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Holidays and Vacations in India

Traveling to India is guaranteed to be a beautiful trip that includes once in a lifetime experiences. If you are looking for a place that offers majestic landscapes, ancient structures, delicious food, and meaningful cultural experiences then India is a perfect choice.

In this article, we will break down everything you need to know about Indian holidays whether it's with your family, on a honeymoon, or as a luxury trip. We will also explain our recommendations on where to go and what to do.


  • India is a large country with a variety in places to visit and activities to suit any traveler. India also offers beautiful accommodation options.
  • For family holidays in India, we suggest visiting the golden triangle region to maximize time spent enjoying the country and learning about the culture.
  • For family holidays, we recommend activities that focus on learning and fun such as exploring the city streets, visiting the Taj Mahal, and navigating national parks.
  • For honeymooners, we suggest traveling in North India and participating in activities to get a deeper understanding of Indian culture and of each other. Some of our favorites include food tours, spa treatments, yoga and meditation, or traveling through the desert cities of Rajasthan.
  • If you want the best of the best in services and amenities, then we suggest staying in luxury accommodation where you are offered incredible food, comfort, and opportunities that few other travelers experience.

Holidays in India

One of the best parts of holidays in India is that there is something to see and do for everyone. Whether you are traveling with children, with your spouse, or with your friends you'll find the perfect experiences and activities to make your trip special.

Each region in India is drastically different from other parts of the country. In Rajasthan, visitors can explore the luxurious palaces of ancient kings or enjoy the desert festivals. In the southern tropical regions such as Kerala, visitors can explore old Portuguese port cities and villages that are only reachable by boat.

Nature lovers can visit some of the country's incredible national parks to see some of India's fiercely beautiful tigers or magnificent wild elephants.

If you want a spiritual experience, you can visit some of the oldest Hindu cities in the world like Varanasi and take a boat trip down the river Ganges. If you want to understand how the locals practice their religions you can visit famous holy temples like the Golden Temple of Amritsar.

Besides having plenty of things to do and see, India also offers incredible accommodation options. Our favorite types of Indian hotels include palace hotels which are the decadent ancient palaces that have been turned into hotels, heritage hotels which were originally colonial era buildings, and beautiful luxury resorts.

Our favorite palace hotels include the Samode Palace and Chomu Palace in Jaipur. For heritage hotels, we love the Maidens hotel and Claridges in Delhi and our favorite resorts are the Trident in Agra and the Ranthambhore Regency in Ranthambhore.

India Family Holidays

Taking a family trip to India is an exciting experience full of adventures and bonding opportunities. While traveling internationally with a family can sometimes be complicated, in India it can be made simple by bringing an English-speaking guide, traveling in a private car, and choosing good hotels.

Because India is such a large country, we recommend that family trips stay within the Golden Triangle area (Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra) in order to decrease traveling time and increase the amount of time that can be spent enjoying different activities.

Family Activities in India

One of the reasons that India is a great holiday location for families is that there are so many options for activities that are enjoyed by people of all ages.

An important activity for all travelers when visiting India is to see the Taj Mahal. One of the seven wonders to the world, this incredible structure with its white walls and precious stones is one of India's most popular tourist destinations.

Another favorite activity for families is to visit the pink city of Jaipur. Jaipur is a beautiful desert city where many of the old buildings are a picturesque dusty pink color. There is plenty to do in this city including exploring the streets, trying local food, and visiting the Amber Fort.

If you family loves nature, then you’ll enjoy exploring Ranthambhore National Park where you can see some of India's incredible wildlife. Here you can stay in a comfortable hotel just outside the reserve and then during the day take a tour of the park to see deer, monkeys, colorful birds, and sometimes tigers.

Another good option to see the wildlife of India is to take a boat through Keoladeo Ghana National Park. Here families can enjoy exploring the park wetlands via boat with an expert guide to point out some of the over 360 bird species in the park some of which travel migrate there from Siberia.

Family Friendly Accommodation in India

When traveling with a family the comfort of the accommodation is very important. For traveling in India, we recommend staying in palace hotels, heritage hotels, or nice resorts in order to get the best service and to make sure every member of the family is relaxed and happy.

