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10 Best Massage Parlors and Spas in Bangkok

World-renowned for its particular style, Thai massage has many therapeutic and holistic benefits. Its dynamic movements are closely associated with yoga practices. Using both static and rhythmic pressure, you will be compressed, pulled, rocked, and stretched. Every part of the body is involved, from cracking your fingers and toes to applying pressure to the base of your skull and even massaging your eyebrows.

We have compiled a list of the 10 best places in Bangkok to indulge in this unique experience. We have also added the prices of basic massages for you to compare but all spas offer several other treatments and packages. Please follow the links below for further information and offers.

1. Wat Pho Traditional Medical School: the Best for Authenticity

Located in the Phra Chetuphon Temple adjacent to the Grand Palace, Wat Pho is the center for traditional Thai medicine and the birthplace of Thai massage. It even boasts a school if you decide you would like to be trained in this ancient practice.

After paying 100 baht to enter the temple, there is the opportunity to explore the famous reclining Buddha before experiencing the most authentic of Thai massages. Please note that if you visit a holy temple, it is a requirement that you dress conservatively and cover your shoulders, arms, and legs.


Thai massage: 1 hour �� 250 baht / 2 hours �� 500 baht

Foot massage: 1 hour �� 300 baht

Location and telephone numbers:

Wat Pho, the Grand Palace, 02 622 3551 and 08 6563 6255

Open: 8:30am�C6pm

Website: www.watpomassage.com/TH/home

2. So Spa at Sofitel: the Best for Luxury

Drawing inspiration from the mythical Himmapan Forest, So Spa combines its massage service with treatments from only the best in French cosmetology. You only have to walk into the reception area to feel the weight of the modern world drift away. This spa is for those who want to treat themselves to something a little special.


Thai massage: 1 hour �� 2,700 baht

Foot massage: 1 hour �� 2,700 baht

Location and telephone number:

Sathorn, 02 624 0000

Open: 10am�C10pm

Website: www.so-sofitel-bangkok.com/wellness/sospa/

3. Luxsa Spa at Hansar Hotel: the Best for the Cosmopolitan Lifestyle

Luxsa, meaning ��health through water�� in Sanskrit, is one of the more upmarket spas in the city. Its philosophy is based on using the four elements of earth, wind, fire, and water to rejuvenate your body. It also offers a salon and makeup service to ensure that you leave ready to face the cosmopolitan lifestyle of Bangkok, looking and feeling a million dollars.


Thai massage: 1 hour �� 1,600+ baht / 2 hours �� 2,800+ baht

Foot massage: 1 hour �� 1,800+ baht

Location and telephone number:

Ratchdamri, 02 209 1234

Open: 10am�C10pm

Website: www.hansarhotels.com/hotels/bangkok/facilities/luxsa-spa/

4. Oasis Spa: the Best for Style

With two locations each designed with their own unique decor, Oasis Spa ensures there is something for you, whatever your style. The location at Soi 31 boasts a secret garden with outdoor showers, lotus ponds, and waterfalls. The location at Soi 51 is modeled in a modern, Bohemian style with private rooms, a Jacuzzi, and hydrotherapy options.


Thai massage: 2 hours �� 1,700+ baht

Foot massage: 1 hour �� 1,200+ baht

Locations and telephone numbers:

Sukhumvit Soi 31, 02 262 2122

Sukhumvit Soi 51, 02 262 2122

Open: 10am�C10pm

Website: www.oasisspa.net/en/destination/bangkok/

5. Health Land: the Best Choice for a Variety of Treatments

Known for its cleanliness, diversity of treatments, couples�� packages, and reasonable price range, Health Land was described by CNN as one of the 15 happiest places on Earth.

Being well established for 20 years, Health Land promises to energize, purify, rejuvenate, or relax your body, depending on your particular needs that day. It even offers specialist services for back pain.

Choose between a variety of Ayurvedic massages, herbal compresses, aromatherapy, or even a four-hand massage. The couples�� spa packages offer the opportunity to treat a loved one and both leave in a state of total bliss.


