Where to Stay — Accommodation in Vietnam

Vietnam is a paradise location with stunning beaches and delicious food. While it has a lot to offer, in order to enjoy your stay in Vietnam, it is important to choose the right accommodation.

The majority of accommodation in Vietnam is good quality. Most cities have a wide range of accommodation options that cater to all price ranges, however, with fluctuations in price come fluctuations in comfort. For visitors looking for their perfect vacation, it is important to understand the ins and outs of hotels in Vietnam.

Quick Facts

  • There is high competition between different accommodation companies in Vietnam, causing lower prices for travelers.
  • Vietnam is not considered a luxury destination, and its hotels may not be as nice as in other countries.
  • In big cities, the average hotel rankings are between 4 and 4.5-star.
  • In small cities, the average hotel rankings are normally above 3-star.
  • International hotels are a great option, and there are many recognized chains operating in Vietnam.
  • Beach hotels and resorts are the perfect places for people wanting to have a relaxing getaway.
  • Boutique hotels give a more local experience, but with a little less comfort.
  • Take hotel security, airport pick-up and important services into consideration.
  • Room rates fluctuate depending on the season.
  • It is important to consider whether you are traveling solo, as a couple, or with family.
  • To get an honest picture, it is good to read the positive and negative reviews.

Interpreting hotel rankings

Vietnam offers a lot of different options for accommodation, and before traveling in the country it is important to know that Vietnam is not normally considered a luxury destination. Although there are some luxury resorts, in the cities many places are geared towards businessmen instead of travelers.

Typically in the big cities, the average rankings of nice hotels are between 4 and 4.5. In the smaller cities, guesthouses and boutique hotels are more popular and these places normally have about a 3-star rating.

Choosing accommodation

Vietnam has something for every budget and travel style, from basic homestays to beach resorts and everything in between. With all these options, sometimes it can be difficult to choose the one that fits your vacation the best.

Before choosing accommodation, it is important to know what level of comfort you want during your stay, whether you want to spend more time in the city or near the beach, what services you need, and how much money you are willing to spend.

The internet is the best place to gather information about popular hotels in Vietnam. Travel related sites and booking pages are a good place to get tips and more information about the service available at different locations.

Listed below are 5 different items to consider concerning accommodation options, before making a booking decision.

Hotel styles and options

As mentioned previously, Vietnam is full of many different accommodation options for any kind of traveler. Below are some of the options available in Vietnam, including international hotels, beach hotels and resorts, boutique hotels and more.

The styles of hotels available may depend on the location. Typically, there are more boutique hotels, beach villas, and retreat places in Central Vietnam whereas South Vietnam has many international hotels, boutique hotels, and beach resorts.

In villages, finding large luxury hotels will be very difficult, and guesthouses or homestays may be the only option.

International hotels

Internationally owned hotels are much more common in larger cities. These hotels can be newer buildings such as the Essence Hotel in Hoi An or old French-colonial hotels such as the Sofitel Legend Hotel in Hanoi.

Both the old and new hotels have their benefits. The new luxury hotels have all of the latest comforts and services as well as beautiful and extravagant rooms. The colonial period hotels are full of history and the graceful beauty of French architecture.

Some well-known international companies that have hotels with good reputation in Vietnam include Accor and InterContinental Hotel Group. Accor operates under many different brands including MGallery, Pullman, Novotel, Mercure, and Ibis. The InterContinental Hotel Group owns InterContinental and Crowne Plaza.

Beach hotels or resorts

Beach hotels and resorts are found near the popular beaches of Vietnam. Depending on the area of the country, either large hotels or resorts will be more common. For example, in big coastal cities, travelers are more likely to find large beach hotels. 

Beach resorts are more likely to be found in areas further away from the cities, as many of them are located on private beaches and surrounded by tropical vegetation. Resorts are great for couples and families who want a relaxing beach getaway, full of beautiful scenery.

Boutique hotel

Boutique hotels are smaller mid-range hotels that have been started by local Vietnamese entrepreneurs. Newly built boutique hotels are typically very nice with all of the modern amenities. Boutique hotels are great for people who are comfortable traveling in foreign countries and want a slightly less comfortable but more local experience.

Other options

Some other options for accommodation include guesthouses and homestays. These options are good for solo travelers who aren't looking for anything too fancy.

Guesthouses and homestays are the perfect choices for getting closer to the local culture, as they are normally small and will involve interaction with the owners. However, because these options are quite inexpensive, they sometimes lack modern comfort.

Necessary service features

In order to have the best experience when traveling in Vietnam, it is important to make sure your accommodation has all the necessary service features for a comfortable trip.

Almost all accommodation in Vietnam should have free wifi, and many places will offer breakfast which is included in your room rate. At budget locations, this breakfast may only consist of bread with jam or cheese and some coffee, while more expensive locations typically put out a large buffet for guests.

Although improving rapidly, Vietnam has had some problems with hotel security. It is a good idea never to leave valuables lying in the open when you aren’t in your room. Many top-end and mid-range hotel rooms have safety deposit boxes.

Another good thing to look for when comparing accommodation is airport pick-up service. It is a common scam for taxi drivers to take visitors to a copycat, low-quality hotel that has the same name as the nice hotel you booked. Getting an airport pick-up through your hotel will eliminate this problem.


Because of high competition between hotels in Vietnam, prices for rooms are quite affordable, compared to many other countries.

Below is a chart of what price to expect, according to star rating and season. The prices are based on per room per night rates.

Rating Season Expected Price Range (USD)
3 to 3.5-star Low
4 to 4.5-star Low
5-star and up Low
$180 and up

In addition to the room prices, there will be a 10% tax added to your bill and a 5% service charge.

Considering travel companions

When choosing your perfect accommodation, who you will be traveling with may decide where you should stay.

Solo travelers often prefer to be within walking distance of downtown in order to be close to the main attractions and other travelers. 

On the other hand, families on holidays often prefer child-friendly and spacious rooms and services such as kids clubs or a swimming pool. These services can be found at international hotels or resorts.

Couples and honeymooners normally want rooms with picturesque views. Staying a little further out of the city, is a good way to get beautiful scenery, privacy, and comfortable and spacious rooms. Beach resorts are often a good place for couples.

For seniors on vacation, it is best to book accommodation downtown so that the main attractions are close by. Hotels with elevators and accessible rooms may also be very important.

Interpreting reviews

To get a full picture of a hotel, it is important to read the reviews on booking webpages. Here you can learn the truth about whether or not the wifi really works or how good the breakfast is. 

Many sites also allow reviewers to post their own photos of the location. These photos are often more realistic, compared to the perfectly clean and sometimes photoshopped pictures posted by the hotel.

When reading reviews, it's a good idea to look for reviewers that are similar to you, possibly from the same country. Furthermore, it is good to check whether the review is from someone who traveled solo, as a couple, or with family. If you are traveling solo then reviews from other solo travelers will most likely be more useful to you.

It is also important to read both the positive and the negative reviews because this will give you realistic expectations before arriving. Overall, the majority of reviews are very honest and will give travelers invaluable information about accommodation.


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