When in Delhi, we recommend the Maidens heritage hotel because not only is the architecture of the hotel is beautiful, but it is also located in central Delhi close to many tourist attractions and has two restaurants and a pool.

In Agra, we recommend the Trident because of its close proximity to the Taj Mahal, peaceful gardens, great service, and variety of dining options.

In Jaipur, we recommend staying in palace hotels to get a deeper understanding of the lives of the regional Indian kings. We specifically like the 300-year-old Chomu Palace Hotel for its beautiful architecture, modern amenities, and historical importance.

In Ranthambhore, we recommend the Ranthambhore Regency for its modern amenities, comfort, and its location only 10 minutes away from the national park.

Best Time to Visit India for Families

The golden triangle cities of New Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur are all located in North India. The best time to visit North India is in autumn and spring. In the months of October-September and February to March, the temperatures are often comfortable and the weather is usually sunny with little rain.

For families that want to visit the nature reserves and national parks of India, then April is the best month the see the tigers. However, it is important to note that temperatures in April can get above 40 C (104F) during midday and may be too hot for young children.

Tips for a Family Visit

One of the most important things about family holidays in India is to find the perfect activities to keep children excited and engaged while providing an excellent opportunity for family bonding. Kids who visit India love the bustling streets full of interesting people and vibrant colors.

Typically, children like to be involved in active and hands on experiences such as exploring colorful markets, taking rickshaw rides, trying on traditional clothing, or trying new foods like Indian sweets or drinking directly from a coconut.

When traveling with family, it is important to keep the itinerary flexible and to book larger hotel rooms. It is also a good idea to look for hotels that have swimming pools or gardens where the family can spend some time relaxing or having fun.

The food in India has a reputation for being very spicy which may not be suitable for children. However, many hotels will make the food without hot spices for their foreign guests. This is perfect for children or people who are experiencing Indian cuisine for the first time.

India Honeymoon Holidays

Honeymoon holidays in India are a great mixture of romantic, cultural, and spiritual experiences. Because honeymooners often want to relax in beautiful locations and spend quality time together, we often recommend that people going on a honeymoon holiday spend their time in one region of the country.

Out of all the regions of the country, we particularly like visiting the Rajasthan, Leh, and Kerala for the perfect mixture of beautiful romantic landscape and activities that help couples gain a deeper understanding of each other.

Honeymoon Activities in India

When arriving in India, many people will start in Delhi. Here, honeymooners can consider staying in a heritage hotel or fort that is far away from the hustle and bustle of the city and taking a street food tour in some of the city's historic markets.

Another great activity for couples is to deepen your spiritual connection in Varanasi. Varanasi is considered the spiritual capital of India. Here couples can practice meditation and yoga, take a sunset boat ride on the Ganges, watch worshippers perform morning rituals, and explore the streets of this enlightened city.

If spend time together in one of India’s most beautiful locations, then we recommend visiting Leh which is an enchanting mountain city where you can explore beautiful Buddhist monasteries. Located 3,400 meters above sea level, Leh is surrounding in snow-capped mountains making it a great place to relax in the quiet of the mountains and take in the views.

While all of Rajasthan is beautiful, the blue city of Jodhpur is one of the most romantic destinations in the state. The city not only makes for beautiful pictures with its sea of white buildings with blue rooftops, but it is also a great place to explore temples, forts, and palaces.

If you are looking for a tropical vacation, then we recommend relaxing in Kerala. This south Indian state is famous for its unique culture and aromatic spices. Here you can visit a spice garden and learn to cook South Indian dishes or spend a relaxing night on a houseboat as you travel through rural villages via canals.

Honeymoon Accommodation in India

For honeymoon travelers, the comfort and beauty of accommodation is of the utmost importance. It is a good idea to choose hotels that are luxurious and offer spa services so that couples can spend more time relaxing together.

In Delhi, we like the Maidens hotel for its old-world charm and beautiful gardens which act as an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. This hotel also has a spa and swimming pool.

In Varanasi, staying in a palace hotel is the best way to experience the beauty of the city with luxuries such as bathtubs full of rose petals and onsite meditation and yoga facilities.

