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Ngapali Weather - a Tropical Monsoon Climate

Ngapali has a tropical monsoon climate with three distinct seasons: the cool season from October to February; the hot season from March to April; and the wet season from May to September.

Three seasons

Cool season: Average daytime temperatures during the cool season, from October to February, are around 31°C (88°F). Due to a sharp decrease of rainfall, air humidity is also low. So the weather in these months is typically warm and dry.

During the cool season, all kinds of activities are appropriate, especially outdoor activities and water sports.

The skies are usually clear with not much cloud cover, so please ensure you protect your skin well, to avoid sunburn. The cool season is the best time to visit Ngapali Beach, but it is also the peak season, so the price of accommodation and flights increases.

Hot season: During the hot season, from March to April, the maximum daytime temperature can rise to as high as 41°C (106°F). However, temperatures at night are around 23°C (73°F), so walking along the beach at night is pleasant.

Strenuous physical activity is not recommended during these two months, but water sports can cool you down a bit during the scorching hot days.

Wet season: The wet season, also the low season for travel, starts in early May and ends in late September. Rainfall and humidity increase sharply and there will be incessant storms and rain. In June, July, and August, the rainfall even accounts for about 94% of the annual total rainfall in the Ngapali area.

Most hotels and restaurants will be closed, and the wet season is definitely not the best time to visit Ngapali Beach.

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Weather: January is the coolest month at Ngapali Beach, but the maximum temperature in the daytime can still reach 37°C (99°F) and temperatures vary greatly between day and night.

Things to Do: January is one of the best months for visiting Ngapali Beach. Since the weather is relatively cool and pleasant, you can plan more outdoor activities to get to know Ngapali better.


Weather: Temperatures increase slightly in February. The maximum temperature can reach as high as 38°C (100°F). There is great variation between day and night temperatures.

Things to Do: Weather in February in the early mornings and evenings is relatively cool, which is perfect for jungle-trekking or fishing.


Weather: The hot season in Ngapali begins. The highest daytime temperature in this month can rise to 40°C (104°F). Don't forget to use sunblock, and reapply it after swimming.

Things to Do: Since the temperatures in March are generally high, strenuous physical activities are not recommended. Water sports such as snorkeling, kayaking or rafting, will be much more appropriate.


Weather: In April, Ngapali Beach is hot and dry. There might be one or two days of rain, but the rain doesn't last long, so it will have little effect on the heat. April is the hottest month in Ngapali, and the average maximum daytime temperature is 37°C (99°F).

Things to Do: Strenuous physical activities are not recommended. Instead, you can enjoy a relaxing spa or massage, or just soak yourself in the sea or the pool to cool down. Temperatures at night are around 23°C (73°F), so walking along the beach at night will be pleasant.


Weather: The wet season begins in May and there will be an obvious increase in rainfall. Temperatures will decrease slightly in May due to the showers.

Things to Do: There might be a reduction in the number of flights from other cities to Ngapali. There will still be sunshine after the showers, so that you can enjoy sunbathing on the beach-lounger.


Weather: Rainfall in June will increase sharply. The number of internal flights to Ngapali Beach may decrease to one a week and even this flight may be canceled at any time. Temperatures will dip a little as a result of the rain.

Things to Do: Almost all the best hotels and restaurants will be closed. You can probably only stay in your room or avail yourself of some hotel services.


Weather: Rainfall reaches its annual peak, with temperatures hovering around 29°C (84°F).

Things to Do: July is definitely not the best time to visit Ngapali Beach. You can't do much, since the rain will spoil your plans.


Weather: Rainfall is about the same as in July, and average temperatures hover around 29°C (84°F).

Things to Do: You might need to spend most of your time at your hotel.


Weather: Rainfall drops significantly to only half that of August. But some storms hit the Ngapali area during September. The average temperature is about 30°C (86°F).

Things to Do: Although the rainfall has dropped sharply, showers and tall waves are still the theme of the month. Maybe you can enjoy a cool breeze after a shower.


Weather: When October arrives, the cool season, also the peak season for travel, begins. Rainfall in October is only about one-seventh of that in July and August (the wettest months). Temperatures in October remain fairly stable. Day temperatures are around 33°C (91°F) while night temperatures are about 25°C (77°F).

Things to Do: In October, there is still a small amount of rainfall in the mornings or at night, but this won't have much impact on your plans for outdoor activities. On the contrary, after the rain, the weather will be a bit cooler. Both outdoor and indoor activities are appropriate in October.


Weather: November is one of the best months to travel to Ngapali. Cloud cover continues to decline and will be rather less than in October. Humidity decreases slightly, but precipitation drops sharply.

Things to Do: Since the weather is relatively cool and pleasant, you can plan more physical activity such as cycling and trekking, which will help you to learn more about the area.


Weather: December is also one of the best months to travel to Ngapali. The average daytime temperature is around 34°C (93°F). There is very little rainfall, so humidity is relatively low.

Things to Do: You don't need to worry that your plans will be ruined by sudden rain, since there is very little rainfall in December. You can plan all kinds of activities, both indoor and outdoor. You can visit authentic fishing villages, savor a seafood feast or enjoy the stunning sunsets.

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