Thai massage: 2 hour �� 600 baht

Foot massage: 1 hour �� 400 baht

Locations and telephone numbers:

Asok / 02 261 1110

Pinklao / 02 882 4888

Sathorn / 08 637 8883

Chaeng Wattana / 02 573 3355

Ekkamai / 02 392 2233

Rama II / 02 451 1155

Praditmanutham / 02 148 1155

Srinakarin / 02 748 8135-9

Open: 9am�C9pm

Website: www.healthlandspa.com/en/home

6. Perception Blind Massage: the Best for a Unique Experience

Opened 5 years ago with the aim of empowering the visually impaired, Perception Blind Massage offers a more sensual experience than your usual spa. Being visually impaired, your masseuse��s sense of touch is greatly heightened. Coupled with the dark-tone interior that is designed to inhibit your sense of sight, this is one of the most intense, yet relaxing, massages in the city.


Thai massage: 1 hour �� 450 baht / 2 hours �� 800 baht

Foot massage: 1 hour �� 450 baht

Locations and telephone numbers:

Sathorn Soi 8: 08 2222 5936

Silom Soi 8: 09 9115 6669

Open: 10am�C10pm

Website: http://perceptionblindmassage.com/

7. Asia Herb Association: the Best for Aroma

Using 2,500-year-old techniques developed from the doctor of Buddha himself, the Asia Herb Association massages with the concept of a ��compassionate heart��. Famed for its organic, herbal ball presses that are made fresh every day, this experience will appeal to all of your primordial senses. Half-day packages are also offered to truly escape the hustle and bustle of the Big Mango.


Thai massage: 1 hour �� 600 baht

Foot massage: 1 hour �� 600 baht

Herbal ball compress: 90 minutes �� 1,300 baht

Location, telephone numbers, and opening hours:

Sukhumvit Soi 4 / 02 254 8631: 9am�C2am

Sukhumvit Soi 24 / 02 261 7401: 7am�C2am

Sukhumvit Soi 31 / 02 261 2201: 9am�C2am

Benchasiri Park / 02 204 2111: 9am�C2am

Patpong, Sala Daeng / 02 236 1111: 9am�C2am

Website: https://asiaherbassociation.com/en/

8. Shewa Spa: the Best Value for Money

This is the one-stop shop of spas and has facilities for all of your self-pampering needs. As well as massage rooms, Shewa Spa has beauty and hair salons attached and offers a wide variety of treatments and services. It often offers promotions on its package deals so be sure to inquire what the specials are that month.


Thai massage: 1 hour �� 250 baht / 2 hours �� 450 baht

Foot massage: 1 hour �� 250 baht / 2 hours �� 490 baht

Location and telephone number:

Rambutri Road, 02 629 0701

Open: 9am�C1am

Website: www.shewaspa.com/index.html

9. Arunda Oriental Massage: the Best for Convenience of Location

Located near the busy commercial district of Pratunam, Arunda Oriental Massage offers a convenient place to unwind after a hard day of shopping. With Platinum Fashion Mall and Pantip Plaza just a 10-minute walk away, this surprisingly large, two-floor spa with garden centerpiece will provide you with a variety of packages to ensure you leave glowing and feeling refreshed.


Thai massage: 1 hour �� 250 baht / 2 hours �� 500 baht

Foot massage: 1 hour �� 250 baht / 90 mins �� 400 baht

Location and telephone number:

Phetchaburi Soi 15, 02 000 4974

Open: 10am�C1am

Website: www.facebook.com/arundaorientalmassage/?rf=525755040888027

10. Massage in Garden: the Best for Natural Surroundings

If you visit Thailand wanting to experience the glorious weather and not wanting to spend your time inside, Massage in Garden is the place for you. Situated just off of a main road, you could be forgiven for thinking that this quiet sanctuary is actually located in the countryside. In the open air and surrounded by native fauna, this is the ideal place to get back to nature.


Thai massage: 1 hour �� 250 baht

Foot massage: 1 hour �� 250 baht

Location and telephone number:

Rambhutri, 02 629 3583

Open: 10am�C11:45pm

Website: www.facebook.com/massageingarden/

Tips on How to Find a Quality Massage Center in Bangkok

1. Try to avoid high street massage centers trying to pull customers in. A quality massage center does not need to place people on the street.

2. Look online to see if they have a website. Also, look for any reviews on Facebook and Google Maps.

3. Use our guide above because one of the massage centers listed above is sure to be close to your hotel.

4. Avoid dingy massage centers that look run down.

5. Make sure you check the prices before you commit to a massage center. The cheap option is not always the best option!


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