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Climate and Weather in Hiroshima - When To Go To Hiroshima

Climate and Weather in Hiroshima - When To Go To Hiroshima

By CarolUpdated Oct. 18, 2022

In general, the seasons have clearly distinct weather patterns in most of Japan. Hiroshima has more sunny days per year than Tokyo, which means that it offers a lot more pleasant weather all throughout the year.

However, in Hiroshima summers are short, hot, and oppressive. Winters are cold and mostly clear. Over the course of the year, temperatures typically vary from 1ºC to 32ºC and is rarely below 0ºC or above 38ºC. Keep reading below and find the best season and time for your holiday.

Quick facts

  • Hiroshima is affected by the monsoon circulation: In winter the northwest cold currents prevail, while in summer they are replaced by hot and humid currents of tropical origin.
  • December is a good month for traveling, thanks to generally dry weather conditions.
  • June is the wettest month. This month should be avoided if you don’t like too much rain.
  • November is one of the best months to visit Hiroshima. The weather is cool and sunny and the autumn foliage is at its peak.
  • Visit Hiroshima in April and see the beautiful cherry blossom at its peak.

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Hiroshima weather by the season

Hiroshima City has a fair amount of seasonal variation in its weather patterns. For the most part, the weather is fairly mild and generally quite pleasant, but there can be typhoons (also known as a hurricanes or tropical cyclones) during the typhoon season, which runs from June to October. The weather then can get very bad quickly if a storm is passing by.

Rainfall is more frequent from March through October. This period includes the rainy season in June-July and the typhoon peak season in September. However, the city lies between the Chugoku and the Shikoku Mountains and is seldom affected by rain and snow, making it one of the cities in Japan with the least rainy days per year and many fine days all year round.

Hiroshima weather is mild throughout the four seasons, thanks to the warm seawater of the Seto Inland Sea and less influenced by the rainy season and typhoons than other cities in Japan.

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Winter in Hiroshima

Winter is a three-month long affair. It starts in December, with temperatures ranging from cold to cool (6-13ºC). If you’re looking to visit, this would a good time since the climate is still fairly agreeable. It will be mostly sunny, with only few days of rain or snow. The city is also less crowded, as people head home for the holidays.

By January, the temperature drops to around 3-10ºC. Expect cloudy skies and frequent rains but not much snow. It is the coldest month of the year, but still a good time to visit Hiroshima. Just remember to bring an umbrella with you.

If you’re going in February, you can skip the rain gear and settle for winter clothes. During this time, temperatures remain cool but there is less chance of rain or snow. Tourists begin arriving in February, so it will be your last chance to have a peaceful trip without any crowds.

Spring in Hiroshima

Once March comes, the weather starts to get milder, which reminds you that spring is just around the corner. In March the average high is 14.8ºC, the average low 5.8ºC.

Spring is the most beautiful season to visit Hiroshima. The cherry trees are in full bloom, mostly from the end of March to the middle of April in Hiroshima prefecture.

Spring stays until late May, with temperatures ranging from 11.6ºC (average low) to 25.4ºC (average high). The weather is pretty stable in terms of temperature and humidity, which makes it the most pleasant time of the year. The sight of the trees becoming lush and green after the blooming season is quite lovely as well.

Summer in Hiroshima

Summer in Hiroshima is hot and humid. The season normally begins in June and lasts through mid-September. During summer season, temperatures range from an average high of 31.6ºC to an average low of 24.1ºC.

In addition to being hot and humid, there can be rainy days too, but of course, it doesn’t rain every day. Travel is certainly possible during the summer season, just consider bringing a small folding umbrella. If you don’t like crowds, July is a good time to visit.

August in Hiroshima is the hottest month of the year. We recommend to dress lightly and comfortably. Hot and humid days with highs around 35ºC will continue throughout the month. If you plan to do a lot of touring about the city, please drink plenty of water to prevent heat stroke.

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Autumn in Hiroshima

With blue skies, crisp mornings and still (often) sunny days, autumn is a lovely time in Hiroshima. Autumn begins around late September and lasts through November. During this time, temperatures range between 23.6ºC (average high) and 11.5ºC (average low).

October is characterized by a generally mild climate, making it another highly recommended time to visit, along with the month of May. Autumn foliage starts to be seen from late October, and these natural displays attract many visitors to the region.

Cold weather begins in November. The average high temperature ismostly below 20ºC, which might leave you feeling chilly.

Expect crowds during autumn, one of the best times to visit Hiroshima, to enjoy a season with mild weather, beautiful nature and special events.

Rainfall in Hiroshima

June is rainy season in Hiroshima, with the average amount of precipitation of 1500 mm annually and in June, being the wettest month of all, with precipitation around 245 mm.

It might rain most days in June, so it’s a good idea to carry a portable umbrella or other rain gear with you at all times. At convenience stores, you can find rain gear such as folding umbrellas, which are really easy to carry around.

The rainy season extends through July and the weather tends to be hot and humid. Even during the rainy season, it usually does not rain every day and travel is certainly possible during July. If you don’t like crowds, consider taking a trip to Hiroshima in July.

The rainy season usually ends by early August. As soon as it ends, temperatures rise toward the summer highs.

Typhoons in Hiroshima

The typhoon season lasts from early summer to early autumn, often coinciding with the monsoon season in Southeast Asia and the wet season in eastern Japan. The main typhoon and hurricane season is from June to November. Sometimes they appear as early as May and as late as December.

In Hiroshima, particularly, typhoons usually occur between June to October (but especially from August to early October). Even though the area of the Seto Inland Sea is relatively protected, Hiroshima can be affected by typhoons.

Don’t worry if you are in Hiroshima and there is a typhoon. Hiroshima and cities across Japan have very good facilities like underground shelters, strong buildings and heaps of transportation systems, so if you get caught by a typhoon, you can always catch a train or bus and leave to a safer area without getting drenched.

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Hiroshima weather by the month

Below is information about Hiroshima temperatures and precipitation by the month. Please prepare yourself accordingly with proper clothing and gear.

Month Average Temperature (ºC) Minimum Temperature (ºC) Maximum Temperature (ºC) Average Rainfall (mm)
January 5 1 9 45
February 6 1 10 65
March 9 3 13 125
April 14 9 19 140
May 19 13 22 180
June 23 18 25 245
July 27 23 29 260
August 28 23 31 110
September 24 20 27 170
October 18 13 22 90
November 12 7 17 70
December 7 3 12 40

The best time to visit Hiroshima

The best times to visit Hiroshima are from March to early June and from late August to November. Spring, in March and April, brings with it the beautiful cherry blossom. The temperatures are comfortable but can fluctuate.

The autumn months of September and October are pleasant, and the city is blessed with the beautiful fall colors of brown, orange and red. Temperatures remain steady and range from 18ºC to 22ºC.

If you do not mind the cold, try to visit Hiroshima during the winter; there will be less tourist crowds and hotel rates are good.

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