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Local Markets and Walking Streets in Koh Samui

Explore a local market as one of the many remarkable authentic experiences in Koh Samui. You can choose whether to go to a walking street or to a fresh market.

A walking street market is a place where the road is closed off to traffic and turns into a bustling array of colors, sounds and scents with its live entertainments, numerous stalls and countless food vendors. This is where you can haggle for prices of items such as clothes, handicrafts, and local street food.

A fresh market is a great place to find all of the Thai authentic herbs and spices. The market is divided into fruit, vegetables, meat and spices sections. You will find a huge choice of local ingredients at excellent prices.

Local Markets in Koh Samui

Everynight you’ll find a number of busy Koh Samui walking street markets, offering a huge selection of shopping and dining experiences on the island. All the fascinating local stuff is very affordable, like clothes, bags, jewelries, souvenirs, cosmetics, handicrafts, fresh produce, and even local street food.

You can easily find many night markets, for example in Bophut, Lamai, Chaweng and other places. You have the choice of walking streets or fresh markets to shop around. Be sure to check out these Koh Samui walking street markets while you are on the island and enjoy the great local food and shopping options there.

Central Festival Samui

Central Festival Samui has over 90,000 square meters of shopping, dining, and entertainment, built on three floors. It aims to be a one-stop shopping venue, where you can buy not just basic everyday commodities but also browse inshops with fashion and beauty items, gadgets, and of course food.

It is an ideal family place since it has something for all ages. There is a cinema, an arcade, a spacious activity area, a huge food court where they serve high quality local food and familiar western snacks, a number of cozy cafés, and a supermarket where you can find local and international goods at a reasonable price.

Location: 167/1 Bophut 84320 (Between Chaweng Beach Road and Chaweng Lake in the central part of the resort town)

Opening time: Everyday 11:00 – 23:00

Lamai Walking Street

Lamai Walking Street is a place whereyou can haggle for items such as clothes, handicrafts, fresh produceor a variety of consumer goods.It is also the place where everyone can taste a large variety of delicious Thai food.

For this weekly event the road is closed off to traffic and turns into a bustling, colorful marketwith live entertainment, numerous stalls and countless food vendors. Don't make the mistake of eating before you go there, as you will want to sample everything from the countless food stands.

Location:At the first entrance to Lamai Beach, coming from Chaweng

Opening time: Sundays from 17:00 onwards

Fisherman’s Village Walking Street

Every Friday evening, the sleepy town of Bophut comes alive because of the walking street market. This weekly shopping affair is spread across various streets, crammed with loads of stalls, bustling with shoppers and street performers.

Fisherman’s Village Walking Street has an array of small stalls and boutique shops, while a quieter section of the street is made up of food vendors, small bars and eateries that are guaranteed to take you on an exciting gastronomical ride.

The market is also known for a number of rare items that you can buy – herbs and spices, handicrafts, musical instruments and unique accessories.

Location: Next to Bophut Beach Road, Bophut

Opening time: Fridays, 17:00 – 23:00

Chaweng Walking Street

Chaweng Walking Street has the perfect mix of shopping, food and leisure. A riot of colors, this place is ideal for buying t-shirts, sunglasses, bags, jewelry, flip-flops, wooden souvenirs and cosmetics. Like any street market, the prices aren’t fixed, so ensure you bargain hard before buying anything.

If you ever get tired from all the shopping, just sit at any of the countless stalls that sell mouthwatering grilled chicken,squid, delicious sweet boiled chicken, sticky rice, and smoothies. Everyone seems to be in good humor in Chaweng’s main shopping street.

Location: South Chaweng, just off the main street

Opening time:Food court open everyday from 16:30 – 24:00, shopping stalls are closed on Fridays and Sundays

Lamai Fresh Food Market

Lamai Fresh Food Market is a compact assault on the senses, filled with strong smells, remarkable sights and exotic flavors, in a surprisingly small roofed area.It specializes in fresh ingredients, including meat, seafood, fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices.

The market is divided into fruit, vegetables, meat, seafood, herbs and spices sections. You will find a huge choice of local cooking ingredients displayed, at excellent prices.

It is a great place to shopif you are on a self-catering holiday with a tight budget or want to experiment with some local-style Thai dishes.

Location:Hatlamai 4 Rd, Lamai 84310 (Behind PTT petrol station, just off Route 4169)

Opening time: Everyday 05:00 – 20:00

Bophut Fresh Market 

Bophut Fresh Market is one of the newest and cleanest food markets in Koh Samui. Housed in a purpose-built structure close to the turning for Fisherman’s Village, off the main ring road around the island, it has an impressive selection of meat, seafood, fruit, groceries and other products and services available at bargain prices.

The small food court at the front is popular for its choice of cheap local dishes. It is a good choice for finding cheap ingredients around Bophut. Besides many kinds of fresh food, you canalso find some clothing stores, a barbershop, and useful tourist-oriented goods there.

Location: Samui Ring road, near Wat Bo PhutTharam

Opening time: Daily

Explore the Local Markets in Koh Samui with Asia Highlights

Exploring the local markets of Koh Samui is an amazing experience. You can find many traditional crafts and try some local food. Our trip advisors will help you craft youritinerary with one or two selected markets and the guide will give you suggestions on good spots to stroll around at night. Let us help you now!

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