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Travel to Thailand: Independent or Private Tours — 6 Key Points

Travel to Thailand: Independent or Private Tours — 6 Key Points

By Chris QuanUpdated May. 21, 2021

Should you travel independently or book a private tour when planning a trip to Thailand? Our answer is to book a private tour. Read the following six reasons to understand why we recommend a private tour to Thailand rather than an independent tour.

Tour Planning

Private tours will save you time and provide you with more professional suggestions than independent tours.

When Planning Independently

Although Thailand is not a large country, planning a trip to Thailand is not as easy as it is for a Western country.

Thailand’s weather is different from Western countries. Thailand has no winter and has three seasons: a cool season, a rainy season, and a hot season.

If you are not familiar with the weather in Thailand, then you may plan an outdoor activity in the rainy season, which will ruin your plans and affect your mood.

Planning reasonable activities in different seasons is not an easy job, let alone arranging day-by-day activities into an efficient workable itinerary.

However, even if you"ve put a lot of thought into the travel plan, you may encounter some problems when you get there, such as overcrowding in the tourist spots, lack of interest at the attractions, hotels that don’t meet your needs, and so on, and that will probably lead to stress or disappointment.

With Professional Suggestions

Our travel advisors will give you professional suggestions and arrange the right activities according to your travel time, interests, and needs. You will have the choice of expertly designed or at least tried-and-tested itineraries.

You just need to give us your ideas and there’s no need to get involved in the trivial planning. Our expert travel advisors will help you find the places you"ll like best and create a travel plan to suit you.

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Transportation Problems

A private tour won’t take up any unnecessary time during your tour and will enable you to have a comfortable journey.

Weighed Down by Searching for a Taxi, Bus...

In Thailand’s cities, the most common form of public transport is buses. Only Bangkok has subways. Buses and subways are always crowded and noisy. Heavy luggage may increase the discomfort.

Taxis are another way to get around but in many places in Thailand, such as Phuket and Krabi, the drivers don’t use meters. Make sure you negotiate the price before getting into a taxi. The price could be expensive.

Usually, the best way to travel between two cities in Thailand is by air. However, flights aren’t available in some cities. You have to take a bus, a taxi, or hire a car, which will be crowded, time-consuming, or not cost-effective.

Be Escorted in an Air-Conditioned Vehicle

When you arrive at the airport, your local guide and driver will welcome you at the exit and take you straight to your destination. An air-conditioned and spacious vehicle will escort you during the whole trip.

Exploring the city independently may be more exciting but a private transfer is safer and more efficient.  

Travel Experience

A private tour will give you an in-depth experience and can lead you to places that are off the beaten path that you won’t reach with an independent tour.

Ordinary Sights and Crowds

People visiting Thailand on their own tend to follow the same travel routes or stick to what"s in the guidebooks visiting places that everyone knows, such as the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew. This doesn’t help you explore Thailand deeply and you will have few opportunities to find interesting things and some unique cultural experiences.

Moreover, we’re sure that you don’t want to be surrounded by noisy tourists and standing in long queues, especially in the hot weather. But this is hard to avoid if there is no one to prepare the tickets for you in advance and to tell you about a less crowded route to visit.

Get an Insider’s Help

An experienced local guide like ours will know how to get away from the crowds in tourist attractions. With your private local guide, you"ll avoid the queues and crowds that will prevent you from enjoying your trip.

By booking a private tour, you will not only avoid the crowds but will also have a better travel experience. For example, our company has an exclusive seating area at Chiang Mai’s Yi Peng Festival celebrations and will help you book a VIP seat. This will offer you a better view to see numerous sky lanterns that are adorned with lights being released and “floating” up into the sky.

We will also arrange many interesting and cultural activities for you:

  • Make your own lantern and release it, which is a traditional celebration for Loi Krathong.
  • Take a Thai cooking class and discover the secret of Thai food.
  • Have an exciting exploration of Khao Yai National Park.
  • Get close to elephants in a friendly and ethical sanctuary.
  • Relax in the quiet and peaceful Koh Yao Noi.
  • Uncover the history of Thailand in Ayutthaya.
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Language Barrier

There is no doubt that a local guide can help solve the language problem.

Difficult Communication

Most people in Thailand don’t speak English. Some basic greetings that they know will not be enough to help you if you need to solve any problems.

The language is a big problem when it comes to getting around the country to where you want to go. The bus conductors can"t speak English and the bus won’t report to the station. This is a real challenge if you want to take a bus in Thailand.

Taxi drivers and tuk tuk drivers learn only a few basic sentences. You’d better prepare the Thai address in advance to avoid going to the wrong place. It is a bit of hassle but it works.

Benefit from a Local Guide’s Help

With your local guide, the language won’t be a problem. He/she will help you order dishes, communicate with local people, and translate, among other things.

Value for Money

Compared with independent tours, a good tour company – like us – can do things such as get lower-priced tickets, more favorable rates, and better hotel rooms, tickets, and treatment for their customers.

Good tour guides can do everything from language translation and language tutoring on the spot to helping travelers recognize good value and how to find good bargains for the things they want.

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Independent travel may be more of an adventure but a private tour will be safer and reassuring. A private tour can help you deal with any emergencies that you might encounter during your trip.

A private tour can help you avoid tourist traps, such as taking you to a fake or second-rate attraction and taking a detour to charge you more money.

A private tour can take care of your allergies. Thailand’s dishes are famous for their spices and special ingredients, such as peanuts and seafood, which may cause allergic reactions.

A private tour will arrange your meals according to your dietary habits and requirements. It will help to prevent any allergic reactions that may be caused due to poor communication or lack of understanding about the local food.

Advantages of Private Tours Over Independent Tours

  • With a professional travel expert, private tours help you find activities that you prefer to do and select your destinations better.
  • With a local English-speaking guide, private tours help to decrease your uneasiness in a foreign country.
  • Private tours offer a quality service and take care of you and your family or friends with handpicked hotels and restaurants and a flexible schedule.
  • Private tours help you understand Thailand better as you can join in with unique cultural activities.
  • Private tours will make your trip in Thailand comfortable and efficient with private transfers and reasonable travel routes.

Have a Private Thailand Tour with Us

If you need a tour guide that will take care of your every need while in Thailand, then we can give you a helping hand. Leave all the hard work involved with creating the perfect travel itinerary to us, giving you a trip of a lifetime to the Land of Smiles.

Why Travel with Asia Highlights During the Pandemic

  • Tailor-made experience: All of your ideas/needs will be carefully considered to create your ideal trip.
  • Worry-free planning: Your 1:1 travel consultant in Asia will take all the uncertainty out of your planning, helping you navigate any travel restrictions. 
  • No-risk booking: 100% refund policy! (up to 14 days before departure)
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