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How to Get to Agra, Jaipur, and Mumbai from Delhi

How to Get to Agra, Jaipur, and Mumbai from Delhi

By CarolUpdated Nov. 1, 2023

The major tourist hubs in India such as Agra, Jaipur, and Mumbai can all be reached from Delhi. When traveling to these cities there are a variety of transportation methods to choose from including chauffeured car, train, or plane.

Chauffeured cars are suitable for short-distance travel and independent travelers who value flexibility and having control over their schedule. Trains and planes are the best options for long-distance travel as they are faster and more comfortable.

Quick Facts

  • Chauffeured cars are ideal for short-distance travels and independent travelers who want flexibility and to have control over their itinerary.
  • Chauffeured cars are more affordable when booked with a Golden Triangle tour package.
  • Train tickets are booked through the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) on their official website at
  • When booking tickets, foreign nationals are required to enter their passport details, visa information, and phone numbers on the IRCTC site.
  • Flights can be booked through travel websites such as and or travel agents like Asia Highlights.

Delhi to Agra

There are many options available when traveling between Delhi and Agra. You can go by plane, train, bus, or chauffeured car. We recommend that you travel by chauffeured car or train for comfort and convenience. Check more details at How to Get from Delhi to Agra>>>

Delhi to Agra by Chauffeured Car

Hiring a chauffeured car is ideal for independent travelers who want flexibility and control over their itinerary and schedule. Private cars are also more comfortable with plenty of space and better air conditioning.

If you choose to make the drive from Delhi to Agra, then you will have to cover 230 kilometers which will take around 4 to 5 hours.

Chauffeured cars can be booked through many different companies and many hotels can help book one for you. This method of travel is the most convenient as the driver will pick you up at the hotel and take you directly to your hotel in Agra.

A single journey by private car will cost about US$ 65 for two people. This price includes the cost of tolls and state taxes.

When you book a Golden Triangle tour package, the cost will already include the chauffeured car services. We recommended that you book your travel with a tour package as it will be more affordable.

Delhi to Agra by train

Traveling from Delhi to Agra by train will take approximately 1½ hours. We recommend you to take the 12050 Gatiman Express train which runs between Delhi and Agra and is the first high-speed train in India. The train runs every day of the week, except Friday, and offers trips in both directions.

Each train has 10 cars among which two are executive class cars and the rest are chair class. All train cars have air conditioning. Some of the facilities onboard include 8-inch LCD TVs on the back of every seat, free Wi-Fi, and multimedia services.

You can book your tickets through the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) on their official website at

A single ticket for the chair class seats costs 990 rupees (US$ 14)and the executive class seat tickets cost 2050 rupees (US$ 29). Foreign nationals are required to enter their passport details, visa information, and their phone numbers on the IRCTC site to buy tickets.

Traveling by train is faster and more comfortable. You can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the sights from the train window or check out the onboard facilities such as free Wi-Fi and multimedia services.

However, traveling by train doesn't allow a travelers to have a flexible schedule. Train routes and timings are fixed and cannot be adjusted to suit individual requirements. Below is a chart of train departure times and stations.

Stop No. Station name (code) Arrives Departs Stop time Distance traveled Day Route
1 Hazrat Nizamuddin (NZM) Start 08:10 0 0km 1 1
2 Agra Cantonment (AGC) 09:50 End 0 188km 1 1

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Delhi to Jaipur

Like Agra, Jaipur can be reached from Delhi by plane, train, and car. We recommend that you travel in a chauffeured car or train when going to Jaipur.

Delhi to Jaipur by Chauffeured Car

The driving distance between Delhi and Jaipur is 265 kilometers which takes approximately 6 hours.

Private cars can be booked for you by your hotel. You will meet your driver at your hotel in Delhi and then you will be taken directly to your hotel in Jaipur in a spacious air-conditioned car.

Flexibility and comfort are the biggest benefits of traveling by chauffeured car. The trip revolves around your schedule and in the car you can sit back and relax in the air-conditioning.

The cost is about US$ 75 for a single journey in a car with two passengers. We recommend booking a Golden Triangle tour package because a private car to Jaipur will already be included in the tour making it more affordable.

Delhi to Jaipur by Train

If you choose to travel by train, then the journey will be about 4½ hours. The train we recommend is the 12015 Ajmer Shatabdi. This train runs every day and meals are included in the ticket price.

The train has a total of 16 cars with 13 regular chair cars, one executive car, and two EOG cars. The best aspects of this train are its cleanliness, punctuality, and ticket availability.

Tickets can be booked through the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) on their official website at

An executive car chair will cost 1,820 rupees (US$ 26) while a normal chair will cost 865 rupees (US$ 13). You will need to enter your passport details, visa information, and phone numbers on the IRCTC site to book your tickets.

