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June Weather in Japan and Travel Tips

June Weather in Japan and Travel Tips

By Albee NingUpdated Nov. 11, 2022

June is the beginning of summer, but it is not too hot yet with the average temperature between 19 °C (66°F) to 25°C (77°F). The rainy season starts in June in the central and south parts of Japan with a high rainfall of 192 mm (7 inches).

Due to the rainy season, you can take advantage of a good price on flights and hotels, and sightsee without large crowds. However, it is advised to bring an umbrella and a raincoat.

What's New about Visiting Japan in 2022/2023? 

Japan has restored the visa-waiver system from October 11th, 2022. If your country is in the list of Exemption of Japan Visa like Australia, Canada, USA, UK and almost all European nations, you can visit Japan without applying for a visa in advance. 

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June Weather Quick Facts

  • Average daily temperature: 19–25°C (66–77°F), mild-warm
  • Average rainfall: 156 mm (6 inches) high
  • Clothing: T-shirts; shirts; skirts, light trousers, and a light coat for early June mornings and evenings
  • Tourism: June is a great time to travel around Japan with few crowds and a good price

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Why You Should Visit Japan in June

June is the start of rainy season in Japan, especially for central and southern Japan. But it is still a good time for traveling with a lovely temperature. With fewer tourists, you can have a discount on accommodations and transportations. If you want to avoid the rain, it is recommended you visit northern Japan which is less affected by the rainy season.

june average temperature June Average Temperature
june average rainfall June Average Rainfall

Hokkaido with Dry and Warm Weather

June is a wonderful month to visit Hokkaido with dry and warm weather. Hokkaido is not affected as much by the rainy season with only 84mm (3 inches) of rain. The average high temperature is 20°C (68°F) and the average low is 12°C (54°F). 7 hours of sunshine per day make it fantastic for sightseeing.

With the dryer weather in Hokkaido, June is the best time for outdoor activities such as hiking or cycling. You can enjoy the spectacular views by trekking around Shiretoko, Lake Rausu, Rishiri Island, and Rebun Island.

If you are traveling to Hokkaido in June, light clothes like long-sleeved shirts will be fine for daytime, but a warm coat is suggested for morning and evening.

Honshu Travel without Crowds

Honshu weather in June is wet and warm. The high temperature reaches 24°C (75 °F) at noon and drops to 17 °C (62°F) overnight. June is Honshu is rainy season with 135mm (5 inches) of precipitation over 14 days.

Traveling in wet weather, indoor activities such as museums, temples, theater, and indoor amusement parks are suggested. Besides that, in the rainy time, it is perfect for enjoying the Japanese Onsens, you can find good quality hot springs in Hakone.

Traveling in the rainy season, it is best to keep rain gear on hand always.

Okinawa with Fewer Crowds and Cost

Rainy season in Okinawa goes from May to the end of June. June is the 2nd rainiest month with an average rainfall of 250mm (10 inches). The high temperature for June can reach 30°C (86°F) which makes it the ideal time for relaxing on the beach or for water activities.

June is an excellent month for snorkeling and diving in Okinawa. You can take advantage of the good price and avoid the busy tourist season before the summer holiday.

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Tokyo Weather and Travel in June

Tokyo in June is a very wet month with 135mm (5 inches) of precipitation and 10 rainy days. But it is warm with an average high of 26°C (78°F), while the average low is 18°C (65°F). The month with the longest days is June at 14.5 hours. Some rainy day ideas are to visit museums, art galleries, theaters, or department stores.

Ginza is an area where you can do all of the above. Ginza is the most famous up-market shopping in Tokyo where you can find the best fashion, gourmet food, beauty, and entertainment. Not just for shopping, we highly recommend spending some time in the famous Kabuki Theater to enjoy a Japanese traditional show and try the most local food at the former Tsukiji Fish Market.

shopping in Tokyoshopping in Tokyo

Tokyo National Museum is the oldest museum in Japan. It displays a comprehensive collection of artwork and cultural objects including Japanese art and Asian art, along with Silk Road and Greco-Buddhist art. 1 -1.5 hours are suggested to explore the cultural treasures in the museum. Please note that it will be closed on Mondays and New Year holidays.

Clothing: Thin outerwear, short sleeve tops, light trousers/jeans, and rain gear are needed.

Osaka Weather and Travel in June

The temperature in Osaka is pleasant at night and warm during the day. The average high-temperature is 28°C (82°F), and the average low-temperature is 20°C (68°F). June is the wettest month with precipitation of 185mm (7inches) and June has the highest number of rainy days that reaches 11 days.

June is a good time for the Osaka Museum of History, especially on a wet day. It presents the rich history of the Osaka and Kansei region. The museum is near the Osaka castle, from the upper levels of the museum you can also enjoy nice views of the castle. You can visit both together. Please be aware that the museum will be closed on Tuesdays and from December 28 to January 4.

