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July Weather in Myanmar

Myanmar weather in July is more welcoming in the central area of the country, encompassing Mandalay, Bagan and Inle Lake. The beaches at Ngapali are closed up in July.

July falls in Myanmar’s rainy season, with temperatures hovering around 30°C (86°F). Rainfall reaches its annual peak, with rain usually falling in short bursts, mostly in the afternoons.

Myanmar is good to visit in July

It only rains part of the day, but the weather can be humid and oppressive. The further north you go from Yangon, the less rain you will experience. Yangon itself, however, sees rain almost every day. Floods sometimes occur when street drains are blocked. In some streets you might find yourself knee-deep in water.

Bagan, however, is very dry, with around 23 dry days on average in July. Inle Lake is also relatively rain-free: you may be disappointed by the dull skies, or perhaps be lucky enough to enjoy an amazing sunset with dramatic clouds.

Mandalay has a mix of heavy rains and dry days. Floods do happen but life goes on, only with more boats than usual.  Find out 9 Things to know before visiting Myanmar.

July Weather in Myanmar Average Temperature Chart for Myanmar in July
July Rainfall in Myanmar Average Rainfall Data for Myanmar in July

Yangon – rainy and humid

The temperatures are reasonable in Yangon. Average day and night temperatures are 32°C (90°F) and 26°C (81°F), respectively. It rains a lot, with total rainfall of 12.9 inches. Roads become slippery and travel sites are affected. We strongly recommend you do indoor activities in this period. Discover the best time to visit Yangon.

For example, you can visit the National Museum to learn more about Myanmar’s art, history and culture. You’ll find displays of ancient artifacts, ornaments, paintings, and historic memorabilia inside. It’s helpful to have a tour guide.

Taking a ride on the circular train is also a good option. The train is an indispensable means of transportation for locals. On board you can observe farmers taking fruit and vegetables to sell. This is the most authentic everyday life in Myanmar!

Clothing: vest, shorts, hat, umbrella, raincoat, waterproof bag, pants, long-sleeved shirt, non-slip shoes.

Mandalay – hot and humid

During the Waso ceremony, all monks pay homage to the Lord Buddha and donors offer food, candles, flowers and monastic robes to monasteries. Monks enter a retreat period for meditation and reflection. It’s a good time for people to be reminded of self discipline.

Clothing: Bring a vest and shorts for the daytime and raincoat or umbrella, as it rains a lot. Also bring mosquito repellent to avoid mosquito bites. While on sacred ground, please put on modest clothing that covers shoulders to knees.

Bagan – Hot and Rainy

Here, you can find lots of items, from wood carvings and stone sculptures to metal and lacquer. A tour guide will explain Bagan’s long history and interesting culture to you.

Find out more about British Colonial rule in Myanmar.

The puppet show is a great event you should not miss. It’s an ancient tradition and also a popular entertainment. Lots of restaurants regard puppet shows as indispensable for tourists at dinner time. Puppeteers manipulate the puppets with unique skill and you will find the show funny and amazing!

Clothing: raincoat, pants, thin coat, vest, shorts, sunscreen, sunhat, umbrella.

Inle Lake – Wet and Cool

It usually takes a whole day and is a great way of experiencing Myanmar’s culture.

Relaxing at a local spa is also a good option for the rainy season. You can leave behind the stress of work and fatigue of body, to enjoy a body massage. A brisk massage can quickly help restore your body's vigor. You will also find some great restaurants at Inle Lake.

Clothing: T-shirt and shorts for the day, a thin coat and long pants at night. Bring an umbrella and raincoat in case of sudden showers. Also bring non-slip shoes for the slippery roads.

Ngapali Beach

In July, Ngapali Beach still suffers a lot from the heavy rains. Due to the unstable weather and strong winds, flights are curtailed, and often canceled. Resorts are closed. Thus, we do not recommend Ngapali in July.

Festival in July

The Waso Full Moon Festival: This is celebrated nationwide and lasts one day. Waso Day commemorates the Buddha's first sermon and the beginning of the Buddhist Lent. It falls in July or August, depending on Myanmar’s Buddhist calendar.

Why visit Myanmar in July

As it’s the low season, there are fewer visitors. Travel sites are less crowded. Hotels and flights are easier to book and cost lower. Visiting Myanmar in July can make it cheaper for you.


Rainfall continues to increase. Please take proper precautions when going out. Bring a raincoat in case of sudden showers. Wear non-slip shoes, as roads and pagoda steps are wet and slippery. Keep valuable items in a waterproof bag.

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