One advantage of traveling by train is that it can allow the easy transportation of larger and heavier luggage pieces. It is also one of the safest forms of transport.

However, traveling by train is not as flexible as traveling by private car. Trains have a fixed schedule that cannot be tailored to the needs of an individual traveler.

Another disadvantage of traveling by rail is that the train cars are often full of people. It can be a frustrating journey if the passenger next to you has a crying child or if someone has a loud phone conversation while you are trying to sleep.

Stop No. Station name (code) Arrives Departs Stop time Distance traveled Day Route
1 New Delhi (NDLS) Start 06:05 0 0km 1 1
2 Delhi Cantt (DEC) 06:36 06:38 2 16km 1 1
3 Gurgaon (GGN) 06:54 06:56 2 32km 1 1
4 Rewari (RE) 07:45 07:47 2 84km 1 1
5 Alwar (AWR) 08:40 08:42 2 158km 1 1
6 Jaipur (JP) 10:35 End 0 309km 1 1

Delhi to Mumbai

There are many different transportation methods available from Delhi to Mumbai, but traveling by plane and train are our two favorite.

Delhi to Mumbai by Plane

Flying is the best way to travel from Delhi to Mumbai as it is faster and more convenient. Our recommend airline for this route is Air India.

Air India has well-planned flight schedules and routes. Air India also flies to most destinations in India, reliably handles luggage, has comfortable seats with plenty of legroom, and serves tasty onboard meals.

Flight fares during the high season will range between US$ 80 and US$ 110. During the low season, tickets will cost between US$ 60 to US$ 90.

Flight Number Frequency Departure Arrival Aircraft
AI 0103 Wed/ Thu/ Sun 01: 50 04: 05 B777-ER
AI 0349 Daily (except Tues/Thu) 03: 50 03: 50 B787
AI 0887 Daily 07: 00 09: 10 A-320
AI 0665 Daily 08: 00 10: 15 A-321
AI 0678 Daily 09: 00 11: 10 A-320
AI 0865 Daily 10: 00 12: 15 A-320
AI 0863 Daily 13: 00 15: 10 A-320
AI 0102 Daily 17: 00 19: 20 B777-ER
AI 0024 Daily 18: 00 20: 15 A-320
AI 0624 Daily 19: 00 21: 10 A-320
AI 0805 Daily 20: 00 22: 15 A-320
AI 0191 Daily 21: 00 23: 10 B777-ER
AI 0315 Tue/Thu/Sat 23: 00 1:15+1 B787
AI 0317 Daily (Except Tue/Thu/Sat) 23: 00 1:15+1 B787

Delhi to Mumbai by Train

Trains are another good option for traveling from Delhi to Mumbai. The 12952 Mumbai Rajdhani Express is our recommended train.

Rajdhani trains have a higher priority status than other trains on the Indian railway network. They are super-fast and fully electric express trains that are also clean and fully air-conditioned. Passengers on the train are provided with complimentary meals during the journey.

You can book your tickets at the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation's (IRCTC) official website at

A first-class ticket on the Rajdhani Express costs 6,875 rupees (US$ 97). Each train car has two to four lockable berth bedrooms. Passport details, visa information, and phone numbers are required to be submitted by foreigners through on IRCTC site when buying a ticket.

Stop No. Station name (code) Arrives Departs Stop time Distance traveled Distance Day Distance Route
1 New Delhi (NDLS) Start 16:25 0 0km 1 1
2 Kota Junction (KOTA) 20:55 21:05 10 min 16km 1 1
3 Ratlam Junction (RTM) 00:02 00:05 3 min 32km 2 1
4 Vadodara Junction (BRC) 03:31 03:41 10 min 84km 2 1
5 Surat (ST) 05:13 05:18 5 min 158km 2 1
6 Borivali (BVI) 07:49 07:51 2 min 309km 2 1
7 Mumbai Central (BCT) 08:35 End 0 309km 2 1

Delhi to Varanasi

Trains and planes are the best methods of transportation from Delhi to Varanasi. Trains and planes provide the most comfort and allow you to reach your destination in the least amount of time.

Delhi to Varanasi by Plane

Flying is the best way to travel from Delhi to Varanasi. Our favorite airline for this route is IndiGo.

IndiGo is Delhi-based airline which flies to 48 destinations, 41 of which are in India and 7 are international. The airline is best known for its punctuality, safety, and customer service. It also offers excellent value for money.

During the high season, tickets will cost anywhere from US$80 to US$ 120. During the low season, the prices fall to a range of US$ 70 to US$ 100.

