do you know if we use Myanmar or Burma when talking about this country?

In the evening, Su Taung Pyi Pagoda on the platform of Mandalay Hill is crowded with tourists and devotees. People donate and pray for good luck, with sincere hearts. It’s said that paying homage to the pagoda along the way up the hill makes one live long. Fun and sacred!

Clothing: T-shirts and vest are sufficient for the day. Please remember to bring an umbrella or raincoat when going outdoors. Bring a thin coat for the chilly evenings.

Bagan – Hot and Rainy

Its mysterious history from the 1090s and its spectacular structure attract thousands of visitors every year. It’s a must-see in Bagan.

You can climb Mount Popa, regarded as the most sacred site in Myanmar for nat pilgrimage. Taungkalat Monastery is on the top. You can enjoy the beautiful surroundings, and the monkeys along the way will also cheer you up.

Clothing: vest, T-shirt, pants, fleece shirt, raincoat, umbrella, comfortable shoes.

Inle Lake – Cool and Rainy

Walls inside the temple are lined with thousands of tiny alcoves each containing a small Buddha statue, exhibiting Buddhist culture to the outside world. Stunning and beautiful!

Or you can observe the Indein Stupa complex, a garden of stupas. It consists of over 1,600 stupas, like a stupa-forest. Some are carved and gilded with images of mythical animals, and some are on top of a hill, from which you can see the whole Indein Stupa complex. Perfect place to visit if you plan a trip to Inle Lake.

Clothing: thin coat, pants, T-shirts, shorts, raincoat, umbrella, comfortable shoes, hat.

Ngapali Beach

Rainfall starts to decrease, with fewer storms and winds. But beach resorts still remain closed because of the unstable weather. Most days in September are rainy, so flights are often delayed or canceled. Thus we do not recommend visiting Ngapali in September.

Festival in September

Yadanagu (Spirit Festival): This is convened in a small town called Amarapura, near Mandalay, and lasts one week. Thousands of people gather to honor the pantheon of nats. During the ceremonies, spirit mediums perform ritual dances and songs as devotees make offerings of food, flowers and money.

Why Visit Myanmar in September?

Weather conditions improve steadily as the cool season is just around the corner. There is plenty of sunshine for travel in September. You can plan more outdoor activities and even expect to see beautiful sunsets. Besides, travel expenses for hotels and flights are still as cheap as in August.

Please Note

Dress decently and show respect to Buddhist culture when visiting pagodas. Road conditions are not very good, as it often rains. Bring a raincoat or umbrella when going outside. Remember to use mosquito repellent, as there are lots of mosquitoes after it rains.

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