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Balloon Flights Over Bagan

The sight of hot air balloons drifting serenely over the plains of Bagan has become an iconic image in Myanmar (Burma). Most flights are in the early morning, through the delicate mist and towards the rising sun, offering an unrivaled perspective of the thousands of temples spread over the vast plains.


  • Fly over thousands of temples towards the rising sun
  • Unwind with beautiful scenery while drifting through the air
  • Enjoy interaction with your pilot and small group
  • Be inspired by unparalleled perspectives of the region
  • Celebrate your safe return to earth with a drink of sparkling wine
  • Receive a flight certificate and in-flight photos

Why Sign Up

Your adventure starts as the sun rises, with a magical take-off. The balloon floats gently in the wind, providing a well-poised platform for viewing the breathtaking scenery. Gradually monuments appear through the mist.

The buildings look particularly beautiful with sunlight intensifying their hues. You may fly over villages and can sometimes see people feeding their animals.

By taking a balloon ride, you’re actually giving back to the locals. In recent years, ballooning operators have continued to play an active role in public projects, such as hiring and training locals, delivering relief and food to flood victims, building schools and providing supplies to children. In this way, part of your money will help locals improve their lives.

What’s It Like

The following schedule is only approximate, so don’t make any time-critical decisions , such as booking an early airplane, based on the following times.

The Schedule

05:30—06:00 Be picked up from your hotel and brought to the take-off site.

06:00—06:30 Meet your pilot and listen to a safety briefing/Coffee or Tea with cookie/watch the balloon being inflated.

06:30—06:45 Get into the basket and prepare for lift-off.

06:45—07:30 Enjoy the magical flight over the archaeological zone.

07:30—08:00 Join in a light champagne celebration and receive a flight certificate,  have a light breakfast.

08:00—08:30 Return to your hotel.

Onward Transportation:If you need to catch a flight after taking a balloon ride, flights departing any time after 12-midday are recommended.

How Much Does It Cost

It’s a bit expensive to balloon over Bagan, but the unique experience is worth the price. The balloons are from well-known manufacturers in the UK or Spain. Most pilots come from the UK, holding commercial balloon licenses and having years of flying experience, and they observe the highest safety standards.

The current ballooning season is from 7 October 2018 to 31 March 2019 (1st October 2016 to 31st March 2017, every year a little different), when blue skies are at their clearest and the air is at its coolest. The prices of three ballooning operators are as follows:

Balloons Over Bagan

Classic flights: US$ 330 per person, with 12 to 16 people max per balloon (US$ 340 per person at Xmas and New Year)

Premium flights: US$ 390 per person with 8 people max per balloon (US$ 400 per person at Xmas and New Year)

Oriental Ballooning

Premium flights: US$ 395 per person with 4 to 12 people max per balloon

Golden Eagle Ballooning

Standard flights: US$ 320 per person with 12 people max per balloon

Premium flights: US$ 380 per person with 8 people max per balloon

What’s Included

  • Pick-up and drop-off service from/to your hotel
  • Light, pre-flight breakfast
  • Detailed safety briefing from your pilot
  • A ballooning experience lasting about 45 minutes
  • Light champagne celebration
  • Flight certificate award

How to Choose Between Operators

If you are looking for a standard flight, we recommend Balloons Over Bagan. There are four compartments in each basket and you will share your corner with two or three others.

For more intimate interaction and more space, choose a smaller balloon. You’ll only need to share the compartment with one other person, rather than two or three. The better experience will probably be worth the extra money. For this case, we recommend Oriental Ballooning, as they are focused on providing premium flights.

Golden Eagle Ballooning is a good option if the two operators above are fully booked.

Operator Balloon color Passengers per balloon Price per person Strength
Balloons Over Bagan Red Classic flights: 12 to 16 people max
Premium flights: 8 people max
Classic: US$ 330 Premium: US$ 390 The most experienced operator with over 14 years of experience
Oriental Ballooning Green Premium flights:4 to 12 people max Premium: US$ 395 Provides a more intimate personal touch and premium service in smaller balloons
Golden Eagle Ballooning Yellow Standard flights:12 people max
Premium flights:8 people max
Standard: US$ 320
Premium: US$ 380
A relatively new company offering good flight experiences

Fly with Asia Highlights

We provide booking service of balloon flights and tailor-made tours to Myanmar. The Balloons will normally fully booked 3 months in advance. Please tell us when you would like to fly as soon as possible and we will get in touch with you.

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