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Heading to the Mass Release of Yi Peng Festival? You might need to know....

Update (September 30,2018): we already closed ticket booking. Welcome to share our Thailand Lantern Festival webpage on your Facebook account for a chance to win 2 VIP tickets to Yee Peng Lanna International 2019 (Mae Jo).

Update (September 25,2018): We will close ticket booking on September 30. There are only very few VIP Tickets of Yipeng festival atCowboy Army Riding Club available (Nov 22/Nov23).

Update (September 14,2018): Ticket;of Mass Release at Maejo University on 22 November is sold out.

New option for Yi Peng Festival 2018 is available in Cowboy Army Riding Club on 22 and 23 November 2018. We have a limited number of VIP tickets available at the Cowboy Army Riding Club.
  • The same scale as the Mass Release at Maejo University (around 2000 available seats, lanterns launched up to 5000)
  • Your choice of seats in the VIP Section (8 rows of seats in total, excluding the standing section)
  • Tickets available for 22 and 23 November
  • Closer to Chiang Mai, 10 km, only half an hour by our round-way transfer (within 10 persons)

Seat Map of the VIP Section at Cowboy Army Riding Club 

vip seats exclusively offered by asia highlights are in front of the pagoda where you can get a closer look at the chanting monks

Celebration Time Line for Reference (22/ 23 November, 2018)

  • 04:00 pm- 05:00 pm: pick up at your doorstep (within Chiang Mai ancient town) and transfer to the venue (the Cowboy Army Riding Club),
    Arrive at place and Enjoy seeing Lanna cultural Lanna sword Dance culture, show beverage Boxing and Lanna Sword making;
    06:00 pm: Welcome to the Yi Peng Festival. There are lanna drum welcome;
  • 06:30 pm: Receive souvenir/ Enjoy authentic Lanna Thai snacks, desserts and beverages;
    07:30 pm: Start to enter the ritual at in front of the participate in various great pagoda to prepare religious ceremony;
  • 08:30 pm: All honorable guests and tourists enter the ceremony area;
  • 09:00 pm: Launch lanterns and enjoy the wonderful view
  • 09:30 pm: End of the celebration, get priority exit and transfer back to the hotel
  • * Note: Celebrations might vary in order or content

Itinerary in detail

Yi Peng Festival in 2018 falls on 22nd and 23rd Nov at Cowboy Army Riding Club (confirmed by governmentand we will make sure you be at the event on that day. Now we have a limited number of VIP tickets available at the Cowboy Army Riding Club on 23rd Nov. 

23 Nov, Chiang Mai | Yi Peng Festival

Private round-way transfer On your own arrangement

Let's go party tonight!
As one of the biggest events nationwide, Yi Peng Festival, or Thai Lantern Festival in Chiang Mai hypers up every traveler's excitement.
Rather than being just a watcher standing outside the celebration venue, tonight you get to be in the limelight with Asia Highlights' VIP Ticket Package.
In the night of 23 November, you will have a car and a driver picking you up at your accommodation in Chiang Mai (* extra cost applies for hotels outside Chiang Mai Old Town). Transfer to the Cowboy Army Riding Club (10 km out of Chiang Mai).
After ticket check, you will enter your viewing section.
Tradition shows, Muay Thai (Thai boxing), demonstration of Thai swords and other cultural intros will be put on before your buffet dinner. Afterwards, gether around for preparation and Buddhist rituals. During the process, you may help yourself to delicious Thai food, snacks and drinks (non-alcohol).
Launch your own lanterns after the rituals along with other locals. It is believed that if your disappears into the dark before the light goes out, you will have an extremely good year as the launch symbolizes setting off your bygone misfortune and mistakes. Enjoy and good luck!
How Asia Highlights Helps Your Way in
- We have booked a number of seats in the front 2 rows of the VIP Section at the Cowboy Army Riding Club, available for 23 November.
Read booking terms below for more details: 
- Round-way transfer from your doorstep to the venues.
- VIP services at the venue including food, lanterns, souvenirs and etc.

launch the lanterns at yi peng festival Enjoy a wonderful night at the Yi Peng Festival in Chiang Mai

Latest news on the Mass Release at Maejo University (Updated 10 September 2018)

  • Mass release at Maejo (also known as Yi Peng Lanna International - YPLI), is Open for sale on 31 August 2018)      
  • Date of the Celebration: 22 November 

Booking information

  • Booking Steps: Send us an inquiry and make payment. We will send you the E-ticket within 1 working day
  • Transportation: You will have round-way transfer between your hotel and the venues. This is only available for hotels located inside the Old Town of Chiang Mai. Exact pickup time will be advised one month ahead.
  • Arrangements: Provide us your personal information after payment. We will send it to sponsor to Corresponding  the ticket; 
  • Traveling with kids: Kids under 5 years old is free of charge,  Full price for visitor from 5 years old.   
  • Important reminder: Tickets are not available for changes of dates, names and venue and non-refundable, even if the cerebration is cancelled, the cost will be donated to charity .

