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How to Get to Chiang Mai from Bangkok (Best Options with Prices)

How to Get to Chiang Mai from Bangkok (Best Options with Prices)

By Chris QuanUpdated Oct. 27, 2022

Thailand is a diverse country with climatic variations by region and season. A trip to Thailand without visiting its northern highlands, located around Chiang Mai, is never a complete visit to this amazing country. Chiang Mai, which is outstanding compared with other cities in Thailand due to its colorful Lanna Kingdom history and breathtaking lantern festival, is best to visit between November and February.

There are several ways for you to travel from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. In this article, we will list a few of the best options to help you make a considered decision.

Where Chiang Mai Is Located in Relation to Bangkok

Bangkok is located centrally in Thailand in terms of latitude with the city of Chiang Mai, being 440 miles (708 kilometers) directly north. There are several ways to reach Chiang Mai from Bangkok with the quickest being a direct domestic flight.

Overland, the choices are rail and bus – primarily traveling overnight – or hiring a car, which may be the choice of some but is the least recommended for strangers to Thailand.

Best way from Bangkok to Chiang Mai(with Price)
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Take a Flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai (Cost Is 1,000 Baht / US$30)

The main advantage of flying between Bangkok and Chiang Mai is one of time although, ironically, the costs involved compare favorably with an overnight train. You will no sooner have taken off and had a coffee when the airplane's descent begins as flights take little more than an hour.

take thailand flight to chiang mai

In these days of budget airlines and competition, you can get one-way flights for just under 1,000 baht, which is approximately US$30, and they are even cheaper when booked well in advance. You need to factor in the time it takes to get to the airport if you have been based in the heart of Bangkok. That time can vary dramatically depending on the time of day. Remember that, depending on your carrier, you may fly from either the main international airport, Suvarnabhumi Airport, or Don Mueang International Airport, which is now used for budget airlines. Don't head to the wrong one because they are an hour's distance from each other.

Chiang Mai International Airport is only 3 km from central Chiang Mai.

Tip: You need to check your baggage allowance when flying because budget carriers are often stricter than full service airlines.


  • The quickest way to travel between Bangkok and Chiang Mai.


  • You need to double check which airport you are departing from so that you head to the correct one, otherwise you will miss your flight.
  • When you fly, you will not see the countryside during your journey.

Take a Train to Chiang Mai (Cost at Night Is 880 Baht / US$25, Daytime Is 600 Baht / US$18)

Most trains to Chiang Mai travel overnight, offering a sleeper ticket price of about 880 baht (US$25). New Chinese-built sleepers are genuinely comfortable, and it is a chance to meet locals as you travel, which is one of the genuine experiences to learn more about the country while you travel. There are departures from Hua Lamphong at 18:00, 19:30, and 22:00. Hua Lamphong is in central Bangkok with links to the MRT (underground).

It is even cheaper to travel by day (600 baht / US$18) with the added advantage of being able to see more of the countryside. However, you will see the sunrise and the final stretch of countryside in the later stages of the overnight trip.

The daytime journeys depart at 08:30, taking 11 hours so you will arrive in the dark, and 13:45, arriving in Chiang Mai at 04:00.

Tip: You can book your tickets in advance having checked the schedules so that you can have exactly what you want for your journey. Third class offers wooden seats while first class offers air-conditioned bunks overnight.


  • A comfortable journey at night, saving the cost of a night's accommodation.
  • A great way to meet other people.
  • A limited chance to see the countryside after sunrise.


  • You may prefer to see more of the countryside — if you do, take the daytime train.

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Chiang Mai by Bus (Cost Is 500 Baht / US$15)

The overnight bus to Chiang Mai generally takes about 9 hours while a daytime alternative takes 3 hours longer with several breaks along the way. There are numerous carriers with prices ranging from just over 500 baht (US$15) to 820 baht (US$23) for VIP buses, which are detailed below.

As the cheapest way to travel to Chiang Mai from Bangkok, the buses tend to be crowded and the least comfortable alternative for the trip. There are numerous collection points depending upon which company you book with and there are regular departures 24/7.

You may be prone to scams and thefts on what are often described as tourist buses, even to the extent that someone will get into the luggage hold during the trip and steal from your luggage.

Tip: Keep your valuables with you at all times, such as your wallet, passport, tickets, camera, and smartphone. All luggage in the hold should be securely locked.


  • This is the cheapest way to travel.


  • The buses will always be busy and are often noisy.
  • Beware of pickpockets and scams.

Deluxe Bus to Chiang Mai (Cost Is 800 Baht / US$23)

VIP buses leave from Mo Chit Station, which is a short distance from the MRT stop at Chatuchak Park. At about 800 baht (US$23), deluxe buses are good value with dinner and breakfast included as well as juices and water.

These buses, which depart at 21:00, are double-deckers with comfortable reclining seats and, because of the cost, are rarely more than half full. To that extent, they are more relaxing than the equivalent trip by train.

Tip: Book in advance at any agency within Bangkok but be certain that it is the VIP bus you are reserving rather than the standard tourist bus.


  • There should be space to relax because the VIP buses are rarely full.
  • The deluxe buses have reclining seats.
  • There are refreshments on board as you travel.


  • There is a limited chance to see the countryside when traveling overnight.
  • There is the possibility of making an incorrect booking with a limited chance to change it once you are at the bus station.

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Drive to Chiang Mai in a Car Rental from a Travel Agency (Cost Is from 500 Baht / US$15 Per Day)

If you are really brave, then you can rent a car to give you complete independence but that is about the only advantage. It makes little sense to drive in such a crowded city as Bangkok. Although the traffic is far less hectic outside the capital, you would have to get out to the open roads first. In any event, drivers tend to be far less predictable than they are back home, and you do not want an accident and all the implications that follow while enjoying a holiday.

Tip: Think very seriously about any real benefits of traveling this way.


  • You have more independence but at what cost?


  • Local traffic conditions.
  • Unfamiliarity with the roads.

Useful Tips about Traveling from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

1. Bangkok is a huge city, which is sometimes overwhelming. Unless you are familiar with it, you may be more comfortable seeking the most convenient form of transport rather than worrying too much about the price.

2. Air travel gets you quickly from one place to another and reaching an airport from your hotel is a simple exercise, especially when assistance from your hotel's tour desk is usually provided.

3. Tourist buses are popular because of their cost but have little else to recommend them other than they are heading to your next destination.

4. VIP/deluxe buses are much better because you are likely to have far more room and the chance to relax. Take care when booking, though, because travelers are offered VIP when, in fact, the bus is purely a tourist one.

5. Trains are generally comfortable although the food can be expensive and the beer can be warm.

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