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Travel Vietnam with Kids

Vietnam is a wonderful travel destination for your entire family. Kids and adults alike will fall quickly in love with this Southeast Asian wonderland. With majestic rainforests, sunny beaches, delicious food, and vibrant street life, this country truly has something for everyone to enjoy.

From fast-paced city life to untouched natural scenery, this country really does have it all. Children of all ages will be welcomed by friendly locals and will be able to enjoy easily the splendors of this excellent destination.

Activities for Kids

A trip to Vietnam will be the adventure of a lifetime for your whole family. There are many exciting activities country-wide for children of all ages. For your convenience, Asia Highlights suggests the following sites and activities when vacationing with your kids in Vietnam.

Explore Life along the Mekong Delta

The Mekong Delta in Vietnam’s southern region is one of the most prized areas in the whole country. Your kids will enjoy journeying through these waterways and meeting people from the surrounding villages, whose lives are centered round the delta.

Take a boat ride and explore the fascinating floating markets and distinct traditions that take place daily on the banks of the Mekong Delta.

Learn about Native Wildlife

Take your kids for a visit to the Primate Rescue Centre in Cuc Phung, where they will be able to get up close to several species of endangered langur (a species of monkey).

At this ethically-run institution, your children will enjoy learning more about animals native to Vietnam, as well as what we can do to help protect these animals and their natural habitat.

Take a Cooking Class and Sample Local Snacks

Vietnamese food is known for using fresh ingredients to create tasty, unique flavors. Make sure to try the local street dishes, particularly when traveling in larger cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, where snack vendors are abundant.

Your whole family will enjoy being able to sample traditional treats like beef noodles, and Vietnamese chicken wings with tangy dipping sauce.

When visiting the small city Hoi An, your kids will love participating in one of the area’s famous cooking classes. Experienced local chefs will teach your family how to cook up some classic Vietnamese dishes like noodles and spring rolls. You’ll be able to sample your own creations and bring the authentic recipes home with you.

Cruise Halong Bay

Your entire family will be blown-away by the natural beauty of the karst mountains at Halong Bay. Take a multi-day cruise on a comfortable ship or a shorter boat tour to experience incredible vistas from sunrise to sunset. Your kids will also enjoy swimming in the bay and hiking through the area’s famous caves.

Enjoy Traditional Shows and Crafts

Parents and kids alike will be pleased to watch a traditional Vietnamese water-puppet show, an art form that has thrived here since the 11th century. While the most famous performances can be viewed in Hanoi, water-puppet theatre is available for guests throughout the country.

When traveling keep your eyes peeled for Vietnamese Opera performances. Your family may be invited to dress up and join the show!

In the ancient town of Hoi An, children of all ages will enjoy participating in a lantern-making class, another traditional art form in Vietnam. After your family learns the lantern-making process, they will be able to construct their own and bring it home with them as a souvenir.

Cultural Customs

Vietnamese people are very welcoming towards children. In traditional culture, young people are cherished, protected and doted upon by older members of the community. Most restaurants, hotels and other places of interest are kid-friendly and accommodating. Don’t be surprised if your family easily attracts the attention of curious locals.

Health & Safety Tips

Although Vietnam is a safe and wonderful destination for your whole family, guests should make sure to be cautious, especially when traveling with kids. Asia Highlights suggests that clients take the following precautions to ensure a seamless travel experience.


Bring a basic medical kit and your own medicines with you from home, as many western medicines cannot be found in Vietnam. Do not drink tap water, and avoid ice and unpeeled fruit, as these items may be contaminated.

Because Vietnam is hot most of the year, make sure to bring along plenty of bottled water during daily activities, to keep you and your family hydrated.


Beware of petty theft and keep your valuables securely, particularly when strolling through touristy areas. Opt for the legal green My Lai taxis and avoid motor-taxis when traveling in cities. Look out for strong currents at the beach and stick to areas where lifeguards are on duty.

If you follow these simple tips, your vacation should be great on the health and safety front!

Visit Vietnam with Asia Highlights

The Asia Highlights team is dedicated to providing guests with memorable, unique travel experiences. We welcome the chance to help you plan your perfect family vacation in Vietnam. Our experienced experts will hand-pick suitable destinations and exciting activities to keep your whole family entertained.

We will also arrange for you to stay family-sized rooms and hotels with swimming pools and kid-friendly facilities. Furthermore, our local guides will be happy to look after your young ones and enhance their experience throughout your stay. Learn more about our tours today and get a head start on planning your dream vacation!

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