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Shopping in Thailand

Tourists know that they can find amazing souvenirs and shopping places in Thailand. The variety is incredibly vast, the quality is good, and the prices are lower when compared to Western countries.

You can take home a sophisticated cloth made of Thai silk, which is the best in the world, or you can pack some beautiful potteries or ceramics, which are handmade all over Bangkok and finely painted with vivid colors. Thai handicrafts will never cease to amaze you as you witness the skills of Thai artisans and take home a beautiful object to remember this stunning country by.


  • In Thailand, you can find the finest silk in the world.
  • Take home a wonderful handicraft, which is the result of a millenary tradition.
  • The north of the country is the home of many hill tribes and their fascinating handicrafts.
  • Fine Thai ceramics are sold throughout Bangkok, and they can be really inexpensive.
  • Malls and department stores are everywhere in Bangkok. CentralWorld mall is the sixth largest mall in the world.

Thai Crafts

Thailand is well-known for its wide variety, high quality, and reasonable prices of many goods, ranging from silk, clothes, and wooden crafts to artifacts and ceramics. Silk designs used in dresses, shirts, skirts, scarves, and other fashionable items are probably the most tempting purchases.

Crafts, such as geometric blankets, ruffled jackets, carved wooden friezes, and white ceramics and potteries, are typical Thai items that are worth taking home.

Thai Silk

Thai silk is regarded as the finest silk available. It is produced by Thai silkworms, and the silk thread is removed by hand by the weavers. It absorbs moisture, it is heat resistant, and it doesn’t rot. Natural and environmentally-friendly chemical dyes are used, following the quality control program established by the Queen.

The cloth is woven in a number of basic forms and the most distinctive pattern is called mudmee. There are numerous varieties of mudmee: many are traditional patterns and many others are created by the weavers. Alternatively, brocaded silk is a richly decorative fabric with golden and silver threads as well as embroidered ornamental features.

When picking Thai silk, be sure it is handwoven — each silk fabric is unique. The colors of the warp and the weft change if you look at them from different angles. The composition is similar to human hair, and it smells like hair when burned. Genuine Thai silk is much more expensive than artificial silk, by approximately 10 times the price.

A famous shop in Bangkok is Jim Thompson Outlet, which is the best place for silk at a good price. Another famous place is Anita Silk, with unique creations and a very traditional style. In Chiang Mai, Studio Naenna is specialized in eco-textiles and in preserving the Lan Na traditions. Visit Thai Silk Village to get excellent bargains on beautiful shawls and scarves.

Arts and Crafts

Many tourists choose to take crafts from Thailand back home with them. They are a symbol of the country’s rich cultural heritage. The skillful artisans use the best materials to create beautiful objects, such as paintings, musical instruments, puppets, Khon masks, soap carvings, sculptures, and wood carvings.

Arts and crafts in Thailand are a blend of ancient and modern techniques. Tourists greatly contribute to keeping this tradition alive, since these wonderful objects are a unique way to take home a little piece of Thailand.

In Bangkok, you can find the last existing artisan village, Baan Baht. There, artisans still hammer out the brass bowls carried by Buddhist monks. The community has been producing these bowls since the 18th century. Another popular place for artifacts is Chatuchak Market, which has thousands of crafts to choose from.

Hill Tribe Artifacts

Hill tribes in Thailand are famous for their colorful costumes and their showy jewelry, but they also produce lovely objects, such as pipes, basketry, and musical instruments. Today, their production is aimed at the tourist market, with their silver jewelry being the most desirable of the souvenirs. The hill tribes regard silver as a measure of one’s wealth.

Silver jewelry is worn during important rituals and festivals, and it commonly has a spiritual value as a form of protection from evil. The most common pieces are neck rings, silver buckles, big bracelets, and chains with silver pendants.

Of the many hill tribe handicrafts produced in Thailand, most come from the north, especially from Chiang Mai. Shops in Khon Kaen have a large selection of northeastern items, and visiting some of the tribes outside of the city will give you the chance to buy some of their locally made products.

Ceramics and Lacquerware

In Thailand, ceramics and pottery are a form of art. The tradition dates back to the third millennium BCE, and it is heavily influenced by Chinese ceramics. Nowadays, it is extremely easy to find handmade ceramics, especially in Bangkok.

Chatuchak Market is the best place to visit for handmade pottery and ceramics. There are more than 200 stalls selling ceramics, and an entire section is dedicated to them.Look for Benjarong, which is a characteristic Thai ceramic, and also for blue and white pottery. Prices are as cheap as $1 per piece.

A particular kind of ceramic, celadon, is to be found at Celadon House. In the past, celadon was a green ceramic, but now other colors, such as blue, beige, and red, are also used. Celadon House has an outstanding assortment of ceramics of many different styles.

Other popular shopping places are Ko Kret – a small island on the Chao Phraya River – and Siamraj Marketing, with a large showroom hosting some of the finest ceramics in the city.

Shopping Malls and Night Markets

Heading to a shopping mall is a good choice if you want to pick up some souvenirs and enjoy the local ambience. They have air-conditioning, dozens of boutiques for some shopping, and upscale restaurants.

Central Silom Complex

This air-conditioned space is perfect to go shopping or to grab a bite to eat. It offers a good mix of international and local shops — you can find well-known brands, such as Mango, Muji, and Apple iStudio, for clothes, jewelry, accessories, and more.

Asiatique the Riverfront

As one of the most famous places in town, Asiatique combines a night bazaar and a mall, with over 1,500 boutiques and 40 restaurants. It is the perfect place to spend a different evening.

Wandering around the shops, you will find all those souvenirs you were looking for. Then head to one of the restaurants for a high-quality meal before ending the night by watching one of the shows, such as a classic Thai puppet performance.

Visit Thailand with Us

We’re sure you are already thinking about how these wonderful objects will fit into your house — the soft silk, the stunning artifacts, and the elegant ceramics. Don’t wait any longer — start planning your next trip to Thailand now. With the help of our knowledgeable staff, you will have the trip you have always dreamed of.

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