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How Can We Help You with a Unique SE Asia or China Trip

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Asia Highlights, Discovery Your Way!

Asia Highlights is a branch of China Highlights, established in 1998. Our mission is to help you create unique experiences in Southeast Asia and China, designing the trip to your needs and budget, using our expert knowledge. Based in China, the gateway country of Southeast Asia, we know tourism in the region better than anyone else, we know the secret paths to jaw-dropping views, we also know the problems behind but most importantly we know how to set up a perfect plan especially for you.

No matter if you’re a first-timer in SE Asia or a pro-traveler, if you are looking for an easily-planned and affordable Southeast Asia vacation, you've come to the right place. If you would like to have a path-breaking, experience-filled, and eye-opening trip, and would like to partake in local life as much as possible, then even better.

Meet the Founders

Before we get to how we can help you with your trip to Vietnam and Southeast Asia, we would like to introduce our team. Asia Highlights was founded by three passionate travelers who share the common vision of discovery in one’s own way. If you like, you can call or email or plan your trip with our three founders any time. They are:

Leader of Asia Highlights Lissy Syoo
Leader of Asia Highlights

Starting as a backpacker in Southwestern China, and later a German-speaking tour guide at China Highlights, Lissy Syoo has conveyed her own experiences into Asia Highlights’ core values: Flexible — Unique — No hidden traps. This F-U-N rule applies to our tours, information, and services, rooted in the belief that a good trip is a trip is one that suits the traveler and extends the mind.

Product Manager of Asia Highlights Peggie Lyoo
Product Manager

Peggie Lyoo has spent almost 3 years traveling around Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, and she is the one you can turn to for Vietnam trip inspiration and more. The tours that she designs are based on authentic travel experiences of her own and other travelers she’s had contact with, with a personal touch catering to different needs of different travelers.

Marketing Manager of Asia Highlights Wendy Song
Marketing Manager

When talking about marketing, Wendy Song knows the only way to win hearts is offering what travelers need. She excels at gathering info from her traveling and others’. With an instinct for finding out the problem and working out a solution, she takes delight in knowing what she writes and promotes is actually helping people.

How can we help you?

Guidebooks might inspire you, but it’s being there that makes your Vietnam vacation meaningful. Among all the top things to do in Vietnam, we've handpicked some for great close-up experiences — teaching English in a village in Sapa, choosing your own ingredients for a cooking class in Ho Chi Minh City, picking fresh litchi in a local’s orchard in the Mekong Delta, just to name a few.

We believe you are the most important part of your Vietnam trip. Your interests should decide where you go and what you do, and your likes should decide how your experience is.

Whether it’s riding a Vespa in Hanoi, chopping up garlic at a cooking class in Hoi An, or enjoying your choice from among all of Vietnam’s beaches, your Vietnam trip should be firmly stamped with your personality. We listen to your ideas, and figure out how they can be blended with Vietnam’s attractions and amenities.

We can help you help the locals. Travel is better if it’s more than just for fun. You can be giving back to the places you've been to and to those you've shared a laugh or two with. We work with several local charities to help the children or the environment as a way to shoulder our social responsibility, which we believe will make your trip even more meaningful.

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With the mission of “China Highlights, Discovery Your Way!”, our mother company, China Highlights was established in 1998. We serve over 10,000 satisfied customers a year. Some of our customers are high-profile celebrities, like Irish Ambassador Declan Kelleher, Lakers player Andrew Bynum, and actor Barbra Streisand. Most of them simply want a unique, quality experience that echoes for a lifetime.

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