Questions you might have about the Yi Peng Festival

  • Can I purchase one ticket to go to the event at both the Mass Release and the Cowboy Army Riding Club? No, you can only use this ticket for one time at one venue. Your registed information will expire after the ticket is checked at entry.
  • What's the major difference between the Mass Release at Maejo University and the Cowboy Army Riding Club? The main difference is that the Mass Release is a private event linked with the traditions of the Yi Peng Festival. This is also why it has to go through governmental approval on a yearly basis, yet this year it seems tougher.
    There will also be a lantern release at the Cowboy Army Riding Club. With a capacity of 2000 and 2 lanterns dispatched to each VIP client, not counting the homemade or sold-on-the-spot lanterns, the release will also be massive with an estimated number of up to 3000 lanterns. Although it doesn't take the name of Mass Release, this venue can be a solid pick if you are looking for a WOW.
  • How can I get confirmation of my ticket booking?
    There will be an E-ticket with your passport information (full name, nationality and passport number, need registed before 30 September) and venue information (ticket number, location, time and seat number) on. This ticket is to be used exclusively by yourself.
    Picture below is a sample ticket for the Cowboy Army Riding Club.
    Yi Peng Festival VIP Ticket-sampleYi Peng Festival VIP Ticket Sample

  • Is it possible that the tickets are not available after my payment is made and passport information is sent? Tickets to the Cowboy Army Riding Club are available for booking until 31 August 2018.
  • For the Cowboy Army Riding Club, what's difference between 22 and 23's events? Can I choose either date? The celebration on these two dates are 90% alike, the 23’s might be less-crowded being one of the small differences. For the moment, we have both dates available. Once the tickets are confirmed, there is no change of dates, travelers or in exchange of cash. 
  • Tickets are non-refundable and non-compensatory in case of loss.
  • Is it possible for children to participate? How much is for one child? There is no strict age limitation. However, the chaotic celebration, entry, traffics, and massive amount of people, as well as the fire used to launch lanterns, can be intimidating or even dangerous for children under 12 years old.
    There is no child price. Children of all ages are charged the same as adults.
  • Is transfer included? The festival host company offers shuttle transfer that goes around Chiang Mai Old Town to pick up travelers free of charge. However, it's only available within 10km radius of Chiang Mai Old Town. With heavy traffic and hoards of crowds, it is much unlikely they will get you to the venue before 0800pm, which will be the halfway of the celebration. We don't recommend this service for you with the VIP tickets.
    If you are booking the tickets with Asia Highlights, we will arrange a round-way transfer from your doorstep to the venue (within 10 persons). 
  • Can I take photos or make videos of the Buddhism rituals? Our VIP tickets allow you with the closet with the monks, photos and vidoes are possible. However, you cannot enter the seating zone of the monks unless you are a professional photographer.
    Certificate or work permit must be presented for entry as a professional photographer. Your information will be registered and you will get access to some specific areas. However, please don't linger around or disturb the celebration.
  • Will there be somebody who can help me launch the lanterns? A traditional Lanna lanterns is big in size and it usually takes 3 men to launch. You will find some volunteers at the venue. They will be happy to help you out.
  • Will the floating lanterns cause environmental problems such as earth and water pollution or forest fire? As a tour operator with high awareness for social responsibility, we only provide our clients with lanterns that fit the local governmental standards.
    At the Cowboy Army Riding Club, we will use the traditional Dhammachai lanterns for you.
    This kind of lanterns, although large in size, is smartly designed: it has a short heat-proof wire attached to the small candle wick that is no longer than 30cm inside the approximately 90cm-long diameter. The candle wick will likely quench out after floating up for about 10 minutes. And the heat-proof wire prevents fire or short circuit if the lanterns fall on the high-voltage power transmission cables. Using only natural and recyclable papers and bamboo, all the materials are biodegradable and will not cause pollution on the earth. It is approved by Thai Industrial Standards TIS808/2552.
    For the Mass Release at Maejo University, we cannot guarantee the same as it is a private event and you can find lanterns of all kinds at the vendor shops. However, for the moment the possibility for the Mass Release is still up in the air.
    As for the Loy Krathong, the lantern boats are made of banana leaves and filled with flowers, which are also biodegradable.
    For safety and environmental consideration, please don't make your own lanterns or lantern boats or purchase non-standard ones.
  • Can I use this ticket to attend the Loy Krathong? The Loy Krathong event is free to enter, held by the riverside at night. You may take part in during your stay in Chiang Mai from 21 to 23 November.
  • What is the dress code for the event? No short pants, sleeve-less tops or mini skirts are allowed. We recommend you get dressed up in Lanna style with a longyi as bottoms and a clothing on the shoulder.
  • Can I drink beer or wine at the event? No, you may not. Alcohol drinking or selling is not allowed at the celebration.
Contact us if you have more questions about the Mass Release or the Yi Peng Festival 2018... Begin a journey