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Traveling in Cambodia with Kids

Quick Facts

  • You can visit the iconic temple at Ta Prohm featured in the Tomb Rider movie
  • The combination of Cambodia’s traditional dance, Apsara dance and Cambodian cuisine will entertain your kids
  • The uniquely fragrant sweet and sour Cambodian cuisine will excite your taste buds
  • Floating through the wetlands of Tonle Sap Lake and exploring the Kampong Phluk floating village is a great family adventure
  • Wake up early, so you can catch the amazing sunrise scenes at the Angkor Wat temples
  • Avoid the crowds and sun by exploring the temples in the afternoon, accompanied by a knowledgeable Khmer local guide, who is also a scholar

What Cambodia has to offer to kids

Introduce your kids to Cambodian cuisine by joining a cooking class and afterwards visit a rural village and local market.

If the weather and water levels permit, float through Tonle Sap Lake, the “Great Lake”, for an exciting visit to floating villages.

Siem Reap provides a wide range of accommodation, from 3-star to higher-ranking hotels, sometimes with little price difference, so we suggest you choose the higher-ranking and family-friendlier ones. Those with a swimming pool are recommended, for escaping from the heat!

Activities for kids

Asia Highlights offers families, with kids of all ages, a great opportunity to enjoy Cambodia. Below we suggest some possible activities for your family’s holiday.

Visit the magnificent Angkor Temples

The world’s largest single monument is in Angkor! It’s hard not to be impressed by this masterpiece. Wake up your kids early and catch the sunrise together from the west entrance of Angkor Wat.

Located in dense jungle, almost every corner of the temples can spark your kids’ imagination. There are narrative bas-reliefs of the epic stories Ramayana and Mahabrata, and huge trees and roots growing out of the ruins in Ta Prohm.

Our knowledgeable guide will explain further the special sights you see, telling interesting stories from Hindu epics.

Watch an apsara dancing show

An Apsara Dancing Show is a centuries-old Khmer dance performance. The dances present stories from the ancient Angkor period. The beauty of the dance, the great traditional costumes, impressive settings and lighting will fascinate your kids.

A booklet explaining every movement is available for your convenience. A highlight of the show in Angkor Village Hotel that your kids will love is that various Cambodian dishes are served during the dance performance.

The show is a perfect way of combining Cambodian traditional dance with exotic gastronomical experience.

Ride a boat on the lake to Kampong Phluk village

Rescue your kids from Siem Reap’s traffic jams to float on the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia, Tonle Sap Lake, and sail to Kampong Phluk Floating Village, where the houses are on stilts, and look as though they are floating when the water levels are high.

The best time to see the floating village and explore the natural surroundings is during the wet season, from October to March, due to the higher water levels.

If you come during the dry season, we recommend the alternative of an easy hiking trip to Kbal Spean.

Visit the local markets and try Cambodian dishes

The kids will be excited to meet the locals, join in the hustle and bustle, and sample exotic fruit such as mangosteens, sapodillas, pineapples, mangoes, and rambutans at the Central Market in Phnom Penh.

Introduce your kids to the rich and fragrant Cambodian cuisine, such as fish amok, Khmer red curry, nom bahn chok or Khmer noodles.

Cambodian cuisine is unique, with sweetness from palm sugar and sourness from lime juice and tamarind. It is less spicy than neighboring Thailand’s or Vietnam’s.

You can watch great chefs in training at the restaurant Haven in Siem Reap, while you are having dinner.

Health and safety for kids

Though Cambodia is a relatively safe country for your whole family, it is always better to be cautious, especially when traveling with kids.


It is recommended to travel or explore the city without valuable goods on your person. You can store your valuables in your hotel safe to prevent theft. It’s also a good idea to use an easily-concealed money belt.

Keep copies of important documents such as passports and vaccine certificates, in case the originals are lost.

Cambodians love children, but follow your instincts with regard to accepting food or drink from suspicious strangers.


As the health infrastructure in Cambodia is not yet very advanced, it is recommended to prepare your kids and yourselves by taking some precautionary vaccines before departure. Pack a basic medical kit and any prescribed medicine, as it may be hard to find western medicine on your travels.

Mosquitoes can be a problem. Take preventative measures by using repellent when traveling outdoors.

The heat can be very intense, especially during the day. Always pack bottled mineral water to prevent dehydration.

Finding toilet paper at public toilets may be difficult. Please prepare paper and wet tissue accordingly.


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