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Travelling in Thailand with Kids

Travelling in Thailand with Kids

By Chris QuanUpdated Oct. 31, 2022

Thailand is a wonderful destination that your kids will love. In fact, every popular destination offers many activities for your kids, from cooking classes to bathing with the elephants; from snorkeling to trekking inside the jungle. This country has it all.

The welcoming locals will love your kids and will help you with all your needs. If planned carefully, travelling in Thailand with your kids can be easy and fun. Check the following article to learn more about activities, safety measures, and travelling etiquette!


  • Visit the markets to get a glance of the bustling activity of the cities
  • Take a cooking class and playfully learn with your kids
  • Play with the elephants for an unforgettable day
  • The beaches are the ideal spot for fun water activities your kids will love
  • Watch a night show and learn more about Thai popular tales

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Activities for Kids

No matter where you will go, there will be plenty of activities to entertain your kids. You can simply visit the vibrant markets in Bangkok, or choose to spend a day with the elephants in Chiang Mai. Trekking in the jungle is always fun, and the beaches offer tons of water activities.

The activities are so many and so varied that your kids won't get bored!

Visit the Vibrant Local Markets

Local markets in Thailand are a bustling and lively place where you can spend a pleasant evening with your family. In the various local markets, you will find any kind of goods for adults (crafts, Thai silk, silverware, etc.), and plenty of toys and clothes for your kids (especially elephant pants). The kids' infinite energy is perfect to wander around the hundreds of sellers. >>Top 20 Night Markets in Phuket

The floating markets, on the other hand, are a good way to let your kids experience a totally different kind of lifestyle. The entire life of the villagers is dictated by the presence of water, and so everything is done with boats. We assure you that the floating markets are something that your kids have never seen before.

Take a Cooking Class and Try the Street Food

Kids love to get their hands messy while experimenting ? taking a cooking class is the right place to do so!

A typical cooking class will start with a visit to the market, where you will learn how to buy only the freshest ingredients for your dishes. Then, the chef will instruct you on how to cook your dishes, and everyone will have a private cooking station. At the end, it is time to eat your creation!

Food is everywhere in Thailand, and street food is something that everyone should try. Even though some of the street food can be quite spicy, there are plenty of other options your kids can try: Mango and sticky rice, deep-fried banana, Thai fried chicken

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Experience the Real Jungle

For a full-immersion into nature, trekking inside the jungle near Kanchanaburi is the right choice. You will walk among banana trees to reach the stunning Kratengjeng waterfalls, ideal to rest, swim, and relax. The trail is fairly easy, and the guide can help you choose a suitable itinerary for kids.

You can also spend more than one day in the jungle and visit a village of the Karen tribe, sleeping in a bamboo hut and eating local food. The kids will love camping in the wild!

Something else that kids love is watching wild and rare animals. In Khao Yai National Park you can take a safari-like trip and watch gibbons, elephants, macaques, hornbills and the like. In addition, you can also hike through the jungle and learn more about the indigenous population living there.

Help Taking Care of Elephants

Taking care of elephants, even for just one day, is an amazing learning experience that your kids will love. There are many programs all over the country, and we think that the best ones are in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.

A typical one-day tour will start early in the morning. During the day, you and your kids will have the chance to feed the elephants with lots of fruit, play with them in the mud, and bathe in the river. Some programs offer also a short introduction about elephants' life, their habits, anatomy, etc.

Spending a day there will teach your kids about taking care of animals and respecting nature, and apart from that, it is extremely fun!

Relax at the Beach and Enjoy Water Activities

Thai beaches are one of the highlights of the country, and maybe the best place for your kids to have fun. They have pristine waters, white-sand beaches, and tons of activities to choose from. Most of them are water activities: snorkeling, kayaking, paddling and more. They are many and varied, and with the aid of an expert your kids will have tons of fun.

Snorkeling and kayaking are recommended. Snorkeling is a safe way to enjoy those crystal waters to explore the bottom of the sea; kayaking is ideal to explore the coast and to discover more beaches.

Beside water activities, kids can play with the sand, play beach volleyball, mini-golf, ride a horse, and much more. Your kids will love the beaches, and they will not want to leave.

Two Striking Shows about Popular Legends

Watching a show is a nice way to spend the evening and your kids will love the shows retelling famous Thai legends. One of the most popular ones is the Siam Niramit Show in Bangkok or Phuket. It is one of the biggest stage productions of the world, with more than 100 dancers and fabulous costumes, masks, and choreographies.

The show is a wonderful introduction to Thai culture; it retells the history of the kingdom of Siam in an extremely entertaining way.

If your kids love mythology, they will enjoy the Khon performances, the most famous form of Thai theatre. Nowadays, a Khon performance will depict some scenes from the Ramakien, a Thai epic tale derived from the Ramayana, the most important epic in Hinduism. Dances are realistic and focused on precise movements, and your kids will admire the show with awe.

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Health and Safety

In Thailand, there is no need to worry too much about your kids' safety. However, when travelling it is always good to take some basic precautions. It is good to pay attention to basic hygiene: Wash your hands as much as possible and take a daily shower to prevent skin irritation because of the humid climate.

When eating food, take all the precautions you will take in any other foreign country: Wash and peel the fruit, drink only water from sealed bottles, choose restaurants and food stalls with a high level of hygiene.

There are many animals around the country, like dogs and monkeys, and kids should avoid playing with them without professional guidance, since they can become aggressive. You should also do your best to prevent mosquito bites. Use a repellent with 12% DEET (easily found in any 7-Eleven shop). Special balms can reduce swelling and itching if your kids are bitten.

When going around the major cities, always keep an eye on your kids and instruct them about street safety, as it can be difficult to instruct your kids in the midst of the street noise.

Visiting Etiquette for Kids to Learn

During your trip in Thailand, you very likely will visit some temples, and it is important that your kids learn the visiting etiquette. For example, they should be told not to be loud or run around, instead try to be as quiet as possible (a somewhat difficult task for a small kid).

Generally, kids should follow the basic rules they follow anywhere else: Be polite with anyone you encounter, do not litter, etc. They should also be taught to avoid doing things considered rude in Thai culture, such as pointing at people, touching someone on the head, or throwing things in someone's direction.

A big part of the etiquette will be about food. Naturally, kids will find the local food strange, and maybe they will overtly manifest their repulsion. Teaching them how to politely refuse and not to make impolite comments about the food is an excellent start.

Visiting a foreign country is a wonderful learning experience for everyone, and particularly for kids. They will see different lifestyles and will learn that not everyone has the same habits or speaks English as well as they would expect.

Have a Family Holiday in Thailand

Thailand is a country for the whole family, and your kids will love it: The beaches, the jungles, the wildlife. Everything seems to be projected to amuse the curiosity of a kid. Book your next family holiday in Thailand with Asia Highlights, and we will do everything we can to ensure you a hassle-free and entertaining family trip.

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