How to Plan an Incredible Family Trip to Japan in 2024/2025. Learn more.
How to Plan a Luxury Trip to Japan in 2024/2025

How to Plan a Luxury Trip to Japan in 2024/2025

By Vicky LengUpdated Nov. 3, 2023

Japan, a country rich in tradition, offers plenty of authentic activities to enrich your trip and deepen your knowledge of this charming destination. For example, you could relax at a Japanese-style ryokan (traditional inn) with an onsen (hot spring bath), dress up like a ninja and learn their revered techniques, and view the spectacular Mount Fuji.

On a luxury trip to Japan, not only would you stay at 5-star hotels or exclusive ryokans, benefit from private transportation, and enjoy high-class service, but also it would offer opportunities to experience high-quality exclusive activities accompanied by excellent private guides.

What Can You Enjoy on a Luxury Trip to Japan?

With a worry-free luxury trip to Japan, you should expect to enjoy high-quality experiences and services throughout the whole journey.

1) High-Touch Private Services Would Make Your Trip More Hassle-Free

private driver and vehicle service

Professional Japan guides would provide insightful explanations of attractions and experiences to enhance your understanding of Japan. They would cater to your needs during the trip with the flexibility to adjust your itinerary to your requirements or unexpected circumstances, making your trip as hassle-free as possible.

Instead of taking 20,000–30,000 steps a day on public transportation, a private car service in Japan would provide you with a comfortable, relaxing, and more-fulfilling experience.

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2) High-Quality Handpicked Activities Offer Unique Experiences to Enrich Your Trip

Geishas in KyotoGeishas in Kyoto

Every handpicked and exclusive activity is accompanied by a private guide, with no group tour staleness, providing you with more interesting and personalized experiences. Here are some example experiences:

  • Rather than making sushi at a restaurant with other travelers, you could learn how to make sushi and other Japanese dishes from a chef in a traditional Japanese house located in the lush mountains.
  • Instead of viewing part the iconic Mount Fuji from a distance in the ordinary way, you could take a private helicopter to look down at the top of Mount Fuji and fly around the mountain to appreciate the magnificence of Mount Fuji from all directions.
  • Instead of enjoying afternoon tea with geishas in Kyoto alongside other travelers, you and your partner could have the opportunity to experience this authentic activity exclusively.

Taking the Shinkansen from one city to another is an unforgettable experience in Japan. Instead of having an ordinary seat, you would travel in Green Class (a business seat), which is more spacious and comfortable. Certain trains also offer Gran Class, which not only provides a comfortable and roomy seat but also comes with a dedicated attendant who serves complimentary light food and drinks.

3) High-End Hotels (or Ryokans) to Ensure You Have Cozy Nights and a Pleasant Stay

An excellent ryokan in KyotoAn excellent ryokan in Kyoto

For a luxury trip, we suggest you stay at 5-star hotels to enjoy bigger rooms and the best service. Staying at a Japanese-style ryokan with a cozy tatami would provide you with a luxurious experience that is unique to Japan.

A high-end traditional ryokan offers private onsen bathing and high-class kaiseki (multi-course traditional cuisine), which you wouldn't get to enjoy at an ordinary ryokan. Kyoto has more excellent ryokans than other cities because Kyoto is Japan's top ancient capital with a well-preserved traditional atmosphere. This allows you to have an immersive experience of medieval Japanese accommodation.

Ryokans are easily booked up so we suggest that you plan your trip at least 3–6 months in advance.

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How Long to Spend in Japan for Your Luxury Trip

Sushi makingSushi making

To enjoy the main highlights in Japan (in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka) on a first visit, at least 7 to 10 days are recommended. For a more in-depth exploration of Japan or a Japan and China trip, 10 to 14 days or longer is best.

Below is a suggested itinerary, for inspiration. Our Japan expert would customize your luxury trip based on your preferences and requirements.

A 10-Day Japan Authentic Luxury Itinerary

Experience the best of Japan in the Golden Triangle cities of Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. In each destination, you would enjoy authentic and exclusive experiences to create exquisite memories.

japan travel guide
  • Days 1–3: Tokyo
  • Days 4–5: Hakone
  • Days 6–8: Kyoto
  • Days 9–10: Osaka

Start this impressive trip in Tokyo, the capital of Japan, which perfectly combines history and modernity. Experience making sushi and authentic Japanese cuisine (which may even include mountain game) with a local chef in a Japanese house nestled in the lush mountains. Witness captivating Shinto rituals performed by a miko (shrine maiden) while tasting Japanese pastries and matcha. Also take a rickshaw ride to experience the Edo atmosphere in Asakusa.

Taking a private helicopter ride from Tokyo to Hakone would allow you to appreciate the amazing summit view of Mount Fuji and the rural scenery of Hakone. You would spend a night at a high-end traditional ryokan with a private onsen and sample high-class kaiseki, immersing yourself in a truly wonderful experience of traditional Japanese accommodation.

Continue your trip to the ancient capital of Kyoto by taking a business seat on the Shinkansen. Enjoy an exclusive afternoon tea with geishas and your partner, experience the process of making matcha with a professional master, dress up in ninja attire to learn their culture and techniques by immersion, and have close interactions with the friendly deer in Nara including feeding them.

Complete your trip in flourishing Osaka, where your onward flight would determine how much free time you would have to explore the city. According to your interests, we would provide suggestions of the top things to do that both showcase the city's commercial-success vibe and provide a luxurious experience.

How Much Does a Luxury Trip Cost in Japan?

Traditional tea ceremony in JapanTraditional tea ceremony in Japan

The travel cost in Japan depends on your interests and the level of service you choose. A comfortable private guided tour in Japan based on 5-star hotels costs from US$500 per person per day based on a group of 2 people , including 5-star hotels, private guides and cars, and a full-day itinerary.

For a luxury trip to Japan, we suggest that you select from the best available activities and hotels to enhance your overall experience. For example, you could consider participating in a whole range exclusive activities like Mount Fuji helicopter tours, and you may choose to stay in a ryokan with a private onsen to enjoy more privacy, which each come at additional cost.

Let us know what you are interested in experiencing, and we will provide you with a figure for making your luxury trip ideas a reality.

Best Times for a Luxury Trip in Japan

Cherry blossoms in KyotoCherry blossoms in Kyoto

The best times to visit Japan are in spring (March to May) to see the cherry blossoms and in autumn (September to November) for the autumn foliage. Both times have pleasant middle-season weather.

For a luxury trip, we suggest choosing a travel time when the weather is most pleasant, with more clear days and fewer travelers.

  • To avoid large crowds and enjoy the cherry blossoms, the week before full bloom (around March 16th to 23rd) is the best time. The scenery during this time is almost as stunning as it is when the blossoms are in full bloom, and you would have more space to enjoy it.
  • Late October to early November is the best time to appreciate the colorful autumn foliage with fewer travelers, mild temperatures, and clearer days. You could admire it almost anywhere, including around Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka.
  • May, June, and September are also excellent times to travel to Japan when the weather is warmer, but not at its hottest, and the crowds are not at their largest.

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