Flight No. Departure Time Arrival Time Arrival Time
6E 176 16: 30 17: 55 Daily
6E 535 18: 10 19: 35 Daily
6E 906 08: 15 09: 40 Daily

Delhi to Varanasi by Train

When traveling by train, the distance from Delhi to Varanasi is 752 kilometers. There are 26 direct trains from Delhi to Varanasi among which our favorite is the 20506 New Delhi Dibrugarh Rajdhani.

With the highest priority on the Indian railway network, this train provides one of the fastest and most comfortable experiences from Delhi to Varanasi. It is fully air-conditioned and serves complimentary meals for the passengers.

You can go to the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) official website at to buy your tickets.

Buying a first-class ticket means you will be in a car with two to four lockable bedrooms. Tickets normally cost 4790 rupees (US$ 68). Foreign tourists are required to submit their passport details, visa information, and phone numbers on the IRCTC website when booking.

Stop No. Station name (code) Arrives Departs Stop time Distance traveled Distance Day Distance Route
1 New Delhi (NDLS) Start 09: 25 0 0km 1 1
2 Moradabad (MB) 12: 10 12: 17 7 min 167km 1 1
3 Bareilly (BE) 13: 42 13: 45 3 min 258km 1 1
4 Lucknow Nr (LKO) 17: 25 17: 35 10 min 493km 1 1
5 Varanasi Junction (BSB) 22: 15 End 10 min 776km 1 1

Delhi to Leh

Leh is a high-altitude city in the Himalayas known for its Buddhist monasteries and nearby trekking areas. Tourists come here to enjoy views of the vast mountain ranges and valleys. To reach Leh from Delhi you can take a plane or train.

Delhi to Leh by Plane

When you are planning a trip from Delhi to Leh, we recommend you use the airline GoAir as it is one of the few domestic airlines that offer flights to Leh.

This airline has a fleet of 21 Airbus A320 airplanes which fly to 23 different destinations in India including remote destinations such as Leh, Srinagar, and Guwahati.

Flight tickets from Delhi to Leh cost around US$ 100 to US$ 160 during the high season and around US$ 60 to US$ 80 during the low season.

Flight Number Departure Time Arrival Time Flight Time Routing Days of Operations
G8 215 05: 00 06: 20 1 hr 20 min Non- Stop Daily
G8 203 06: 30 07: 50 1 hr 20 min Non- Stop Daily
G8 221 09: 25 10: 50 1 hr 25 min Non- Stop Daily
G8 715 08: 35 09: 55 1 hr 20 min Non- Stop Daily

Delhi to Leh by Train

Leh does not have a train station and the nearest station is in Jammu which is 297 kilometers away. To reach Jammu, we recommend you take the 12425 Jammu Rajdhani train.

The Rajdhani Express is India's super-fast and fully air-conditioned deluxe train, which allows you to experience Indian trains at their best. Afternoon snacks and tea are served to travelers once the trains begin its journey.

You can book your tickets at the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) official website at

First-class tickets with a lockable bedroom cost 4,790 rupees (US$ 54). Foreigners are required to submit their passport details, visa information, and phone numbers through the IRCTC website.

Station Name (Code) Arrives Departs Stop time Day Distance
New Delhi (NDLS) Starts 20:40 - 1 0 km
Ludhiana Jn (LDH) 00: 45 00: 55 10 min 2 312 km
Chakki Bank (CHKB) 03: 30 03: 35 5 min 2 483 km
Kathua (KTHU) 04: 08 04: 10 2 min 2 506 km
Jammu Tawi (JAT) 05: 40 Ends - 2 582 km

Reserving Plane and Train Tickets

All Indian domestic airlines have their own booking offices in major cities and reservation counters at large airports where you can book tickets. You can also buy tickets online at the company's website.

If you would like to book tickets through travel agents and travel websites you can use and On these websites, you can pay in US dollars, Indian rupees, or British pounds. All airlines have computerized booking and flight information facilities all over the country.

There are two ways to book your train tickets in India. The first method is by making an online reservation on the IRCTC's official website at If you don't want to buy tickets online you can also book in person through the Indian Railways booking counter at the railway station.

Ticket reservations can be made up to 120 days in advance. Once a ticket is booked, you will be given a unique PNR (Passenger Name Record) number which can be used to get information about your car number and ticket type.

In big cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Agra, Jaipur, and Varanasi the main train stations have an International Tourist Bureau where foreign travelers can buy train tickets away from the crowds and lines at the normal booking office.

Tips for getting around India

There are always pre-paid taxi stands available inside the airport which will give you a fixed price to get to your hotel. If you are planning to take a taxi, you should only use pre-paid because otherwise you will get swamped by a group of untrustworthy drivers screaming for your attention and charging high prices.

When traveling to the airport, it is important to allow plenty of time. Sudden traffic delays are common in India and can happen last minute. Therefore, make sure to check how long it will take to get to from your hotel to the airport and always leave early.

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