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Top Markets in Vietnam

As anyone who has traveled to Asia will tell you, markets are an essential fixture of local culture across the continent. In the same way that supermarkets and malls could be considered major components of life in the West, marketplaces of all shapes and sizes are at the heart of communities throughout Southeast Asia.

Outdoor and indoor markets serve as central meeting points, where family and friends can unite throughout the day, to haggle with vendors over the best deals on fresh ingredients, arts and crafts, and everyday necessities.

There is no better way to catch a glimpse of the authentic lifestyle in a new city than by taking a stroll through the local marketplace. Rare treasures and unique souvenirs available for purchase are likely to make wonderful gifts for your loved ones back home.


The enchanting, lively market scene in Vietnam will certainly stand out to shoppers who are traveling in the region. From as early as dawn until the late hours of the night, travelers can see local people bargaining with vendors to procure all kinds of goods.

Organically grown produce, fresh flowers, high-quality textiles and locally-made handicrafts are just some of the items that await shoppers in Vietnam.

Visiting a market is a must-do for anyone traveling in this wonderful country. You can chat with friendly locals to learn more about their culture, peruse the array of interesting goods for sale, and pick up some unique souvenirs along the way.

For your convenience, Asia Highlights has hand-selected the top marketplace destinations for tourists across Vietnam. Be sure to check out our top market pick in your current location, when looking for an exciting and satisfying shopping experience.


Hanoi Weekend Market

The Hanoi Weekend Market should be at the top of the list for anyone shopping in this beloved tourist destination. Like the rest of this alluring city, the bustling weekend market is a wonderful feast for the senses. Located in the northern section of the Old Quarter, shoppers here can find all kinds of souvenirs, from t-shirts to quaint trinkets and everything in between.

Bargaining is expected. To get the best deals, start by suggesting 25% of the original asking price. Be sure to sample some Vietnamese street food from one of the many famous vendors serving up flavorful dishes in this district.

Dongxuan Market

Just a stone’s throw from the Weekend Market is the Dong Xuan Market, the largest indoor shopping center in the whole city. Experience the daily lives of the local people by visiting the wet market for fresh produce, dried meat and other items on the bottom levels. Alternatively, head upstairs for cheap apparel or quirky souvenirs.

Quang Ba Flower Market

Who doesn’t love flowers? Start your morning right with a trip to the Quang Ba Flower Market in Hanoi’s Tay Ho district. From as early as 2 am, this colorful marketplace is abuzz with vendors selling all kinds of fresh, fragrant flowers grown in the surrounding villages.

Ho Chi Minh City

Cholon Market

When in Saigon, shoppers can choose between different distinct market experiences that offer various products unique to Vietnam. The Cholon, or Binh Tay Market, in the city’s Chinatown district is a pleasant destination where travelers can immerse themselves in Buddhist culture and Chinese-style architecture, while checking out tons of locally made heritage handicrafts.

Step outside to the central courtyard for a breath of fresh air and more Buddhist structures, or visit the food court at the back of the market to try some tasty Chinese-Vietnamese snacks.

Danh Sinh Market and An Dong Market

The Danh Sinh Market is the place to go for rare and interesting treasures. Also called the War Surplus Market, this eclectic shopping destination offers a variety of authentic war memorabilia, camping equipment and many other handy products.

In addition, the An Dong Market in District 10 is great for hand-made crafts like traditional woodwork and exquisite lacquerware.

Nha Trang

In the coastal destination of Nha Trang, the Dam Market is one of the busiest shopping areas around. Here, vendors offer all types of goods from luxury-brand goods to dried seafood snacks. Those looking for a more Vietnamese, less-touristy shopping experience should check out the Vinh Luong Market.

Hoi An

The charming port-city of Hoi An is cherished by international travelers and locals alike. Visit the Central Market on the Banks of the Thu Bon River to immerse yourself in local culture. The market is particularly interesting in the mornings, when local fishermen drop off their catch and barter with merchants. Be prepared for a lively scene.

Because Hoi An is especially renowned for its silk production and tailoring industry, guests could pick up a few pieces of high-quality clothing, custom-made at affordable prices.

Phu Qoc Island

The peaceful Phu Quoc Island boasts an array of exciting open-air street markets that should be on any shopper’s list.

Perfect for a breakfast-time stroll or when you need a quick snack, the Duong Duong Market on Tran Phu Street offers a variety of fresh dishes, tasty juices and exotic ingredients.

When exploring the town at night, visit the Dinh Cau Night Market for bargain souvenirs like pearls and seashells.

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