Shitennoji Temple is one of the oldest temples in Japan. Founded in 593 AD, there is a 5-floor pagoda in a unique symmetrical architectural style and is surrounded by Gokuraku-Jodo Garden. To avoid the crowds, we suggest visiting there in the early morning or late afternoon.

Clothing: Airy outerwear, shorts, and light clothing. Rain gear is an absolute must during this time.

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Kyoto Weather and Travel in June

June in Kyoto is warm and humid, the average high-temperature is 28°C (82°F), and the average low-temperature is 19°C (66°F). There are 13 days with rain in Kyoto and the average monthly rainfall is 215mm (9inches).

Fushimi Inari Shrine is a must-see when you visit Kyoto. At the base of a mountain, it is famous for its thousands of vermilion torii gates. There are trails up the mountain and the smaller shrines span a distance of 4 kilometers (2.5 mi). It usually takes about 2 hours to walk up. To avoid the large crowds, go early on a weekday morning.

 Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto, JapanFushimi Inari Shrine

After the Fushimi Inari Shrine, it is relaxing to have some Japanese sake in The Fushimi Sake District, which is known for its sake production, large breweries, saké shops, and a saké museum. Gekkeikan is the most famous of Fushimi's breweries, they have a museum to display the tools and procedures of saké production. You can enjoy a sake tasting during your visit to the museum.

On a wet day, it is nice to visit Kyoto National Museum, which is Japan's oldest and most distinguished museum. It has large displays of artworks and archaeological artifacts from the Kyoto area. Torarin (a gray tiger) is the museum’s official mascot. If you want to buy some souvenirs, items with Torarin is a good choice.

The museum is closed on Mondays and New Year holidays.

Clothing: Jacket, shorts, and light clothing. Rain gear is highly recommended.

Hakone Weather and Travel in June

June in Hakone is the start of the rainy season with an average rainfall of 160mm (6 inches). The average low is 13°C (55°F) with a high of 23°C (73°F).

Hakone is famous for a variety of onsens and in the rainy season, hot springs make a great outing. Here are top 3 hot springs for your reference:

Yunessun (Hotel Kowakien Yunessun): You can not only enjoy the traditional open-air Japanese baths but also can try beautifying baths that have wine, coffee, and sake.

Hotel Green Plaza Hakone: This is famous for spectacular views of Mount Fuji from the onsen.

Tenzan: A hot spring in the traditional Japanese style building with the greatest location.

Clothing: Shorts and jeans or a skirt for day time and a warm coat for night time. Bringing a waterproof rain jacket since it will be raining some days. Be aware, swimsuits are not allowed at most onsens.

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Sapporo Weather and Travel in June

Sapporo is sunny and warm and good for outdoor activities and sightseeing. The temperature ranges from 13°C ( 55°F) to 22°C (72°F). June is the driest month with only 47mm(2 inches)of rain.

June is a good time for hiking to Mt. Moiwa. There are many trails to explore the stunning forest-covered slopes, and it takes about 1 hour to reach the peak. The view at sunset is most spectacular, so we suggest visiting in the afternoon and you can also have a view of Sapporo's nightlife.

Sapporo Beer Museum is a fun stop when you visit Sapporo. In the museum, you can learn the history of the oldest and most popular beer brands in the country. Beer tastings are available during the visit. You can also head to the Sapporo Beer Garden to hit some great restaurants for drinks and a feast!

Clothing: Short-sleeved clothes and jeans are enough for day time, Long-sleeved outerwear are needed if you plan to be out at night.

Events and Festivals in June

June is low season for traveling and there are not too many festivals, but there are a few you may be interested in.

Yosakoi Soran Festival, Hokkaido

Yosakoi Soran Festival happens the first week of June before the hot summer hits. During Yosakoi, Sapporo is filled with dancing all day and all night with about 30,000 dancers from Japan and millions of visitors. The main venue is Odori Park, the dances are based on traditional Japanese dance and they compete for pride and sometimes prizes. Performances are also held in various other parts of Sapporo. You can join in the dancing at Waodori Square and visit stalls to try local dishes.

The finale on Sunday night is the most popular event! If you plan to attend this festival, it is advised to go to Sapporo on the weekend!

The Sanno Matsuri

The Sanno Matsuri is one of the three most famous festivals in Tokyo. It takes place mid-June for 11 days. There are lots of activities and celebrations, but the main attraction of the festival is the parade which winds through central Tokyo. It starts and ends at Hie Shrine. The parade has over 500 participants dressed in colorful costumes, playing drums and carrying floats decorated with animals, the most important part of the parade is the three mikoshis that are carried around the city.

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