Adventures in Cambodia

Adventures in Cambodia

By Wendy Updated Aug. 12, 2021

Add some adventurous touch to your 3-day Angkor Wat discovery or 1-day Phnom Penh highlight tour. Jungle biking, boat trips and zip-lining are well-designed for travelers of all ages.

Bird-watching at the Tonle Sap Lake and jungle trekking in Kulen National Park are great for a family vacation. Or consider a quad bike ride at sunset. We offer a comprehensive list of adventures to help you plan.

Cambodian Outdoor Activity


  • Take a bike tour, leisurely and conveniently passing through ancient ruins, small villages or quiet countryside.
  • Explore remote areas, like hidden hill tribe villages, the jungle or waterfalls and come across wildlife only to be found by trekking.
  • Try fishing on Mekong River or have a getaway on the sea if you love fishing.
  • Snorkeling in clear river or sea water to find various aquatic animals.
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What to expect from an adventure

Adventure tours offer the opportunity to have physical exercise, mental stimulation and authentic travel experience. Try some unusual activities to make your trip a more memorable one.

Why Cambodia for an adventure experience

The country is full of natural and man-made wonders. Natural scenery remains untouched by civilization and it is good for exploration. There are rainforests for jungle trekking; the Mekong River for kayaking; the Angkor ruins for biking etc. Nowadays, the economy of Cambodia is growing rapidly, which supplies good conditions for tourists.

Authentic and hands-on experience

Give yourself a little challenge and pick several days to do something different from the wide range of choices, even though you may like easy travelling. Instead of sitting in vehicles, you will enjoy every second of participating in the tour and have different experiences.

Physical exercise and mental stimulation

Get your blood pumping while trekking up the mountain or relax on a Mekong River boat trip. You can take the perks of staying active physically while relaxing mentally during the holiday.

Cambodian Family Tour

Good for all ages

There are many choices for any age range. Some of the adventure tours are designed with gentle difficulty, suitable for any ages from children to older folks, especially also for families. You can choose the activities you enjoy. Your security during those adventure tours has high priority.

Help the locals in a different way

Most adventure tours are low in carbon emission, and you will have a better chance to get in touch with local communities and their lifestyles. You will get close to the villagers, donate something they need or spend a small note for souvenirs which are handmade.

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Top adventures in Cambodia

There are many choices of adventure tours. We would like to introduce you to the most popular ones that many tourists have made good comments on, with the range from light to physically demanding.

Cycling in Siem Reap

You can easily do a cycling tour in cities like Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, as it is very common to visit ancient ruins or countryside by bike there. The best period is in the early morning or late afternoon, when it is cool; definitely not on a rainy day.

A day tour is good enough for those who just want a short experience. For cycling fans, there are longer tours like from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap. En route you can see farmers working in the rice fileds. You could also go on a bamboo trail or do challenge biking on the dirt road.

Fishing in on Mekong River

There is ocean fishing and river fishing. Sihanoukville is an ideal place to provide both of them with its beaches and islands. Fishing on Tonle Sap Lake and Mekong River gives you other options. November to February is good fishing season, with plenty of yield.

Big fish are hidden in the remote parts of the Mekong River and the deep sea. Normally, fishing is combined with activities like kayaking or snorkeling. You need to get to the fish by boat or kayak and therfore will also have the opportunity to see waterfalls, rare freshwater dolphins or the Mekong wetlands.

Scuba diving in Sihanoukville

The ideal conditions for diving is the period from October to June, as the visibility is affected during monsoon season from July to September. Good places to dive are along the coast line near Sihanoukville and the outlying islands. You can have a day tour or an overnight tour.

No matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, you will be led by a diving instructor of the Professional Diving Association to warrant your safety. Taking a boat for around 1.5 hours to dive, you can see an unexplored undersea world with beautiful hard and soft corals, reef fish, seahorses, octopus, etc.

Motor-Bike/Vespa tours in lost temples

If you like to go off the beaten track, discover the mountains or lost temples in remote areas, a motorbike tour is a good option. It may include many destinations: Battambang-Kep (western mountain trail and coastline in Sihanoukville), Angkor Archaeological Park-Preah Vihear around Siem Reap, Phnom Penh-Krek (lowlands and central plains).

Please get your sun protection ready, no matter whether dry or wet season; there are always suitable routes for motorbike tours. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of the cities, you can visit places where tourists rarely get to, for example historic temples even older than Angkor, or the jungle, or you could cross the Mekong River.

Quad bike in Angkor jungle

This is available in and around Siem Reap and can be used for an alternative tour of Angkor Wat. It caters for a single person, a couple, a family or a group tour with differing lengths. The activities included depend on how many hours riding you book.

It is an easy tour, suitable for any season. Most tourists would take a 2-hour classic ride to see the sunrise or sunset. You will go along dirt roads to visit the rural villages and communities and can see rice fields and water buffaloes along the way.

Special picks for family trips

It is important to take part in activities together as a family to create special memories from your travels. Preferable are light fun tours that can be done by all ages.

Quad bike

Young people may be more interested in this activity. It is really exciting to ride a quad bike on the bumpy roads of the countryside. Two people maximum occupy one quad bike; you can be your dad's or mom's driver. The guide will tell you the stories about the local community.

Cycling in the countryside

It fits your family members no matter whether children or older folks. There are tag-along bikes for 4 to 6-year-olds and child seats for younger kids. You can do a tour of several days, and they provide a vehicle to go along with you. It makes for a good change on your travels to breathe fresh air and do exercise.

Jungle Zip-Lining

This is a thrilling activity. Children will love it, while parents can have a once in lifetime experience. You will have the chance to meet other families and make friends. It is located inside Angkor Archeological Park. You can see the beauty of nature, including trees, flowers, and monkeys, while zip-lining deep in the jungle.

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Important tips for adventure activities in Cambodia

Adventure tours require a certain physical capacity and are outdoor activities. You need to consider your interests and abilities for it. Here is some advice:

  • Choose your adventure wisely: You should take ages, tour difficulty, physical condition and time into consideration.
  • Safety first: Choose an adventure with safety guarantee, professional operation, and trustworthy agents with travel insurance.
  • Respect the culture and protect the environment: Wear long pants or skirts over your knees while entering temples; do not touch the pagodas. Protect nature en route.
  • Packing tips: Long-sleeve tops, long pants, trekking shoes and trekking pole, light jacket, speed-dry T-shirts, sunglasses, sun screen, flashlight, drinking bottle and mosquito repellent. It is advisable to bring a light day pack for the road.

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