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How to Get an Approval Letter

Vietnam visa on arrival (VOA) is a popular way for arrivals by air. Travelers can apply for it online through Vietnam visa websites or through travel agents.

Upon arrival at an international airport, the visa may be picked up with the approval letter, required documents and stamping fee at Immigration Counter .

How It Works

VOA paper work itself is not a full visa but an approval letter before departing for Vietnam is required. The procedure itself is easy to follow.

  • Apply for the VOA online through a Vietnam visa website or your travel agent who booked a package tour for you. Arrival date and the exact name of your arrival airport in Vietnam are required. The service fee charged by the visa websites usually ranges to US$9 and upwards.
  • Receive an email of the official Vietnam visa approval letter issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department. It takes two working days. Once you get the approval letter, double-check it to make sure everything on it is correct.
  • Print out the approval letter and prepare all the required materials including two passport-sized photos (4cm*6cm). Some airlines may require you to present the approval letter before boarding.
  • Take all the required documents along on your trip to Vietnam
  • Present the approval letter and photos at the VOA counter when arriving at the airport.
  • Pay the stamping fee and get a full visa. It costs US$25 for one month and three month single entry visas, US$50 for one month and three month multiple entry visas.

You may also get an entry and exit form (Form N1) from the visa website, which we recommend you save time by completing in advance and print one copy out.

Note that during Vietnam public holidays like Tet (the Vietnamese New Year), all visa applications will be delayed! Avoid holidays while applying for the visa.

Vietnam Visa Approval Letter

Vietnam visa approval letter is issued by the Immigration Department and is valid at the international airport only. You need to apply online through either the visa website or your travel agent. When applying for the VOA, you will be asked the following:

  • Your full name shown on your passport
  • Gender: male or female
  • Present nationality shown on your passport
  • Date of birth
  • Passport number along with passport expiry date
  • Proposed arrival date in Vietnam. You could only enter Vietnam on the entry date or after the date of your visa shown. Keep in mind the time zone differences
  • Your arrival airport name
  • Your purpose of visiting Vietnam
  • Type of Vietnam visa you want to apply for: One month or three month single entry visa, or one month or three month multiple entry visa
  • If accompanied by children, they also are required to apply with their own passports and pay the same fees.


  • When applying for a Vietnam visa, you need to make sure that your passport has at least six months validity remaining from the arrival date to Vietnam.
  • When the email of the approval letter and the entry-exit form is received, it is necessary to double check to see if everything is correct.
  • Sometimes visa websites process the applications in group. In this situation, you may get your letter with information of other people, including their nationality, dates of birth and passport numbers. If you need a private letter only bearing your name and your families’ name, let them know when applying.
  • For three month multiple entry visa application, please check with the visa website or your travel agent if you are qualified to obtain one.

We can supply a visa approval letter to our clients for free, once a tour is confirmed with us.

For independent travelersto apply for a visa, the following websites are recommended:

When arriving at the International airport of Hanoi, Da Nang or Ho Chi Minh City, you only need to go the VOA office to get your full visa with an approval letter and other required documents.

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Urgent Visa on Arrival

Some visa agents handle urgent VOA in one working day, four working hours or even one working hour. One-hour urgent VOA service is only available for one-month single visa, but one-day and four-hour VOA services are applicable to other types of visas.

If you apply for it before 10:00 Vietnamese time, you will get the approval letter on the same day for one-day service and get it even by 12:00 pm for four-hour service.

Get a Vietnam Visa from a Third Country

It is possible to apply for a Vietnam visa when you are traveling in other Southeast Asian countries, e.g. Cambodia and Laos. Visa application can be done through online visa agents or local visa agents. The cost includes service fees charged by visa agents and visa fees charged by the VOA office at the airport.

If you need to get the visa on the same day, you can only get a visa for 15 days (single/multiple). One month single/multiple entry visas require two working days, i.e. you get the visa on the next working day.

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