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Top Restaurants in Thailand

In Thailand, good food is everywhere, and you will surely find a restaurant that you love. The restaurants we recommend are always of the highest quality, with delicious meals at a reasonable price. Many restaurants like to create their own interpretations of classical Thai dishes, and some serve western food as well; you will never be bored!

Vegetarian and seafood lovers will have no problem finding a good place for a nice dinner. We strongly recommend vegetarian places, because their creativity is incredible and they use only the freshest ingredients, most times bought at the local market and grown locally.


  • Food in Thailand doesn’t lack variety - everyone will be satisfied
  • Many restaurants offer a mix of Thai and international dishes
  • You can have a dinner in a mid-range restaurant for about USD 30
  • Touristic destinations offer a wide array of fine dining venues
  • Vegetarians won’t have any problems in finding places to delight their taste buds

How to Choose Restaurants in Thailand

When it comes to food, everyone has its own preferences. Choosing a good restaurant is not difficult, especially in Thailand, where good eateries are to be found everywhere. First of all, take into consideration which kind of food you want to eat: traditional Thai food, Italian food, fusion food, or other?

Then, you should take your budget into consideration. Mid-range restaurants cost around USD 20 - 40 per person, while fine dining restaurants can cost around USD 80 - 150 per person.

Last but not least, the location. Choosing a restaurant that is close to the main attractions of the city will allow you to have a nice stroll after dinner and enjoy the main points of interest.

Top Restaurants in Bangkok

When in Bangkok, for the best dining experience head to one of the main quarters: Siam, Silom, or Sukhumvit. The first one is the heart of the city, full of shops and street food and, of course, excellent restaurants.

Silom is the city’s most important financial district, and it will be easy to find a high-end restaurant for a fine dinner there.

Sukhumvit is considered the most trendy and lively of the quarters, with elegant restaurants, clubs, lounges, and much, much more.

The Deck

The Deck is rightfully one of the most famous restaurants in town. Located by the Chao Phraya river, it offers an amazing view of the Temple of Dawn, and its food, Thai or western, is amazing.

Some specialties you will find there are: duck leg confit in a honey sauce, stuffed chicken breast with chicken mousse and a mushroom sauce, and, of course, plenty of fresh seafood used mainly for traditional Thai dishes.

The décor of the restaurant is simple and elegant, and the service impeccable.

Cost: USD 25 - 40 per person

Location: 10-minute walk from Wat Pho.

Na Aroon (Vegetarian)

Na Aroon focuses on Thai vegetarian food (the only meat they serve is fish). For a reasonable price, you can dine in this lovely restaurant, surrounded by trees, and taste excellent dishes like the Thai Massaman curry, or the Ariyasom yellow curry with bamboo.

The restaurant has also Thai salads like yum som o - with pomelo, cashew nuts, and chili - and, last but not least, many Western desserts to choose from.

The restaurant doesn’t use any preservatives, OGMs, or food coloring.

Cost: around USD 20 per person

Location: The Grand Palace and Wat Poh are a 10-minute Tuk Tuk ride away.

Top Restaurants in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, especially the Old Town, is packed with eateries offering almost any kind of food. The places suit any kind of budget and requests, and many of these restaurants have an original décor that will add something special to your dining experience. Many cafés deal with organic and fresh product found at the local markets.

Ruen Tamarind

Their pool terrace is the perfect setting to enjoy Thai and international dishes like nam prik noon, a green chili dipping sauce, gaeng hang lay, a curry with pork and ginger, or yum sanut, a vegetable salad with chili dressing. This cozy café-style restaurant offers high-standard service and sophisticated food that you will love.

In the afternoon, they provide an “Afternoon Tea” menu which features a sweet and a savory menu, and a wide selection of tea and coffee.

Cost: around USD 30 per person

Location: In 5 minutes you can walk to most of the temples inside the Old City.

The House Food & Kitchen Bar

The House, combining an eatery and a kitchen shop, offers a relaxed environment with a café, a bar and a lounge. On the menu you can find Asian and western dishes, and homemade cakes as well.

Start your meal with fresh spring rolls with mango, herbs and shrimps, then move to a cucumber clear soup with minced pork, and then end your meal with a carrot cake.