In Agra, it is best to stay near the Taj Mahal so that it is easy to arrive early and get the best views before it gets crowded. Therefore, we recommend the Trident for its first-class services or the Oberoi Amarvilas hotel for its views of the Taj Mahal and luxury spa.

Best Time to Visit India for a Honeymoon

In order to see as much as possible, visiting in autumn or spring is a good way to be see much on India in good weather.

When visiting North India, the best time to go is from October to March although this might change slightly depending on which cities you would like to visit. For example, because Leh is at a higher elevation it can be too cold in winter and is best visited from June to September.

Kerala is best visited in its dry season which starts in November and ends in March.

Tips for a Honeymoon Visit

Booking beautiful hotels that have luxury amenities is often important for honeymooning couples as the luxury accommodation makes for a more romantic and comfortable place to escape from noise of the surrounding city.

While honeymooning in India, it’s important to choose activities where the couple can spend time alone together and grow closer to each other. We recommend activities like dinners in scenic locations, taking slow boat rides on some of India’s famous rivers, exploring beautiful palaces, and trying new foods together.

India Luxury Holidays

Once the land of the Mughal kings with their decadent palaces and jewel incrusted clothing, India has long been a country of riches and royalty. While today India is sometimes thought of as a backpacker's destination, it is actually a great destination for the luxury traveler who wants great service and unbeatable experiences.

Luxury vacations in India are the perfect way to create the memory of a lifetime. India is a country that is famous for offering high levels of service, and at luxury accommodation locations the service goes belong excellent with an extra level of comfort and extravagance seen in amenities like spa therapies, incredible dining experiences, and unbeatable views.

Luxury Experiences in India

For luxury vacations, we recommend creating your own tailor-made itinerary based on what you want to see and do. Below we have some recommendations for activities that are often loved by our luxury travelers.

Take a luxury cruise on the Ganges River including incredible views of villages not often seen by visitors as you travel between some of India’s most ancient cities such as Varanasi and Kolkata. By traveling along river by cruise, visitors will see changes in landscape and culture as they leave one region and enter another.

During the cruise, visitors will have once in a lifetime experiences such as meeting local artisans and saree weavers as well as exploring old markets and awe-inspiring temples. The Ganges River flows through India’s most fertile and populated areas giving visitors a chance to see the relationship between this ancient waterway and the local people.

For travelers who want a more tropical boating experience, the backwater villages of Kerala are excellent for slow and relaxing cruise on luxury houseboats. Eat fresh fish and shrimp along with traditional local cuisine while getting panoramic views of the river as you float past colorful houses and people going about their day to day routine.

See the Taj Mahal in style by staying in a luxury hotel that offers incredible views of this gleaming world wonder. Eat a specially crafted meal under the stars at Amarvilas in Agra with the service of a personal butler or sip wine on the balcony while taking in the views of the Taj Mahal in the distance.

For nature lovers, there are plenty of gorgeous national parks in North India where you can go on a safari to see exotic animals such as wild tigers, elephants, and rhinos. In these parks you can stay in luxury resorts to get unbeatable views while dining outside under the stars.

Some of our favorite national parks in India are Ranthambhore, Kanha Tiger Reserve, and Kaziranga National Park.

A visit to India isn’t complete without seeing the striking Himalaya mountains. Catch great mountain views in Sikkim or Ladakh while staying in incredible hilltop hotels. Here, visitors can take private tours of Buddhist monasteries or explore the mountainous terrain on camel back.

Luxury Accommodation

The best way to make your holiday a luxury journey is to stay in luxury hotels. Our favorites are Amarvilas in Agra and Vanyavilas in Ranthambhore.

Located only 600 meters from the Taj Mahal, Amarvilas is the best place to stay for a luxury experience near India's most famous building. Amarvilas has beautiful gardens, a Banyan tree spa, a swimming pool, and views of the Taj Mahal from every room balcony.

When visiting Ranthambhore national park, we recommend living like the kings who used to hunt exotic animals in these lands. Oberoi Vanyavilas offers visitors this experience and is our favorite luxury hotel in the area.


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