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Thai Names and Meanings: 100 Popular Boy/Girl Names

Thai Names and Meanings: 100 Popular Boy/Girl Names

By Mike HoUpdated May. 12, 2022

Thai names follow the same pattern as Western European names. The given (first) name comes first and is followed by a family name (surname), which is opposite to most other East Asian countries. Thai names are more diverse and longer than other East Asian names.

Thai names Thai names

Thai Surnames (Family Names)

Before the 20th century, Thai people didn’t use a family name. Given names were used in their daily life. It wasn’t until around 1913, that King Vajiravudh declared that surnames be given and recorded across the whole country.

Common Thai surnames are often long. They can be named after their ancestors’ names, places of residence, or even a profession. For example, the surname “Tedsungnoen” is related to the place name Sung Noen District.

Thai people Thai people

In Thailand, there are many Thais of Chinese descent. They often use their Chinese surnames or some hint of them in their Thai surnames. For example, a former Prime Minister of Thailand was called Banharn Silpa-archa, and the Thai word archa means ‘horse’. ‘Horse’ (马 Ma) is a common surname in China.

Thai women change their surnames to their husband’s after marriage as in the West. Common people seldom change their surnames otherwise, as it requires permission from the head of a family, such as father, mother, or grandparents.

Thai Given Names (First Names)

Like names in other languages, Thai given names tend to have positive and good meanings. Parents often get their inspiration for given names from flowers, nature, gems, and spirituality. Many Thai people change their given names frequently so that they can get rid of bad luck!

Thai Woman Thai Woman

Thai Nick Names

Nicknames play an important role in a Thai’s life. Thai parents will give a nickname to their babies at birth. Different from other Asian countries, nicknames are used more often than formal (recorded) given names in the family, school, workplace, and other social situations. It is common for two close friends not to know each other’s real names in Thailand.

It is said that the use of a nickname can protect a newborn baby from evil spirits, which would be confused by the use of a nickname instead of the child's real name.

The Most Popular Thai Names and Their Meanings

If you are choosing a Thai name for your baby boy(s) and/or girl(s), then you have come to the right place. Here we will introduce some of the most popular and beautiful names for girls and boys.

50 Popular Thai Female/Girl Names

Most Thai names for girls are related to beauty, love, a flower, the moon, sweetness, and so on. Here are some of the most popular names for girls.

Girl's Names Meanings
Achara Pretty or beautiful angel
Anong Gorgeous woman
Beam Ray of light
Boonsri Beautiful
Busarakham Yellow sapphire
Dara Star at night
Dok Ban Yen Petunia flower
Dok Mai Flower of a plant
Dok Phi Sua Carnation flower
Duangkamol Right from the heart
Duanphen Full moon
Gun Grape
Hom Sweet smell
Jane Gracious
Kannika Beautiful flower
Kanok Good design/pattern
Kanokwan ‘Gold’ and ‘sweet’
Karawek A bird
Karnchana Beautiful and lovely
Khaji Green
Khun Mae Great mother
Kohsoom Lotus
Kulap Rose
Kwang Beautiful deer
Lamai Soft skin
Lawan Beautiful
Lawana Graceful
Madee Good beginning
Malai A garland of flowers
Malee Flowers
May A hawthorn flower
Mayuree Beautiful
Mild Soft-spoken, tolerant
Nan Grace, elegant
Natcha Intelligent
Ngoen Silver
Nin Sapphire
Pakpao A flying kite
Pensri Beautiful moon
Phaelyn Sapphire
Phaibun Prosper and flourish
Phairoh Pleasant
Phawta Beautiful eyes
Phitsamai Pretty women
Phueng Lovely bee
Pimchan Moonlight
Ploy Precious stone or gem
Prija Intelligence
Ratanaporn Crystal
Ubon Lotus flower

50 Popular Thai Male/Boy Names

Like names in many other languages, Thai names for boys are related to power, strength, happiness, victory, wisdom, and so on. Here are some of the most popular Thai names for boys.

Boy's Names Meanings
Ambhom Sky
Ananada Prosperous
Anuman Patience
Anurak Male angle
Apinya Magical power
Aroon Sun or dawn
Asnee Lightening
Atid The sun
Badin King
Boon-Nam Lucky man
Bun Ma Lucky
Chai Happiness (‘man’)
Chaisai Victory
Chaiya Victory
Chalerm Celebrated
Channarong Brave warrior
Decha Great power
Dusadi Compliments
Kamnan Leader of a village
Kasem Pure happiness
Khemkhaeng Strong men
Kiet Great honor
Kittibun Good fortune
Kittisak Powerful
Kla Brave man
Kla Han Brave man
Kob Sook Happy heart
Kongpob Famous
Kovit Expert
Kraisee Brave lion
Kriang Krai Victory
Lamon Gentle
Mee Noi Little bear
Mongkut Crown
Narong Warriors
Niran Everlasting
Paitoon Gemstone
Panya Wisdom
Phanumas The Sun
Phassakorn The Sun
Phichit Winning
Pravat Experienced
Preed Joy, happiness
Ratohanan Great happiness
Rattanon Wealthy
Ritthirong Fighting
Ruang Rit Mighty
Sakda Power
Suppade Powerful
Theeraphob Clever

20 Unisex Thai names

Unisex Names Meanings
Anada Prosperous
Boribun Complete
Daw Bright
Fern Green
Gan Bold
Kanchana Gold
Lek Small
Makok From Makok town
Ngoen Silver
Piyapon Beloved
Ratana Crystal
Rungnapa Sky
Saengdao Star light
Sajja Truth
Sirinat Scholar
Sup Treasure
Taeng Melon
Tayada Thinking
Teerata Scholar
Yao Young

FAQs about Thai Names

1. Why are Thai names are so long?

Firstly, most Thais have first names, last names, and nicknames, which are written in a long line. Secondly, family names are long and unique, because families (clans) don’t want the same last names with someone who is not a relative. Thirdly, they can change their family names or given names to look different from others by the agreement of the family leaders.

2. Why are Thai names so weird?

In Thailand, people would like to use their nicknames at school, the workplace, or other social occasions, so much so that two friends often don’t know each other’s real names. Parents give a nickname to their newborns at birth, as it is said that the use of nicknames can protect newborn babies from evil spirits, which would then be confused as to the child's real name.

3. How do Thai names work?

The Thai name pattern is like in Western Europe: first name(s) or given name(s) then last name (surname or family name). Most parents give a nickname to their babies at birth, which is often used in daily life.

4. How should Thais be addressed?

In Thailand, as a formal means of address, people often use the title Khun (‘Mr/Mrs/Miss’) before a name, e.g., 'Khun Chai'. It is also common to use a person’s occupation as a title before a Thai name, e.g., Kruu (‘teacher’) or Moh (‘doctor’).

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