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Best Travel Insurance for Thailand

With coastlines that stretch for miles, a sublime tropical climate that just has to be experienced, and so much culture and history to enjoy, it’s little wonder so many people want to visit Thailand each year. That said, any vacation is fraught with certain risks and this is why you should certainly consider getting travel insurance when visiting Thailand.

Do I Need Travel Insurance for Thailand?

While you are not legally obliged to have travel insurance when visiting Thailand, as with any kind of insurance, you will have peace of mind just in case you fall ill, are a victim of crime, or involved in a car accident.

Travel insurance covers you when the unexpected happens and can save you both hassle and time in a number of different circumstances.

Even though Thailand is a relatively cheap country, hospitals are not always cheap when it comes to medical emergencies. For example, it could cost upward of 200,000 baht ($6,500) for an appendix operation.

Is Thailand Safe to Travel In?

In general, Thailand is a safe place to travel as long as you keep your wits about you. Just like any other country, there are certain things you will have to be aware of.

These include scams, food poisoning, jellyfish stings and the occasional shark attack (even though these don’t occur often), snake bites (a common occurrence), and there is a risk of being injured if you plan on taking part in activities such as jet-skiing, zip lining, or sports activities.

Although not directly connected to travel insurance, there is still the continuing unstable political situation that could affect your visit.

At the end of the day, why risk your health and bank balance when visiting any country? For the sake of a few hundred dollars at most on top of your expenses, you can travel to Thailand with greater peace of mind with travel insurance.

Is Insurance Required for a Thailand Visa?

Technically, you are not required to have travel insurance when visiting Thailand for short visits or if you have a tourist visa, but Thai travel officials strongly advise it, and we also strongly advise it here at Asia Highlights.

If you are planning on applying for a retirement visa then, yes, you will need insurance. This is specifically medical insurance, though, and it is a relatively new law that is not enforced at all immigration areas in Thailand.

There are also rumors that Thailand officials will start charging a mandatory travel insurance fee to all travelers to the country in the near future. It is not clear at the moment what this mandatory fee will mean if you travel with your own insurance but we can only assume that you will not have to pay it.

Even if this is the case, having your own travel insurance will surely provide you with better protection than this mandatory travel insurance will.

  • Insurance is not legally required for vacation or business purposes.
  • Retirement visas require travel insurance.

How Far in Advance Should I Buy Travel Insurance?

At a minimum, you should be buying your travel insurance before you enter the country. There are only a few insurance companies that will insure you once you have already made your trip. Save yourself the hassle when in Thailand and get your travel insurance sorted before you step on the airplane.

Ideally, you should be purchasing your travel insurance well before you leave and even at the same time as you purchase your airplane tickets if you want to be covered for canceled flights as well.

  • Purchase your travel insurance before you visit Thailand.
  • If you are already in Thailand, the price goes up considerably.

What Should I Consider When Buying Travel Insurance?

As you will probably know, travel insurance is never a one size fits all solution. There are numerous travel insurance companies and insurance plans that will all offer something different from one another.

So what should you look out for or consider when looking for a travel insurance plan when visiting Thailand?

The most important thing to consider is the amount of medical coverage that you want as this is what will cost the most when in a foreign country.

Here is a brief list of things to consider:

  • The overall cost of the insurance package you can afford
  • Family travel insurance deals
  • Coverage for delayed or canceled flights
  • Coverage for lost, stolen, or damaged property
  • Coverage for all medical expenses
  • Coverage if you plan on driving in Thailand

What Are the Best Travel Insurance Companies?

There are plenty of good travel insurance companies that you can consider using whenever you plan to travel in Thailand. They will each vary in cost, coverage, and the types of add-ons that you can get but, between them, you should be able to find one that will provide you with what you are looking for.

Try these companies first as these are among the most reputable travel insurance companies and are experts when it comes to covering those planning on visiting Thailand:

  • 1. World Nomads
  • 2. AIG
  • 3. Allianz Travel Insurance
  • 4. Seven Corners

Each of these companies will be able to provide you with the comprehensive coverage that you are looking for and ensure that you are efficiently covered for all aspects of your trip by asking you questions about what you plan to do while you are in the country.

Which Travel Insurance Is Best for Thailand?

World Nomads is our first recommendation simply because they offer great value when it comes to coverage and cost. A good example of this is the $78 quote for a standard package to go to Thailand as a 41-year-old for 2 weeks or $140 for the same person using their Explorer Plan.

Both will give you accident and sickness medical cover of up to $100,000 but the latter will provide much more cover when it comes to things like emergency evacuation and repatriation, trip cancelation and interruptions, and baggage and personal effects.

Furthermore, the Explorer Plan will give you $35,000 collision damage waiver cover should you be driving in Thailand.

How Much Does It Cost, Generally Speaking?

The cost of your travel insurance will vary massively depending on a number of different factors. Your age, where you are located, how long you plan to be in Thailand, and the amount and type of coverage that you want will all be big factors. Any current health issues that you might have will also increase the cost of your travel insurance.

As an example, if you’re middle-aged and traveling to Thailand for a short period of time of let's say 2 weeks, you can expect to pay between as little as $50 and as much as $350 for your travel insurance. This will depend on just how comprehensive you want your cover to be.

Tips for In-Purchase International Travel Insurance

Our guide should have provided you with the information that you need regarding travel insurance when visiting Thailand. However, to sum it all up, take a look at these quick tips that you should be considering when purchasing international travel insurance for your Thailand trip.

  • Buy as early as possible
  • Use a comparison website to find the best deals
  • Understand what you’re covered for
  • Understand what you’re not covered for
  • Only use our recommended travel insurance companies
  • Stay away from fake travel insurance companies
  • Always read the fine print

Visit Thailand with Us

Travel insurance is something we highly recommend that you get but this is just to give you peace of mind when exploring beautiful countries, such as Thailand. We can help you tailor-make your dream Thailand trip to suit your tastes, interests, and needs.

We will work alongside you to design the perfect getaway for you and your family, and will consider everything from the weather to the sort of activities that you enjoy to ensure that you get the best itinerary possible. Take the time today to start planning your own trip in Thailand and you will quickly see why it is such a popular destination.

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