The ambiance, cool and relaxed, has a touch of an art gallery and you will hear tunes mixed from a French DJ and directly streamed from Paris. The House is the place for a groovy and exciting dining experience.

Cost: around USD 30 per person

Location: Inside the Old City; you can reach the temple by a five-minute Tuk Tuk ride.

Aum Vegetarian Restaurant (Vegetarian)

Opposite the Tapae Gate you will find this long-standing vegetarian restaurant, with its simple décor and a good selection of Thai and international vegetarian dishes. Khao sao oi with tofu (a signature dish of Chiang Mai), vegetarian burgers and spring rolls are some of the dishes you cannot miss. We also recommend trying one of their smoothies or fruit shakes.

Portions are really generous, and the ambiance is so cozy that you will feel like at home. An excellent choice for a healthy meal and a nice view of the gate to the Old City.

Cost: around USD 20 per person

Location: The Old City is reachable on foot in a couple of minutes.

Top Restaurants in Chiang Rai

As many other cities, Chiang Rai has a good mix of local and international restaurants. European cuisine is really easy to find (especially the Italian one). On Banpaprakan Road there are many budget restaurants that have been there for more than twenty years. On Phaholyothin Road you will find most of the international eateries.

De Lanna Riverfront Café and Restaurant (Casual & Vegetarian)

The setting of this restaurant is one of their strong points. While dining on the terrace, you will be extremely close to the still water of the river running through the city, and you will be able to enjoy a quiet atmosphere and a stunning view. The food, of course, is of the highest quality; as well as the service - quick and efficient.

Their specialties are northern Thai appetizers, seafood, and vegetarian dishes, but their menu offers also some international dishes, for example Italian.

Cost: USD 15 - 30 per person

Location: On the Kok River, a 15-minute drive from downtown

Koh Samui

In Koh Samui you will find many world-class restaurants with their delicious and innovative dishes, and traditional Thai restaurants as well. Koh Samui is also home to a unique restaurant that is totally worth your time: Tree Tops Sky Dining & Bar.

Tree Tops Sky Dining & Bar

If you love fine dining, this restaurant is the place to go. It has only eight tables, and each one of them is an individual tree house. You can move around the dining space thanks to a series of wooden walkways, and the whole area is full of ancient trees. An experienced wine sommelier is on hand, that will assist you during the dinner.

Their menu has a wide array of red meat, seafood, and Thai dishes. A reservation is essential.

Cost: USD 100 and above, per person

Location: Really close to Silver Beach and Lamai Beach


Good food is really easy to find in Phuket, and all the locals will tell you that the best food – especially street food – is excellent in Phuket town. Besides delicious Thai food, you will find plenty of international food like pizza or burgers, seafood restaurants (especially on the beaches), and high-end restaurants for a fine dinner.

Bampot Kitchen & Bar

The menu of Bampot Kitchen offers many options of the modern European cuisine, trying to create unique dishes served in a casual and friendly environment. The restaurant has all the perks of a high-end dining place, but it completely lacks pretentiousness.

The varied menu offers many reinterpretations of simple food, like an asparagus and broad bean risotto, or pork belly with bean ragú and red pepper. We also recommend to try the beer-can chicken or one of their delicious imported cheeses – something you won’t easily find in Thailand.

Cost: USD 30 - 60 per person

Location: At the entrance to the Laguna Resort area of Bangtao Beach


Krabi is home to many exotic beaches and islands, and it is easy to find a beautiful scenery while dining. Krabi Town is full of typical Thai restaurants, while in Ao Nang you will easily find the international ones.


When you are in Krabi and you miss Italian food, head to Bellini and you won’t be disappointed. Located on a stunning beach, the restaurant has handmade pasta, gourmet pizza, and fresh seafood coming directly from the sea in front of the restaurant.

All their food is highly recommended: the starters, the soups, the seafood platters (that come with so much seafood you will be surprised!), the steaks, and the Italian classics like pizza and pasta.

Cost: Around USD 50 per person

Location: A 10-minute walk from Tubkaek Beach

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All the words in the world cannot compare with a first-hand experience! Travel to Thailand, start your culinary tour, and discover all the delicious food the country has to offer, with the help of our knowledgeable staff. We will plan every step of your trip, making sure you can get the best out of your wonderful next trip.

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