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December Weather in Myanmar

December Weather in Myanmar Average Temperature Chart for Myanmar in December
December Rainfall in Myanmar Average Rainfall Data for Myanmar in December

Yangon—Sunny and Pleasant

The weather is awesome to plan a trip to Yangon. Most of the days are sunny as there is hardly any rain. Average temperatures for the daytime and nighttime are 37°C (99°F) and 26°C (79°F).

Yangon is crowded with tourists as Christmas approaches. You should experience the rambunctious Christmas holiday and sense the difference from Western countries..

You can also learn about Myanmar by observing the colonial buildings, including the City Hall, Secretariat or Ministers' Office, Strand Hotel, and High Court Building. These buildings willremind you of Myanmar’s long and mysterious history.

Clothing: Take vests, shorts, sunscreen, a sun hat, an umbrella, pants, and long-sleeved shirts.


You can also explore the local culture at Zegyo Market. Located in a 25-story building, Zegyo Market is a fascinating shopping destination with hundreds of stalls. You can find something you like and bargain with the vendors— it is a casual and relaxing experience.

Clothing: Take vests, T-shirts, shorts, long-sleeved shirts, pants, sunscreen, and a sunhat.

Bagan — Pleasant and Cool

With this nice weather, you can take a carriage tour to explore Bagan. It’s very flexible and you can stop the horse-drawn carriage at anytime. Although it’s not as comfortable as renting a car, a carriage tour is very popular among tourists. It’s exciting and fun!

Enjoying a sunset from the Shwesandaw Pagoda is a must-do activity as it’s known as the “sunset temple”. The top is crowded with people at twilight who are waiting for the sunset.

Clothing:Take T-shirts, vests, shorts, a thin coat, pants, sunscreen, and a sunhat.

Inle Lake — Cool Days and Cold Nights

At Inle Lake, the weather is cooler than other places, with average temperatures for the daytime and night time being 27°C(81°F) and 11°C(52°F). There are 26 sunny days and only half an inch of rainfall.

You can observe the local lifestyle and culture around the lake. We recommend you take a boat trip to explore the stilt-house villages, floating garden, and mobile bazaar, and watch the fisher men at their daily work on the lake.

Go to Red Mountain Estate Vineyard to taste the local red wine. Nine different sorts of wine are made from local grapes. You can enjoy a glass of wine while enjoying some leisure time at the vineyard.

Clothing:Take a sunhat, vests, shorts, T-shirts, sandals, a thin coat, pants, long-sleeved shirts, and sunscreen.

Ngapali — Hot and Dry

After that, you can admire the stunning sunset in a seaside restaurant and taste delicious seafood. You can choose from a great variety of seafood, including squid, lobster, king prawns, snapper, and barracuda. It's tasty and cheap!

Clothing:Take a broad-brimmed hat, vests, shorts, T-shirts, a swimsuit, sandals, a thin coat, and sunscreen.

Festivals in December

The Thandodday Pagoda Festival: It’s a 3-day festival, convened in Monywa (136 kilometers northwest of Mandalay). There are stalls selling various items and lots of entertaining activities.

Yellow Robe Weaving Contest: This is a nationwide competition where women complete special saffron-colored robes, called "Ma Thoe Thin Gan", using their unique weaving skills. The weaving starts at sunset and finishes at dawn. The finished robes are offered to the Buddha.

The 9,000 Candles Festival: This is convened at the Golden Rock Pagoda, about 210 kilometers from Yangon. The festival is celebrated on a full-moon day with 9,000 lit candles, and it is believed that people who eat a mixed salad of maezali buds at midnight can possess powerful and magical properties.

The Full Moon Day of Tasaungmon (the Light Festival): It is celebrated nationwide on a full-moon day. On this day, 9,999 candles are ceremoniously lit at midnight. It is believed that people who eat a mixed salad of maezali buds at midnight can possess powerful and magical properties.

The Kaung Hmu Daw Pagoda Festival: It’s a 1-day festival, celebrated in Sagaing (not very far from Mandalay). A great variety of items are sold, including baskets, trays, bags, and textiles.

The Spectacled Buddha Image Festival: It is celebrated for a week in the town of Shwedaung, which is about 9 miles south of Pyay via the road to Yangon. The spectacled Buddha is the only image that wears glasses offered by a certain donor in colonial times.

Christmas: It is celebrated throughout the country on December 25th. Christianity is the second largest religion in Myanmar after Buddhism..

The San Daw Shin Pagoda: It’s a 1-week festival and celebrated near Sittway, located in the west of Pha-yan-ga Island, Rakhine State. The pagoda is dedicated to a much-noted Rakhine queen, Saw Me-kyi.

According to the legend, any form that represents a tiger and an orchid cannot be taken into the pagoda precinct. There are traditional performances and various commodities are sold.

Why Visit Myanmar in December?

The dry season is the ideal time to visit Myanmar and it has the best all-around conditions, including marvelous landscapes, good road conditions, and moderate temperatures. You don’t need to worry that your plans will be ruined by sudden bursts of rain.

There isa great variety of festivals for you to have fun at and to learn about the local culture.

Please Note

Take good care of your valuable belongings as the scenic areasare crowded. Book your hotels and flights in advance. Show respect to the local culture when participating in the various festivals.

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