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Top 9 Restaurants in Vietnam

Every day Vietnamese cuisine is becoming more renowned all around the world, and for good reason! Food in Vietnam is a delicious mix of sweet, sour, and spicy flavors that never fail to leave people wanting more.

To help the foodie inside you get the most out of your trip to Vietnam, we have prepared a list of 9 handpicked and authentic local restaurants. The list is organized first by city, then by restaurant.

Top Restaurants in Hanoi

As a wonderland of cheap drinks and an endless variety of food, it's no wonder we had to put Hanoi first on our list! With its own draft beer and the famous Old Quarter full of street food, there are plenty of great options to try here.

Viet Deli

Located in the northwestern corner of Hoan Kiem Lake inside the Oriental Suites Hotel, Viet Deli is a restaurant with excellent food and a beautiful location. It serves a menu full of Vietnamese classics with some contemporary additions, and has an extensive beverage menu including fresh-fruit smoothies, coffee, and wine.

The interior of Viet Deli is elegant and colorful, creating a lively atmosphere. The restaurant is vegetarian-friendly and also has some vegan options.

Madame Hien

Set in a beautiful French colonial villa, Madame Hien is one of Hanoi's most visually impressive restaurants. It was founded by the celebrated French chef Didier Corlou and serves traditional Vietnamese cuisine with some tasty tweaks to suit the palate of foreigners.

Located on a quieter street in Hanoi's Old Quarter, Madame Hien is a romantic and peaceful escape from the intensity of the inner city. The outdoor courtyard seating is especially pleasant. For those who prefer air-conditioning, the restaurant also offers elegant and comfortable indoor dining.

Dinner service here is often busy, so it is a good idea to make reservations!


This modern and stylish restaurant specializes in creative fusion dishes that blend Vietnamese and Western influences. Pots'n Pans has long been popular with tourist groups and is a great introduction to the flavors of Vietnam.

For cooking enthusiasts, Pots 'n Pans also offers exclusive kitchen-view tables where guests have the opportunity to watch chefs in action.

This restaurant is even more than just incredible food with a great atmosphere! Ever since its founding, Pots'n Pans has worked towards collaboration with the Hanoi community by partnering with KOTO, an organization that gives at-risk and disadvantaged youth training to work in the city's top restaurants.

Some of the dishes[I think this is possibly more accurate. Please check.] served at this restaurant were created by young people in the KOTO program.

Top Restaurants in Hoi An

Hoi An,an ancient port city in central Vietnam, is surrounded by farmland where plenty of delicious vegetables, herbs, and rice products are grown. All of the restaurants in the city use ingredients that are locally sourced. The freshness of the food here makes the cuisine a delight to the taste buds!

White Lotus

White Lotus offers great service as well as classic Vietnamese dishes. Particularly famous for its spring rolls, this restaurant is a good place to start your food journey in Hoi An. They tend to cater here for travelers and offer food that is less spicy than that of the typical Hoi An street vendors.

Apart from its excellent food, what makes White Lotus unique is that it is a subsidiary of Project Indochina. This Australian nonprofit organization works for the improvement of the lives of disadvantaged people in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. All the profit made by White Lotus goes towards aid programs to help such people.

It is hard to say no to great food, but even more difficult to say no to great food with a good purpose.

Morning Glory

This restaurant is one of many that were founded by famous Hoi An chef Ms. Vy, but Morning Glory happens to be her crowning jewel. This restaurant specializes in reinvented Hoi An classics that are found in family recipes and at street vendors.

Guests at Morning Glory get the incredible opportunity to taste Vietnamese comfort food while watching the preparation of the food up close. The restaurant has an open-kitchen design allowing guests to watch the talented chefs at work.

Morning Glory also offers cooking classes which have been very successful, with ‘graduates’ feeling that their knowledge of Asian cuisine has greatly increased.

Mango Mango

This restaurant was founded by celebrity chef Duc Tran. He is best known for cooking alongside other celebrity chefs such as Gordon Ramsay and Luke Nguyen. Before his rise to fame on cooking shows, however, Duc Tran made a name for himself cooking contemporary Asian cuisine in Hoi An.

Mango Mango was founded by Tran just as he was becoming well-known and serves innovative Vietnamese fusion food. The restaurant is located in Old Town right across from the famous Japanese bridge. In fact, from the restaurant visitors are treated with a beautiful view of the river and this ancient port city.

The ambiance of Mango Mango is relaxed and fun. It has a friendly funky feel and is also a great place for grabbing a cocktail.

Blue Dragon

Located close to the Hoa River in Old Town, Blue Dragon is a dockside restaurant that offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Many visitors enjoy spending time here and getting a tasty meal while watching the boats sail up and down the river, and the hawkers selling their knickknacks on the busy streets.

Blue Dragon Restaurant is also a social enterprise and all the profits from the restaurant go to a foundation that helps Vietnamese children who live in poverty or have families that are affected by drugs or HIV. Blue Dragon Foundation helps these children pay for education, food, housing, and medical care.

Top Restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City

As the culinary capital, Ho Chi Minh City is a great place to experience the essence of Vietnamese cuisine. The mixture of people and cuisine in the city is a mixture of all the regions in Vietnam.

Besides being influenced by the many cultures in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City has also been influenced by world cultures. Today, visitors will find that food here is a delectable combination of French, Chinese, and Vietnamese flavors.

Dining Room

The Dining Room is a modern and stylish restaurant. It is different from many other restaurants in that its menu constantly changes with the seasons. The Dining Room is committed to buying only fresh ingredients from local markets. Therefore, the menu needs to be edited according to the time of year different ingredients are available.

The idea of the seasonal menu helps give a truly authentic representation of the types of food that Vietnamese people eat during different times of the year. At the Dining Room, the focus is on the balance of flavors and the passion that goes into cooking exquisite Vietnamese cuisine.

KOTO Kumho

KOTO Kumho is one of the main restaurants owned and operated by the KOTO Foundation, a social enterprise that works towards increasing the quality of life of young people in Vietnam who come from poor backgrounds. All the staff in this restaurant are training to work in the hospitality industry and achieve a better life.

KOTO Kumho serves Vietnamese food with a modern twist, as well as excellent cocktails. It is located on the top floor and has plenty of outdoor balcony seating as well as indoor tables available.

The food here is great quality with good presentation and interacting with the polite young employees is an absolute pleasure!


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