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August Weather in Myanmar

August in Myanmar is one of the wettest months, heavy downpours continue throughout the country, usually during the afternoon and evening. Beach resorts are closed and travel becomes difficult.

Myanmar August weather is still hot as before, with an average temperature of 29°C (84°F). In August we recommend you to enjoy the regions of Myanmar with less rainfall: the central and northern parts of Myanmar.

August Weather in Myanmar Average Temperature Chart for Myanmar in August
August Rainfall in Myanmar Average Rainfall Data for Myanmar in August

Yangon – Humid and Hot

The weather is not suitable for outdoor activities, as heavy rain and high temperatures hit the city. Average day and night temperatures are 34°C (94°F) and 28°C (82°F), respectively. Rainfall starts to decrease but is still at the high level of around 12 inches. There is barely a single sunny day in August.

Visit Bogyoke Aung San Museum, small but well-maintained. It’s famous for General Aung San, the 'father of Burmese independence', who used to live here. There is a beautiful garden with a bronze statue of Aung San. Seeing the museum can help you know more about the country’s history. Enjoy Yangon charm staying at the top hotels placed in colonial-era buildings.

You can wander round inside Chaukhtatgyi Temple to escape the midday heat or sudden rain. It’s one of the best-known Buddhist temples in Yangon. When you visit, you can observe worshipers praying. If you just stand there, you will feel how devout the locals are and how peaceful the atmosphere is!

Clothing: vest, shorts, sun cream, hat, umbrella, pants, long-sleeved shirt, raincoat, non-slip shoes.

Mandalay – Humid and Hot

If you are interested in buying some, dealers would be happy to teach you how to check its quality using LED-flashlights.

Or you can visit Zegyo Market, the oldest and most important market in Mandalay. Here you can see a variety of fruit and vegetables for sale. As a feature of everyday life, locals come and go for their daily necessities. If you buy some handcrafts or clothing as souvenirs, you’ll be supporting the local economy.

Clothing: Do not forget your umbrella or raincoat when going out. Pants and long-sleeved shirt are enough for the day. You should add an extra thin coat for the chilly nights. Bring mosquito repellent to prevent mosquito bites.

Bagan – Hot and Rainy

The family-run Jasmine Family Lacquerware Workshop is highly recommended. Here you’ll have an opportunity to watch the whole process of creating lacquerware and the owners are eager to explain each step. Their lacquerware is exquisite and high-quality, good for souvenirs. Discover the top 6 things to do in Bagan.

Explore Sulamani Temple, a two-storey structure with a square layout. It was damaged during a recent earthquake and tourists can’t go inside, but it still leaves a good impression with its beautiful exterior and stone carvings.

Clothing: Raincoat and umbrella are necessities during the rainy season. Bring pants and a thin coat. Take good care of valuable items when going outside.

Inle Lake – Cool and Rainy

We recommend you take a tour around Inle Lake on a nice day. You could rent a boat to explore the lifestyle of the local people. As you tour the lake, you can stop to observe the process of crafting hand-made silk and silver, in a silk house and silversmith’s respectively.

While at Inle Lake, a trip to Kakku on the outskirts is highly recommended. It contains 2,500 ancient pagodas overlooking the lake. Here you’ll have an opportunity to catch a glimpse of the daily lives of people from a unique culture, and to explore some incredible ancient craftsmanship.

Clothing: thin coat, pants, T-shirt, raincoat, umbrella, comfortable shoes.

Ngapali Beach – Stormy and Inhospitable

Storms and strong winds continue to hit Ngapali in August. Lots of roads are flooded and flights are reduced, sometimes even canceled.

If you want to visit Ngapali, you will find it hard to book hotels, for most resorts and hotels are closed in the rainy season. Even if you can find one, you will have to stay in the hotel all the time, due to the endless rain. Thus a visit to Ngapali in August is inadvisable.

Festivals in August

It is celebrated to honor the two Taungbyone brothers, U Min Gyi and U Min Galay. Worshipers from all over Myanmar come to celebrate, hoping that doing so can bring luck and prosperity.

Why Visit Myanmar in August?

Even though it rains a lot and the weather is hot in August, there is still one major advantage, the cheaper travel expenses. You can stay longer and buy more souvenirs on the same budget.

Hotels and flights, however, can be scarce, creating some annoyance for tourists. So if you want to spend a bit less and don’t mind some inconvenience, you can go in August.

Please Note

Bring a raincoat or umbrella when you go out, as it rains endlessly. Road conditions are usually wet and slippery. So non-slip shoes are necessary. Please show respect when participating in local religious festivals. Be aware that landscapes and outdoor activities will be affected by the rainy days.

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